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Ormside parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY7015
10Km square:-   NY61
10Km square:-   NY71
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 91 (1971)

place:-   Ormside Constablewick

NY6813 Asby Beck 
NY68521475 Bow Bridge, Asby 
NY70101385 Breaks Hall, Ormside 
NY68211585 bridge, Rutter Mill 
NY69071634 Broadmire Quarry, Ormside 
NY70191720 Bromley Green Farm, Great Ormside L
NY69861482 Brow Farm, Heights 
NY69691479 Brow Foot, Heights 
NY68511504 Catharine Holme, Ormside L
NY70861670 cedar tree, Little Ormside 
NY70111752 cross, Great Ormside L
NY70861359 Crow Hill, Ormside 
NY71121647 Dauby Wath, Ormside 
NY70161657 ford, Great Ormside 
NY68211586 ford, Rutter Mill 
NY70131757 gate, Great Ormside 
NY69371670 Gill House, Ormside 
NY70191759 Great Ormside Hall, Great Ormside L
NY689157 Great Ormside Moor, Ormside 
NY7116 Greenber Sike 
NY70091726 Greenhead, Great Ormside 
NY68581566 Hadderdale Quarry, Ormside 
NY685158 Hadderdale, Ormside 
NY69291523 Heights Castle, Heights 
NY693152 Heights Castle, Ormside 
NY698148 Heights Cottages, Heights 
NY69401508 Heights Quarry, Heights 
NY70021470 Heights, Heights 
NY69731473 Heights, Ormside 
NY69411518 Heights, Ormside (2) 
NY7016 Helm Beck 
NY70971490 Helm Beck Bridge, Ormside 
NY70401449 Helm Tunnel, Ormside 
NY705153 Helm, Ormside 
NY71691578 Hemels, Ormside 
NY70141725 house, Great Ormside 
NY6917 Jeremy Gill 
NY69431502 limekiln, Heights 
NY69321517 limekiln, Heights (2) 
NY69311674 limekiln, Ormside 
NY71241552 Little Ormside Moor, Ormside 
NY70801671 Little Ormside, Ormside 
NY7016 Mill Beck (11) 
NY70121651 Mill Lane, Ormside 
NY70141766 motte, Great Ormside 
NY71031575 New Road, Ormside 
NY70331735 Old Rectory, Great Ormside L
NY70171742 Old Rectory, Great Ormside (2) 
NY70861672 Ormside Lodge, Little Ormside 
NY70201656 Ormside Mill, Ormside 
NY69891703 Ormside Station, Great Ormside 
NY69771776 Ormside Viaduct, Ormside 
NY690162 Porch Cott, Ormside 
NY69881711 railway bridge, Great Ormside 
NY69971659 railway bridge, Great Ormside (2) 
NY69811749 railway bridge, Great Ormside (3) 
NY70351550 railway bridge, Ormside 
NY70401528 railway bridge, Ormside (2) 
NY68191579 Rutter Force, Ormside 
NY68181581 Rutter Mill, Ormside 
NY69941714 school, Great Ormside 
NY69871426 Seafold Quarry, Ormisde 
NY69091497 Shecklescar, Ormside 
NY70141764 St James, Great Ormside L
NY69891700 Station Signal Box, Ormside 
NY69841785 stepping stones, Ormside 
NY70911667 Terry's Farm, Little Ormside 
NY72051586 Trickle Banks, Ormside 
NY72191593 Tricklebanks Wood, Ormside 
NY69251526 Underground House, Heights 
NY70151764 war memorial, Hoff 
NY6913 Watergill Sike 
NY7110 Waterhouses Beck 
NY68601513 Wesleyan Chapel, Ormside 
NY70181740 Rectory Farm, Great Ormside 
NY70121749 Great Ormside, Ormside 
 Settle and Carlisle Railway 
NY70131761 barn, Great Ormside 
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