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Brough parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY7914
10Km square:-   NY71
10Km square:-   NY81
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Brough
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 574 (1971)

place:-   Brough Constablewick
place:-   Stainmore Constablewick (tiny part)

NY8114 Augill Beck 
NY81561463 Augill Bridge, Augill 
NY81421474 Augill House, Augill L
NY81461470 Augill, Brough 
NY79611455 Bank House, Brough L
NY78651492 boundary stone, Brough L
NY79421429 boundary stone, Brough (2) L
NY80281368 boundary stone, Brough (3) L
NY78011402 boundary stone, Brough/Musgrave 
NY81011584 boundary stone, Brough/Stainmore L
NY79391413 Bridge House, Brough L
NY79411417 bridge, Brough 
NY793142 bridge, Brough (2) 
NY79671470 bridge, Brough (3) L
NY79551459 bridge, Brough (4) 
NY79401425 Brough Community Primary School, Brough 
NY80071490 Brough High Mill, Brough 
NY81181537 Brough Intake, Brough 
NY79481450 Brough Mill, Brough 
NY80651491 Brough Riggs, Brough 
NY796146 Brough: High Street 
NY792147 Brough: Main Street 
NY79541459 Brough: Wilkinson Bros 
NY78671494 Bullistone Bridge, Brough 
NY79521459 Burneside House, Brough L
NY79261404 Castle Gate, Brough 
NY79531461 Castle Hotel, Brough L
NY79021431 Castle Orchard Lane, Brough 
NY79581457 chapel, Brough 
NY79391416 chapel, Brough (2) gone?
NY79371406 Church Brough, Brough 
NY79311398 Church Wynd, Brough 
NY79501460 clock tower, Brough L
NY79291431 Coltsford Common, Brough 
NY79401405 cross, Brough gone?
NY78471538 Demesne, Brough 
NY79481458 drain, Brough 
NY79411417 fish pass, Brough 
NY79431426 Flat Side, Brough 
NY79461414 Ford Bridge, Brough 
NY80981463 Forest Farm, Brough 
NY78851385 Garner Brow, Brough 
NY80821485 Gibbet Hill, Brough 
NY79511460 Golden Fleece, Brough 
NY79091442 Goosepit Lane, Brough 
NY79841432 Grindstone Hill, Brough 
NY79591455 Grove Cottages, Brough L
NY79581455 Grove House, Brough L
NY79391467 Hall, Brough 
NY79661454 Harglade, Brough L
NY57632775 Hawk Rigg, Brougham 
NY79521456 Hazel Bank Cottage, Brough L
NY79691474 Helbeck Mill, Brough 
NY79711456 Highfields, Brough L
NY7914 hospital, Brough 
NY79451463 house, Brough L
NY79521454 house, Brough (3) L
NY79521462 house, Brough (4) L
NY79521455 house, Brough (5) L
NY79571451 house, Brough (6) L out of sight
NY79731458 house, Brough (7) L
NY79741458 house, Brough (8) L
NY79451464 house, Brough (9) 
NY79521457 house, Brough (10) 
NY79681456 house, Brough (11) 
NY80521546 Intake Side, Brough 
NY787135 Knocking Tofts, Brough 
NY80271488 Lane Head, Brough 
NY80031371 Leacett Lane, Brough 
NY79431432 Low Mill, Brough gone?
NY7415 Lowgill Beck 
NY78351514 Lowgill Bridge, Brough 
NY77831460 Lowgill Farm, Brough 
NY78311481 Lowgill Lane, Brough 
NY78151458 Lowgill, Brough 
NY78121430 Lowgill, Brough (2) 
NY78511483 Mains House, Brough 
NY79671455 market cross, Brough L
NY79401405 maypole, Brough L
NY79911466 milestone, Brough (2) L
NY80621555 milestone, Brough (3) L
NY78481511 milestone, Brough (4) 
NY80521509 Milkingstile Cottage, Brough 
NY80771489 Mount Pleasant Farm, Brough 
NY79461449 New Bridge, Brough 
NY80251487 New Inn, Brough 
NY79471460 Oddfellows Hall, Brough L
NY79281477 police station, Brough 
NY79711455 railings, Brough 
NY79651462 railings, Brough (2) 
NY79461424 Rainehill, Brough 
NY80611499 Riggs, Brough 
NY80271488 roadsign, Brough 
NY79141405 roman fort, Brough 
NY79451455 school, Brough 
NY7914 school, Brough (2) suggested
NY791141 spa, Church Brough 
NY795146 St Mary's Well, Brough gone
NY7914 Swan, Brough 
NY79451463 Swanson House, Brough L
NY8016 Swindale Beck (3) 
NY805151 Swindale Grange, Brough 
NY78541442 Tinbridge Hill, Brough 
NY79271387 Vicarage, Brough 
NY79441453 village hall, Brough 
NY79461461 Village Stores, Brough L
NY79301492 war memorial, Brough 
NY79571429 Watery Lane, Brough 
NY79321403 Weind Cottage, Brough L
NY79311403 Weind House, Brough 
NY79491452 weir, Brough 
NY78421508 West View, Brough 
NY79571459 Dial House, Brough 
NY79171409 Brough Castle, Brough 
NY79501461 Brough 
NY81431472 milestone, Brough (5) L
NY79601455 Glaslyn House, Brough L
NY79311392 St Michael, Brough L
NY79401430 Brough Pinfold, Brough 
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