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Preceding this page is the map for Westmorland and Cumberland.
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page 161; Westmorland and Cumberland:-

The thirtieth Song.
  argument, Westmorland and Cumberland

Of Westmerland the Muse now sings,
And fetching Eden from her Springs,
Sets her along, and Kendall then
Surveying, beareth back agen;
And climbing Skidows loftie Hill,
By many a River, many a Rill,
To Cumberland, where in her way,
Shee Copland calls, and doth display
Her Beauties, backe to Eden goes,
Whose Floods, and Fall shee aptly showes.
  Windermere lake
  Kent, River
  Kent Valley
  Sprint, River
  Winster, River
  Levens Force

YEt cheerely on my Muse, no whit at all dismay'd,
But look aloft tow'rds heaven, to him whoose powerfull ayd,
Hath led thee on thus long, & through so sundry soiles,
Steep Mountains, Forrests rough, deepe Rivers, that thy toyles
Most sweet refreshing seeme, and still thee comfort sent
Against the Bestiall Rout, and Boorish rabblement
Of those rude vulgar sots, whose brainnes are onely Slime,
Borne to the doting world, in this last yron Time,
So stony, and so dull, that Orpheus which (men say)
By the inticing Straines of his melodious Lay,
Drew Rocks and aged Trees, to whether he would please;
He might as well have moov'd the Universe as these;
But leave this Frie of Hell in their owne filth defilde,
And seriously pursue the sterne Westmerian Wilde,
First ceazing in our Song, the South part of the Shire,
Where Westmerland to West, by wide Wynander Mere,
The Eboracean fields to her the Rising bound,
Where Can first creeping forth, her feet hath scarcely found,
But gives that Dale her name, where Kendale towne doth stand,
For making of our Cloth scarce match'd in all the land.
Then keeping on her course, though having in her traine,
But Sput, a little Brooke, then Winster doth retaine,
Tow'rds the Verginian Sea, by her two mighty Falls,
(Which the brave Roman tongue, her Catadupa calls)
This eager River seemes outragiousy to rore,
And counterfetting Nyle, to deafe the neighboring shore,
[margin - Windermere] See the latter end of the 27. Song.
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