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Tebay parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY6103
10Km square:-   NY50
10Km square:-   NY60
10Km square:-   SD69
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Teaby
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Teabye
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 636 (1971)

place:-   Tebay Constablewick (most of)
place:-   Grayrigg Constablewick (tiny part of)

NY6302 Adam Slack's Gill 
NY63320062 Archer Moss, Tebay 
NY61360357 Barnaby Rudge Tavern, Tebay 
NY60960333 Beckside Cottage, Roundthwaite 
NY58840206 Belt Howe, Tebay 
NY5802 Birk Gill (2) 
NY60500535 Birkbeck Viaduct, Tebay 
NY6005 Birkbeck, Orton S 
SD64789987 Blakethwaite Stone, Orton S 
NY62410045 Blease Fell, Tebay 
NY60880144 Borrowbridge Viaduct, Low Borrowbridge 
NY56930349 Borrowdale Edge, Tebay 
NY57190250 Borrowdale, Whinfell 
SD62459964 boundary stone, Tebay/Sedbergh 
NY61500513 Bowring Well, Tebay gone
NY61600490 Brandrith Stone, Tebay gone?
NY60910331 bridge, Roundthwaite 
NY62190398 bridge, Tebay 
NY58700114 bridge, Whinfell 
NY56930303 bridge, Whinfell (2) 
NY61470145 Brockholes Bank, Tebay 
NY61350116 Brockholes Wood, Tebay 
NY61160171 Brockholes, Tebay 
NY61800034 Broken Gill Plantation, Tebay 
NY61790461 Brownmoor House, Tebay 
NY5902 Burn Gill 
SD6399 Carlin Gill 
SD6399 Carlingill Beck 
SD62459964 Carlingill Bridge, Tebay 
NY59610209 Casterfell Hill, Tebay 
NY60960332 Castle Garth, Roundthwaite 
NY61350510 Castle Green, Tebay 
NY61350514 Castle Howe, Tebay 
NY61260418 catenary, Tebay 
NY63930537 chapel, Gaisgill L
NY61670425 chapel, Tebay 
NY61620413 chapel, Tebay (2) 
NY6100 Cleugh Gill 
NY62570499 Cocklake, Tebay 
NY63060421 Cooper House, Tebay 
NY61640439 Cross Keys Inn, Tebay 
NY5803 Crowsdale Beck 
NY61630508 Curlew Cottage, Tebay 
NY62710309 Deep Moss, Tebay 
NY61400368 Dikes, Tebay 
NY61110219 Dillicar Water Troughs, Tebay 
NY6101 Dry Gill (6) 
NY62350239 Dry Hurst, Tebay 
NY59960449 Dyke Farm, Tebay 
NY62170434 Edge Farm, Tebay 
NY6302 Ellergill Beck 
NY64020538 Ellergill Bridge, Gaisgill 
NY64060507 Ellergill, Tebay 
NY64240296 Elliot Howe, Orton S 
NY60820498 engine shed, Tebay gone
NY61240353 engine shed, Tebay (2) gone
NY61420393 engine shed, Tebay (3) gone
NY64040360 Ewe Locks, Orton S 
NY61140287 fence, Tebay 
NY63980539 Flatts, Gaisgill 
NY61210290 flow measurement station, Tebay 
NY61340429 ford, Tebay 
NY63720530 Gaisgill Farm, Tebay L
NY63950537 Gaisgill Reading Room, Gaisgill 
NY63410520 Gaisgill Row, Tebay 
NY64060539 Gaisgill Station, Gaisgill 
NY63840534 Gaisgill, Tebay 
NY61670436 Gale, Tebay suggested
NY61520459 Galloper Cottage, Tebay 
NY61450486 Galloper Field, Tebay gone
NY61360475 Galloper Well Bridge, Tebay 
NY61400490 Galloper Well, Tebay gone?
NY61150093 gate, Tebay 
NY60170504 gate, Tebay (2) 
NY626590313 Gelstone Hill, Tebay 
NY62370319 Gelstone, Tebay 
NY63760482 Gill Hole, Tebay 
NY60290177 Gillsgrassing Wood, Tebay 
NY6002 Gondsike, Roundthwaite 
NY628004 Grains Gill, Carlingill 
SD6499 Green Knott Gill 
SD64379966 Green Knott, Tebay 
NY627013 Hare Shaw, Tebay 
NY57350250 High Borrowdale, Tebay 
NY61640014 High Carlingill Wood, Tebay 
NY61400043 High Carlingill, Tebay 
NY63150457 High Cocklake, Tebay 
NY61850404 High Woodend, Tebay 
NY62040510 Highbeck Lane, Tebay 
NY60870337 house, Roundthwaite 
NY62390488 Howe, Tebay 
NY63560442 Intake, Tebay 
NY60410241 Jeffrey's Mount, Tebay 
NY630023 Knott, Tebay 
NY61130272 Lawtland House, Tebay gone
NY62000457 Leagate, Tebay 
NY61230433 Loups Fell Bridge, Tebay 
NY60920431 Loups Fell, Tebay 
NY60870496 Loupsfell Cottage, Tebay 
NY60830502 Loupsfell Side, Tebay 
NY61040120 Low Borrow Bridge Inn, Tebay 
NY60930144 Low Borrow Bridge, Tebay 
NY60940148 Low Borrowbridge, Tebay 
NY57900206 Low Borrowdale, Tebay L
SD62019967 Low Carlingill Wood, Tebay 
SD62229968 Low Carlingill, Tebay 
NY60060524 Low Greenholme, Tebay 
NY61480451 Low Lane, Tebay 
SD62329947 Lummers Gill 
SD61659981 Lune Gorge, Tebay 
NY61300286 Lune's Bridge, Tebay L
NY61400482 M6, junction 38 
NY61130281 milestone, Tebay gone
NY61830449 milestone, Tebay (2) 
NY63600525 milestone, Tebay (3) not found
NY60850145 motorway bridge, Tebay 
NY61160266 motorway bridge, Tebay (2) 
NY61180293 motorway bridge, Tebay (3) 
NY61150318 motorway bridge, Tebay (4) 
NY61070377 motorway bridge, Tebay (5) 
NY61810451 Mount Pleasant, Tebay 
NY63830535 New House, Gaisgill 
NY61860449 Old School, Tebay 
NY6203 Overclue Gill 
NY62440359 Overcluegill, Tebay 
NY64050358 Peatmire Hill, Orton S 
NY60530424 Pikestone Lane, Tebay 
NY60890328 pinfold, Roundthwaite gone
NY61960216 Powson Knott, Tebay 
NY61310235 Powsons, Tebay 
NY62510309 quarry, Tebay 
NY61210269 railway bridge, Tebay 
NY61230292 railway bridge, Tebay (2) 
NY61290382 railway bridge, Tebay (3) 
NY61280403 railway bridge, Tebay (4) 
NY58530945 railway crossing, Orton S 
NY61330362 Railway Terrace, Tebay 
NY63610290 Raw Busk, Tebay 
NY6305 Redgill Beck 
NY63220516 Redgill, Tebay 
NY63840130 Rispa Pike, Tebay 
NY61810306 Roger Howe, Tebay 
NY61390304 Rogerhowe Quarry, Tebay 
NY60960127 roman fort, Low Borrow Bridge 
NY60740337 Roundthwaite Abbey, Roundthwaite 
NY6003 Roundthwaite Beck 
NY57910263 Roundthwaite Common, Tebay 
NY60200353 Roundthwaite Cowbound, Roundthwaite 
NY60920337 Roundthwaite Farm, Roundthwaite L
NY62980516 Row End, Tebay 
NY61170089 Salterwath Bridge, Tebay L
NY61450496 school, Tebay gone
NY62130421 shed, Tebay 
NY60180504 sheep feeder, Tebay 
SD62779978 sheepfold, Carlin Gill 
NY56230343 sheepfold, Tebay 
NY62430267 sheepfold, Tebay (2) 
NY62140329 sheepfold, Tebay (3) 
NY60680146 sheepfold, Tebay (4) 
NY59570241 sheepfold, Tebay (5) 
NY60330264 Silver Sike 
NY6002 Skirth Gill 
 South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway 
SD64579945 Spout, Tebay 
NY61610444 St James, Tebay L
NY6202 Stake Gill (2) 
NY61200505 stepping stones, Tebay 
NY60340469 stone wall, Tebay 
NY6302 Swinesay Sike 
NY616045 Tebay 
NY61930561 Tebay Bridge, Tebay 
NY61270446 Tebay Bridge, Tebay (2) 
NY62900192 Tebay Fell, Tebay 
NY62260286 Tebay Gill 
NY61280374 Tebay North Junction, Tebay 
NY61810455 Tebay Police Station, Tebay 
NY61650422 Tebay Primary School, Tebay 
NY61270354 Tebay South Junction, Tebay 
NY61280373 Tebay Station Junction, Tebay 
NY61280366 Tebay Station, Tebay 
NY61680491 Tebay: Access Rentals 
NY6202 Tebaygill Beck 
NY62420494 Tebaygill Bridge, Tebay 
NY62390107 Tebaygill Head, Tebay 
NY619036 Tebaygill, Tebay 
NY64010405 Tewitt Hill, Orton S 
NY56030400 Thunder Stone, Tebay 
NY60940150 toll gate, Tebay 
NY60960327 Town Foot, Roundthwaite 
NY61760513 Town Head Farm, Tebay L
NY62530436 Traildike, Tebay 
NY64050000 Uldale Head, Tebay 
NY62790361 Waskew Head, Tebay 
NY6200 Weasel Gill 
NY63090316 Weather Hill, Tebay 
NY5803 Wet Sike 
NY570037 Whinash, Tebay 
NY61970253 White Combs, Tebay 
NY63270188 White Fold, Tebay 
NY635018 Whitefold Moss, Tebay 
NY60900219 Whitestones, Tebay 
NY61630514 Old Tebay, Tebay 
NY60900329 Roundthwaite, Tebay 
 Lancaster and Carlisle Railway 
NY5503 Borrow Beck 
NY61860451 water trough, Tebay 
NY6205 Lune, River 
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