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Kaber parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY8210
10Km square:-   NY71
10Km square:-   NY81
10Km square:-   NY70
10Km square:-   NY80
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Kaiber and Outside
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.
"Kaiber and Outside"

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Keaber
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 99 (1971)

place:-   Kaber Constablewick

NY80081087 Back Lane, Kaber 
NY8010 Bank Gill (2) 
NY83270999 barn, Kaber 
NY83771032 Belah Box, Kaber 
NY79361209 Belah Bridge, Brough Sowerby 
NY83801035 Belah Viaduct, Kaber 
NY83591085 Black Scar, Kaber 
NY8407 Bleaberry Beck 
NY89050699 boundary stone, Kaber L
NY88950713 boundary stone, Kaber (2) L
NY89040732 boundary stone, Kaber (4) 
NY88840704 boundary stone, Kaber (5) 
NY87310593 boundary stone, Kaber (7) 
NY87550872 boundary stone, Kaber/Stainmore L
NY81921079 Bowber Hill, Kaber 
NY74930926 Bowber, Kaber 
NY82941132 Broxty House, Kaber 
NY79841164 Buildings Farm, Kaber L
NY8806 Cocklake Sike (2) 
NY8210 Coldkeld Beck 
NY82621033 Coldkeld Bridge, Kaber 
NY82751018 Coldkeld, Kaber 
NY79971056 Cross Howe, Kaber 
NY79941064 Crosshowe Quarry, Kaber 
NY79821060 Crosshowe Wood, Kaber 
NY81131143 Duckintree, Kaber 
NY8908 Ease Gill 
NY82141046 Egil's Hut, Kaber 
NY82171045 Fell View Barn, Kaber 
NY869061 Fog Close, Kaber 
NY7910 Gillcumber Sike 
NY8307 Great Stowgill 
NY8707 Great Wygill 
NY88370808 Great Wygill Bridge, Kaber 
NY79871156 Green, Kaber 
NY87630594 Grey Stone, Kaber 
NY8108 Gruntley Beck 
NY82191048 Heggerscale House, Kaber L
NY82201046 Heggerscales, Kaber 
NY81231083 Hill, Kaber suggested
NY81081197 Holmes, Kaber 
NY823100 Howgill Foot, Kaber 
NY8209 Howgill Sike 
NY79811094 Ings, Kaber 
NY85530872 Intake Force, Kaber 
NY79701156 Kaber 
NY864080 Kaber Fell, Kaber 
NY79601147 Kaber Fold, Kaber 
NY79851149 Kaber Methodist Church, Kaber 
NY8011 Kaber Rigg Sike 
NY80401132 Kaber Rigg, Kaber 
NY79761157 Kaber: James Cartwright 
NY79601157 Kiln Garth, Kaber 
NY80731022 limekiln, Kaber 
NY8707 Little Wygill 
NY88350811 Little Wygill Bridge, Kaber 
NY88830798 Megsonbrow Bridge, Kaber 
NY8507 Middlegill Sike 
NY890076 mine, Kaber 
NY8306 Near Grains 
NY79761157 Nelson House, Kaber L
NY82401197 Oxenthwaite Bridge, Stainmore 
NY79601157 pig sty, Kaber 
NY8011 Popping Beck 
NY79201192 Popping Bridge, Kaber 
NY79381170 Popping Lane, Kaber 
NY8608 Potter Sike 
NY83781061 Powley Close Bridge, Kaber 
NY83250999 railway bridge, Kaber 
NY83371003 railway building, Kaber 
NY83251000 railway culvert, Kaber 
NY8807 Rea Gill 
NY8110 Redgate Gill 
NY80961106 Redgate Lane, Kaber 
NY81121110 Redgate, Kaber 
NY81541207 Rob Ridding, Kaber 
NY79751152 Robin Hood Farm, Kaber 
NY8310 Roger Gill 
NY7910 Rookby Beck 
NY80361095 Rookby, Kaber 
NY78691095 Sandwath Bridge, Winton 
NY7811 Sandwath Sike (3) 
NY79721154 seat, Kaber 
NY88810802 sheepfold, Kaber 
NY87720857 sheepfold, Molds Hill 
NY85360857 Slapewath Force, Kaber 
 South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway 
NY841088 Stowgill, Kaber 
NY8111 Sturdy Gill 
NY81261136 Sturdy, Kaber 
NY80971041 Sty Bank, Kaber 
NY80661074 Stybank Lane, Kaber 
NY88790736 Tackan Tan, Kaber 
NY893078 Taylor Rigg, Kaber 
NY81201169 Thorny Bottom, Kaber 
NY79731156 village hall, Kaber 
NY80161103 Watery Lane, Kaber 
NY883066 Westmorland: threapland 6 
NY863065 Westmorland: threapland 7 
NY80651055 Whinny Pasture, Kaber 
NY8508 Woofer Gill 
NY844095 Wreaside, Kaber 
NY79121133 Kaber Cross, Kaber 
NY7912 Belah, River 
NY87720857 Molds Turnpike, Kaber 
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