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Satterthwaite parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD3493
10Km square:-   SD39
10Km square:-   SD38
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 275 (1971)

SD33889237 All Saints, Satterthwaite 
SD33149248 Allan Ridding Wood, Satterthwaite 
SD361916 Ausin Fell Coppice, Satterthwaite 
SD364914 Ausin Fell Wood, Satterthwaite 
SD377923 Bark House Wood, Satterthwaite 
SD34169228 Beacon Crag, Satterthwaite 
SD3195 Beck Leven 
SD31929522 Beck Leven Foot, Coniston 
SD3691 Beechmount, Graythwaite 
SD32519161 bloomery, Satterthwaite 
SD37659124 boat house, Satterthwaite (2) 
SD37639105 boat house, Satterthwaite (3) 
SD37579034 boat house, Satterthwaite (4) 
SD33999101 bobbin mill, Force Mills gone?
SD33799128 Bowkerstead Bridge, Satterthwaite 
SD339916 Bowkerstead Farm, Satterthwaite 
SD33879267 Breasty Haw, Satterthwaite 
SD34439280 Breasty Haw, Satterthwaite (2) 
SD35339340 bridge, Satterthwaite 
SD33919249 cemetery, Satterthwaite 
SD3694 Cunsey Beck 
SD38479362 Cunsey Beck Foot, Satterthwaite 
SD38149351 Cunsey Bridge Cottages, Cunsey 
SD38109358 Cunsey Bridge, Cunsey L
SD37679359 Cunsey Forge, Satterthwaite 
SD382936 Cunsey Furnace, Cunsey gone
SD38239366 Cunsey Mill, Satterthwaite L out of sight
SD377934 Cunsey Wood, Satterthwaite 
SD38129355 Cunsey, Satterthwaite 
SD3593 Dale Park Beck 
SD3592 Dale Park, Satterthwaite 
SD33799228 Eagles Head, Satterthwaite 
SD36929408 Eel House Bridge, Satterthwaite 
SD36899402 Eel House, Satterthwaite 
SD375937 eel trap, Satterthwaite 
SD32799262 Farra Grain Higher Bridge, Satterthwaite 
SD32769249 Farra Grain Lower Bridge, Satterthwaite 
SD368918 Field Head, Satterthwaite 
SD30589420 Fir Island, Coniston Water 
SD3390 Force Beck (2) 
SD33979114 Force Falls, Satterthwaite 
SD33409043 Force Forge Farm, Force Forge 
SD33469045 Force Forge House, Force Forge 
SD33489051 Force Forge, Force Forge 
SD33469047 Force Forge, Satterthwaite 
SD33919095 Force Mill Bridge, Force Mills 
SD34029103 Force Mills, Satterthwaite 
SD37199090 Graythwaite Old Hall, Satterthwaite L
SD342938 Great Intake, Satterthwaite 
SD334918 Great Knott, Satterthwaite 
SD351934 Great Wood, Satterthwaite 
SD36269068 Green Hows Tarn, Colton 
SD3393 Grizedale Beck 
SD32989431 Grizedale Forest, Satterthwaite 
SD33439427 Grizedale Hall Bridge, Satterthwaite 
SD33389430 Grizedale Hall, Satterthwaite gone
SD32889611 Grizedale Moor, Satterthwaite 
SD346943 Grizedale Tarn, Satterthwaite 
SD33589435 Grizedale, Satterthwaite 
SD37879154 Grubbins Point, Satterthwaite 
SD330933 Hall Wood, Satterthwaite 
SD38129269 Hammer Hole, Satterthwaite 
SD32529114 Hazel Hall, Satterthwaite 
SD367924 Hazelseat, Satterthwaite 
SD314942 Heald Brow Pasture, Satterthwaite 
SD30759425 Heald, Satterthwaite 
SD314934 High Birk, Satterthwaite 
SD353932 High Dale Park, Satterthwaite 
SD32949647 High Man Tarn, Satterthwaite 
SD32789650 High Man, Satterthwaite 
SD33949242 Hill Top House, Satterthwaite 
SD3291 Hob Gill 
SD38179279 Holme Well, Satterthwaite 
SD33259270 Horse Wood, Satterthwaite 
SD34039106 house, Force Mills 
SD331957 Jack Gap Plantation, Satterthwaite 
SD33749081 Knott Cottage, Force Forge 
SD33849243 Laburnum Cottage, Satterthwaite L
SD33289205 Little Knott, Satterthwaite 
SD315914 Long Crags, Satterthwaite 
SD37679056 Long Tongue, Satterthwaite 
SD33689133 Low Bowkerstead, Satterthwaite L
SD376917 Low Cat Crag, Satterthwaite 
SD37949325 Low Cunsey Farm, Cunsey 
SD34899153 Low Dale Park Bridge, Satterthwaite 
SD350917 Low Dale Park, Satterthwaite 
SD311949 Machell Coppice, Satterthwaite 
SD351922 Middle Dale Park, Satterthwaite 
SD33259221 Moor Lane, Satterthwaite 
SD37609093 Newlands Cottage, Satterthwaite 
SD33489046 Old Bobbin Mill, Force Forge L
SD33899263 Old Breasty Haw, Satterthwaite 
SD33909132 Old School House, Force Mills 
SD33869231 Old Vicarage, Satterthwaite L
SD327951 Park Plantation, Satterthwaite 
SD33809251 Pepper House, Satterthwaite 
SD33899286 Pepper Scar, Satterthwaite 
SD33579439 post box, Grizedale 
SD335944 post office, Grizedale 
SD38599306 Rawlinson Nab, Satterthwaite 
SD371904 Rawlinson's Intake, Satterthwaite 
SD34119222 Rowley Wood, Satterthwaite 
SD33879235 Satterthwaite 
SD33729239 Satterthwaite Farm, Satterthwaite 
SD33859237 Satterthwaite Parish Room, Satterthwaite 
SD33649245 Sawrey Bridge, Satterthwaite 
SD33889071 Sawrey Stricely, Satterthwaite 
SD328928 Scale Green, Satterthwaite 
SD33889237 school, Satterthwaite gone
SD36939101 sheepfold, Graythwaite 
SD37489089 Silverholme, Satterthwaite L
SD34109237 Tan Yard Wood, Satterthwaite 
SD33999228 Tannery, Satterthwaite 
SD33759227 Town End, Satterthwaite 
SD33769256 Town Head Cottage, Satterthwaite 
SD377917 viewpoint, Low Cat Crag 
SD349934 Wall that went for a Walk, Satterthwaite 
SD34029039 Wedder Gleam, Satterthwaite 
SD36798640 weir, Newby Bridge 
SD33969103 White Lodge, Force Mills 
SD32839180 Wood Moss Tarn, Satterthwaite 
SD3394 Yan, Grizedale 
SD37059126 Graythwaite Hall, Satterthwaite L
SD302943 Coniston Water 
SD36769250 water trough, Satterthwaite 
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