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placename:- Loweswater parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY1320
10Km square:- NY02, NY12
10Km square:- NY11
parish code:- LWSW
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY1320

source:- Census 1971

population:- 202 -- 1971

Askill Knott, Loweswater
Askill, Loweswater
Bargate, Loweswater
barn, Loweswater
barn, Loweswater (3)
Beckhead Moss, Loweswater
Beech Croft, Mockerkin
Birthday Party, Ling Crag
Black Crag, Loweswater
boundary stone, Blindbothel/Loweswater
boundary stone, Blindbothel/Loweswater (2)
bridge, Loweswater
Burnbank Fell, Loweswater
Buttermere Dubs
Carling Knott, Loweswater
Church Bridge, Loweswater
Cold Keld, Loweswater
Crabtree Beck
Crabtreebeck, Loweswater
Darling Fell, Loweswater
Dodd, Loweswater
Dub Beck (2)
Fangs, Loweswater
Far Ruddy Beck
Fellbarrow, Loweswater
fence, Loweswater
fence, Loweswater (2)
fingerpost, Loweswater
fingerpost, Loweswater (2)
fingerpost, Loweswater (3)
Flass Wood, Loweswater
Floutern Cop, Loweswater
Floutern Tarn Sett, Loweswater
Floutern Tarn, Loweswater
footbridge, Buttermere
footbridge, Loweswater
footbridge, Loweswater (2)
footbridge, Loweswater (3)
Foulsyke, Loweswater
Gale Fell, Loweswater
gate, Loweswater
gate, Loweswater (2)
Gavel Fell, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Gillerthwaite, Loweswater
Godferhead, Loweswater
Grange Country House Hotel, Loweswater
Great Borne, Ennerdale and Kinniside
hedge, Loweswater
hedge, Mockerkin
Hen Comb, Loweswater
High Ling Crag, Loweswater
High Nook Farm, Loweswater
Highcross, Loweswater
Highgap Yeat, Loweswater
Highnook Beck
Highnook Tarn, Loweswater
Highpark, Loweswater
Hill Farm, Loweswater
Holme Beck
Holme Force, Loweswater
Holme Wood, Loweswater
house, Mockerkin
Hudson Place, Loweswater
Iredale Place Cottage, Loweswater
Iredale Place, Loweswater
Jenkinson Place, Loweswater
Kirkhead, Loweswater
Kirkstile Groove, Ling Crag
Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater
Latterhead, Loweswater
Ling Comb, Loweswater
Ling Crag, Loweswater
Little Dod, Loweswater
Low Fell, Loweswater
Low Ling Crag, Crummock Water
Loweswater Fell, Loweswater
Loweswater Hall, Loweswater
Loweswater lake
Loweswater Mines, Loweswater
Loweswater School, Loweswater
Lowpark, Loweswater
Maggie's Bridge, Loweswater
Mellbreak Trials, Loweswater
Mellbreak, Loweswater
Meregill Beck
Mill Hill, Loweswater
Millennium Plaque, Loweswater
Miresyke, Loweswater
Mockerkin Hall, Loweswater
Mockerkin How, Loweswater
Mockerkin Tarn, Loweswater
Mockerkin, Loweswater
Mosedale Beck (2)
Mosedale Holly Tree, Loweswater
Mosedale, Loweswater
Muncaster House, Loweswater
NY11: earthquake 19910131 1740
One Pitch, Ling Crag
Park Beck (2)
Park Bridge, Loweswater
Peel, Loweswater
pinfold, Loweswater
pinfold, Loweswater (2)
Purist, Ling Crag
Quantral, Ling Crag
quarry, Loweswater
Red Pike, Buttermere
Redhow, Loweswater
road, Egremont to Cockermouth
Rose Cottage, Loweswater
Rose Cottage, Loweswater (2)
Saddle, Loweswater
Scale Beck
Scale Bridge, Buttermere
Scale Force, Loweswater
Scale Knott, Loweswater
Scalehill Bridge, Loweswater
Scales, Loweswater
sheep feeder, Loweswater
sheep feeder, Loweswater (2)
sheepfold, Loweswater
sheepfold, Loweswater (2)
sheepfold, Loweswater (3)
sheepfold, Loweswater (4)
sheepfold, Loweswater (5)
sheepfold, Loweswater (6)
sheepfold, Loweswater (7)
sheepfold, Loweswater (8)
Slabs, Ling Crag
Smithy Fell, Loweswater
Snary Beck
Sosgill, Loweswater
Sour Milk Gill
Sourfoot Fell, Loweswater
St Bartholomew, Loweswater
St Ninian's Well, Loweswater
Starling Dodd, Ennerdale and Kinniside
station, Flass Wood
station, Highgap Yeat
station, Loweswater
Steelbank, Loweswater
stile, Loweswater
stone wall, Loweswater
stone wall, Loweswater (2)
stone wall, Loweswater (3)
stone wall, Loweswater (4)
telephone box, Loweswater
Thackthwaite, Loweswater
Thrushbank, Loweswater
Toot Hill, Loweswater
trig point, NY1321924247
trig point, NY1432719498
Vicarage, Loweswater
village hall, Loweswater
water gate, Loweswater
Waterend, Loweswater
Watergate Farm, Loweswater
Whiteoak Beck
Whiteoak Mines, Loweswater
Whiteoak Moss, Loweswater

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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