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Page 160:-
Sadgill.- The return from Chapelhill must be up the hill, having the stream from Small Water on the right, till a small stream is seen flowing down into Long Sleddale, which extends hence about six miles. The chapel stands near the centre of the dale, which is watered by the Sprint.
  Ubarrow Hall
Yewbarrow Hall is now occupied by a farmer.
Watch Gate is on the high road from Kendal to Shap.

Kendal to Ambleside

Miles.KENDAL TOMiles.
Ings Chapel
2Orest Head
Troutbeck Bridge10
2Low Wood Inn12
Ings Chapel is a neat edifice, rebuilt in 1743.
  Orest Head
Orest Head is ornamented by several villas, and commands very noble views of Windermere.
  Troutbeck Bridge
Troutbeck Bridge crosses a rivulet, issuing from the high grounds on the right, and flowing down the deep and picturesque vale of Troutbeck. The village, or rather string of hamlets, bears the names of Town-end, Town-head, High-green, Cragg, and Highfold, and is distant from three to four miles north by east of Bowness, and south-east of Ambleside. From the elevated parts of the road above Troutbeck Bridge, splendid views of Windermere are obtained. The valley of Troutbeck is well worth visiting, and pleasant walks may be contrived to it from Ambleside, Low Wood Inn, and Bowness.
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