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THE Lake district extends over a portion of the three counties of Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire, being bounded on the south and west by the sea, which combines beautifully from many elevated points with the inland scenery, and occupying an area of about thirty miles in diameter. It consists of large masses or clusters of mountains, generally terminating in one aspiring and pre-eminent point, with the intermediate valleys occupied either by lakes and their subsidiary tarns, or by winding rivers.
The chief nuclei of these clusters are, Skiddaw and Blencathra, Helvellyn, Fairfield, Coniston Old Man, Blackcomb, Scafell, Gable, Red Pike, Grasmoor, Grisdale Pike, and the Langdale Pikes. Many noble and commanding mountains rise around these, rivalling them in height and grandeur, but still
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button -- "Blackcomb" -- Black Combe
button -- "Cumberland" -- Cumberland
button -- "Fairfield" -- Fairfield
button -- "Grasmoor" -- Grasmoor
button -- "Gable" -- Great Gable
button -- "Grisdale Pike" -- Grisedale Pike
button -- "Helvellyn" -- Helvellyn
button -- "Langdale Pikes" -- Langdale Pikes
button -- "Coniston Old Man" -- Old Man of Coniston, The
button -- "Red Pike" -- Red Pike
button -- "Blencathra" -- Saddleback
button -- "Scafell" -- Sca Fell
button -- "Skiddaw" -- Skiddaw
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