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With love I beare to thee, the day cannot suffice
For Malerstrang to gaze upon thy beautious eyes.
  Eden, River
  Below, River
  Lyvennet, River
  Glencoyne Beck
  Eamont, River
  Lowther, River

This say'd, the Forrest rubd her rugged front the while,
Cleere Eden looking back, regrets her with a smile,
And simply takes her leave, to get into the Maine;
When Below a bright Nymph, from Stanmore downe doth straine
To Eden, as along to Appleby shee makes,
Which passing, to her traine, next Troutbeck in shee takes,
And Levenant, then these,a somewhat lesser Rill,
When Glenkwin greets her well, and happily to fill,
Her more abundant Banks, from Ulls, a mightie Mere
On Cumberlands confines, comes Eymot neat and cleere,
And Loder doth allure, with whom she haps to meet,
Which at her comming in, doth thus her Mistris greet.
  tiding well
  Whinfell Forest

Quoth shee, thus for my selfe I say, that where I swell
Up from my Fountaine first, there is a Tyding-well,
That daily ebbs and flowes, (as Writers doe report)
The old Euripus doth, or in the selfe same sort,
The [star] Venedocian Fount, or the [star] Demetian Spring,
Or that which the cold Peake doth with her wonders bring,
Why should not Loder then, her Mistris Eden please,
With this, as other Floods delighted are with these.
  Duddon, River
  Esk, River
  Linbeck Gill
  Mite, River
  Irt, River

When Eden, though shee seem'd to make unusuall haste,
About cleere Loders neck, yet lovingly doth cast
Her oft infolding Armes, as Westmerland shee leaves,
Where Cumberland againe as kindly her receives.
Yet up her watry hands, to Winfield Forrest holds
In her rough wooddy armes, which amorously infolds
Cleere Eden comming by, with all her watry store,
In her dark shades, and seemes her parting to deplore.

But Southward sallying hence, to those Sea-bordring sands,
Where Dudden driving downe to the Lancastrian lands,
This Cumberland cuts out, and strongly doth confine,
This meeting there with that, both meerly Maratine,
Where many a daintie Rill out of her native Dale,
To the Virginian makes, with many a pleasant gale;
As Eske her farth'st, so first, a coy bred Cumbrian Lasse,
Who commeth to her Road, renowned Ravenglasse,
By Devock driven along, (which from a large-brimm'd Lake,
To hye her to the Sea, with greater haste doth make)
Meets Nyte, a nimble Brooke, their Rendevous that keepe
In Ravenglasse, when soone into the blewish Deepe
Comes Irt, of all the rest, though small, the richest Girle,
Her costly bosome strew'd with precious Orient Pearle,
Bred in her shining Shels, which to the deaw doth yawne,
Which deaw they sucking in, conceave that lusty Spawne,
[margin - stars] Two fountains the one in the South, th'other in Northovales. See to the 5. 10. and 27. Song.
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button -- "Irt" -- Irt, River
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button -- "Loder" -- Lowther, River
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