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Gentleman's Magazine 1825 part 1 p.515
Compendium of County History. - Westmorland.
BAMPTON Vicarage House was rebuilt at the expence of the celebrated and very learned Bishop Gibson, who also erected a monument in the church to his father and mother, with a modest Latin inscription. - In the Free Grammar School, besides an innumerable list of eminent characters, were educated Dr. John Mill, famous for his edition of the New Testament; and Bishop Gibson. - Bishop Law obtained his classical rudiments at Measand School.
IN BETHAM Church are the monuments of Sir Thomas de Betham and lady. - Of this parish was Vicar Mr. William Hutton, who wrote a folio book of collections for a history of the parish, which he deposited in the vestry for the information of posterity; with blank pages to be filled up as materials should occur *.
The windows of BROUGH Church were formerly full of extraordinary painted glass.
At BROUGHAM many Roman antiquities have been discovered. Brougham Hall, for its beautiful prospects, has been called the Windsor of the North.
CALGARTH was the property of the learned Bp. Watson, who added greatly to the natural beauties of the estate. Some of the rooms in the old hall have remains of their former elegance. Amongst the spirits which haunted these melancholy walls, was one which had the custody of two sculls, which could nether be broken to pieces, or carried to any place, but their guardian would be able to re-unite them, or recover them to their dormitory on one of the window-sills.
CROSS-FELL is reported to have been formerly called Fiend's Fell, from evil spirits haunting its top, till St. Austin erected there a cross and an altar, by which he broke their haunts; hence its present name.
At the South end of the village of EAMONT is a curious circle, consisting of a high dyke of earth and a deep foss within, commonly called Arthur's Round Table. Various are the conjectures respecting it.
FARLTON KNOT is said to bear a strong resemblance in form to the rock of Gibraltar.
At HEVERSHAM Free Grammar School were educated Bp. Watson, Ephraim Chambers, author of the Encyclopedia; Bishop Preston, and many others. Bishop Watson's father was head master 40 years, and educated Chambers. He was also born here, as were his father, grandfather, &c. - In the church is interred the mother of Ephraim Chambers.
KENDAL was one of the first provincial towns which printed a Newspaper. - Among the eminent men educated at the Free Grammar School, may be mentioned Bp. Law, Dr. Fothergill, and Dr. Shaw, the celebrated traveller.
At KENTMERE Hall flourished the Gilpin family, of whom was Bernard Gilpin, 'the Apostle of the North.' It is a tower-like edifice, under a mountain browed with mighty craggs. When it was building, the Cork lad of Kentmere, a barbarian of the name of Herd, lifted a chimney beam of the kitchen into its place, 6 feet from the earth: it still remains, and is 30 feet long and 13 inches by 12 1/2 thick. At the age of 42 this man killed himself with the Herculean task of tearing up trees by the roots.
In KIRKBY LONSDALE Church was a fine alabaster monument to one of the Middletons, temp. Henry VIII. On the South porch was formerly curious inscriptions respecting its erection, &c. - Of this parish, was vicar one George Buchanan, a Scotchman driven out of Scotland for refusing the covenant and suffered greatly from the Parliamentarians. - At the Free Grammar School was educated Mr. Bell of the Chancery Bar.
AT LOWTHER College were educated the Earl of Selkirk, and late Duke of Athol. The college was coverted into a manufactory for most beautiful carpets, &c. of strength and lustre little inferior to those of Persia; intended chiefly for the owner's use, but a few were sold from 63l. to 105l. - The church contains several tombs of the Lowther family.
MILLTHROPE is the only town in the county visited by the tide, which flows
* I should be obliged if any of your Correspondents would inform me whether the volume is still in being. S.T.
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