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Buttermere parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY1718
10Km square:-   NY12
10Km square:-   NY11
10Km square:-   NY21
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 257 (1971)

NY1919 Addacomb Beck 
NY190199 Addacomb Hole, Buttermere 
NY15202181 Back Hows, Buttermere 
NY174203 beacon, Grasmoor 
NY15702199 Beck House, Buttermere 
NY192154 Beckside Trial, Buttermere 
NY16772283 bield, Buttermere 
NY1913 Black Beck (17) 
NY20201279 Blackbeck Tarn, Buttermere 
NY201131 Blackbeck Trial, Buttermere 
NY16591544 Bleaberry Tarn, Buttermere 
NY16412178 Boat Crag, Buttermere 
NY15482056 boat house, Crummock Water 
NY17861668 Bowderbeck, Buttermere L
NY17312090 Brackenthwaite Fell, Buttermere 
NY15432154 Brackenthwaite Hows, Buttermere 
NY15652228 Brackenthwaite Mill, Buttermere 
NY21481193 Brandreth, Ennerdale and Kinniside 
NY17491699 bridge, Buttermere 
NY16612391 bridge, Buttermere (2) 
NY219148 Buckstone Hows, Buttermere 
NY175146 Burtness Comb, Buttermere 
NY177157 Burtness Wood, Buttermere 
NY167166 Buttermere Dubs 
NY18601446 Buttermere Fell, Buttermere 
NY16281820 Buttermere Hause, Buttermere 
NY180157 Buttermere Mine, Buttermere 
NY17321724 Buttermere Quarry, Buttermere 
NY163150 Chapel Crags, Buttermere 
NY18941502 Char Cottage, Buttermere 
NY1619 Cinderdale Beck 
NY1623 Cold Gill 
NY16802281 Cold Gill, Buttermere 
NY152207 Cold Keld Wyke, Buttermere 
NY1623 Coldgill Beck 
NY18902113 Coledale Hause, Buttermere 
NY1815 Comb Beck (2) 
NY17351443 Comb Crags, Buttermere 
NY15002238 Cornhow Dubs, Loweswater 
NY15082228 Cornhow, Buttermere 
NY19262033 Crag Hill, Buttermere 
NY17351716 Crag Houses, Buttermere L
NY17331718 Cragg Farm, Buttermere 
NY17471693 Croft Farm, Buttermere L
NY1914 Cross, Buttermere 
NY22311532 Dale Head, Buttermere 
NY18681596 Dalegarth, Buttermere 
NY16972298 Dodd Pass, Buttermere 
NY16902306 Dodd, Buttermere 
NY17752063 Dove Crags, Buttermere 
NY210130 Dubs Bottom, Buttermere 
NY21011349 Dubs Quarry, Buttermere 
NY172145 Eagle Crag, Buttermere 
NY1624 Eller Beck (14) 
NY16381961 Fall Crag, Buttermere 
NY17651701 fingerpost, Buttermere 
NY20241440 Fleetwith Edge, Buttermere 
NY20411404 Fleetwith Gully, Buttermere 
NY20661422 Fleetwith Pike, Buttermere 
NY17271634 footbridge, Buttermere 
NY17271629 footbridge, Buttermere (2) 
NY18771467 footbridge, Buttermere (3) 
NY17301825 footbridge, Buttermere (4) 
NY16881860 footbridge, Buttermere (5) 
NY22491389 Fox Fold, Buttermere 
NY173218 Gasgale Crags, Buttermere 
NY164210 Gasgale Gill Trial, Buttermere 
NY17452152 Gasgale Gill, Buttermere 
NY19351503 Gatesgarth Farm, Gatesgarth 
NY19351503 Gatesgarth, Buttermere 
NY2014 Gatesgarthdale Beck 
NY18861812 gill, Buttermere 
NY189163 Goat Crag, Buttermere 
NY1916 Goat Gills 
NY16582023 Grasmoor End, Buttermere 
NY17492034 Grasmoor, Buttermere 
NY20241306 Green Crag, Buttermere 
NY171147 Grey Crags, Buttermere 
NY21801250 Grey Knotts Tarns, Buttermere 
NY21721256 Grey Knotts, Borrowdale 
NY1915 Hartley Hill, Buttermere 
NY186156 Hass Ness, Buttermere 
NY18681581 Hassness, Buttermere 
NY1815 Hassnesshow Beck 
NY16151820 Hause Point, Buttermere 
NY194132 Hay Stacks, Buttermere 
NY18001403 High Crag, Buttermere 
NY15912277 High Hollins, Buttermere L
NY17371743 High House, Buttermere 
NY16282033 High Kid Crag, Buttermere 
NY15592234 High Liza Bridge, Brackenthwaite 
NY160185 High Rannerdale, Buttermere 
NY18671689 High Snockrigg, Buttermere 
NY16981479 High Stile, Buttermere 
NY15692036 High Wood, Buttermere 
NY164171 Holme Islands, Crummock Water 
NY224135 Honister Quarry tramroads 
NY223137 Honister Try Level, Buttermere 
NY1723 Hope Beck 
NY17522305 Hope Gill, Buttermere 
NY16722399 Hope, Buttermere 
NY16312395 Hopebeck, Buttermere L
NY18562217 Hopegill Head, Buttermere 
NY21361370 Hopper Quarry, Buttermere 
NY18471531 Horse Close, Buttermere 
NY150216 inn, Scale Hill 
NY17841687 King George VI Memorial Hostel, Buttermere 
NY18931597 Kirk Close, Buttermere 
NY173194 Lad Howes, Buttermere 
NY17131944 Lad Hows, Buttermere 
NY18452276 Ladyside Pike, Lorton 
NY15862062 Lanthwaite Cottage, Lanthwaite 
NY15802107 Lanthwaite Gate, Lanthwaite 
NY15882085 Lanthwaite Green Farm, Lanthwaite 
NY15312092 Lanthwaite Wood, Lanthwaite 
NY210161 Littledale Edge, Buttermere 
NY1621 Liza Beck 
NY157222 Liza Beck Trial, Buttermere 
NY17071802 Low Bank, Buttermere 
NY185148 Low Crag, Buttermere 
NY15862264 Low Hollins, Buttermere L
NY15612250 Low House, Buttermere L
NY16182014 Low Kid Crag, Buttermere 
NY15372239 Low Liza Bridge, Brackenthwaite 
NY188141 Low Wax Knott Trial, Buttermere 
NY21711443 Maiden Stone, Buttermere 
NY197147 Mercer memorial, Buttermere 
NY16751728 Mill Beck (7) 
NY17511700 mill, Buttermere 
NY16282362 Millbeck, Buttermere L
NY16202318 Miller Place, Buttermere 
NY19281761 Newlands Hause, Buttermere 
NY17401711 Old Vicarage, Buttermere 
NY15242201 Palacehow, Buttermere L
NY15982127 Peel Place, Lanthwaite 
NY18961478 Peggy's Bridge, Buttermere 
NY16752244 Penn, Buttermere 
NY15542200 Picket How, Buttermere L
NY15542199 Pickett Howe, Buttermere 
NY15242275 Piper Dub, Buttermere 
NY20441323 quarry, Fleetwith 
NY201131 quarry, Green Crag once?
NY1719 Rannerdale Beck 
NY16281906 Rannerdale Bridge, Buttermere 
NY166183 Rannerdale Knotts, Buttermere 
NY163183 Rannerdale Trial, Buttermere 
NY16301870 Rannerdale, Buttermere 
NY16651984 Red Gill, Buttermere 
NY16051545 Red Pike, Buttermere 
NY1718 Rowantree Beck 
NY18702187 Sand Hill, Buttermere 
NY16791659 Scale Bridge, Buttermere 
NY15352136 Scale Hill hill, Buttermere 
NY160174 Scale Island 
NY14862148 Scalehill Bridge, Loweswater 
NY193201 Scar Crag, Buttermere 
NY19562026 Scar, Buttermere 
NY189133 Scarth Gap, Buttermere 
NY18541345 Seat, Ennerdale and Kinniside 
NY230134 Seatoller Fell, Buttermere 
NY15992103 settlement, Lanthwaite 
NY179144 Sheepbone Buttress, Buttermere 
NY18711782 sheepfold, Buttermere 
NY19091987 sheepfold, Buttermere (2) 
NY21681446 sheepfold, Buttermere (3) 
NY17562155 sheepfold, Buttermere (4) 
NY17951552 sheepfold, Buttermere (5) 
NY16992382 sheepfold, Buttermere (6) 
NY17792294 sheepfold, Buttermere (7) 
NY16742268 sheepfold, Buttermere (8) 
NY16942259 sheepfold, Buttermere (9) 
NY18911477 sheepfold, Buttermere (10) 
NY18431531 sheepfold, Buttermere (11) 
NY17521780 sheepfold, Buttermere (12) 
NY17461793 sheepfold, Buttermere (13) 
NY17171833 sheepfold, Buttermere (14) 
NY19571378 sheepfold, Warnscale 
NY17282455 Shepherds Pile, Swinside 
NY1615 Sour Milk Gill 
NY1718 Squat Beck 
NY17601703 St James, Buttermere L
NY16072320 stone wall, Buttermere 
NY170157 stone wall, Buttermere (2) 
NY18871376 stone wall, Buttermere (3) 
NY19381498 stone wall, Buttermere (4) 
NY18272319 stone wall, Lorton (2) 
NY18272319 stone wall, Lorton (3) 
NY20511401 Striddle Crag, Buttermere 
NY17402370 Swinside, Buttermere 
NY17571695 Syke Farm, Buttermere 
NY1818 Third Gill 
NY18351960 Thirdgill Head Man, Buttermere 
NY19401499 Tom's Fold, Buttermere 
NY1926620363 trig point, NY1926620363 
NY15512225 Turnerhow, Buttermere 
NY15871875 viewpoint, Crummock Water by boat 
NY15232142 viewpoint, Dob Ley Head 
NY19521463 viewpoint, Gatesgarth 
NY17551700 village hall, Buttermere 
NY187197 Wandope, Buttermere 
NY2013 Warnscale Beck 
NY195141 Warnscale Bottom, Buttermere 
NY15152173 Watching How, Buttermere 
NY150216 Watching Howe, Buttermere 
NY18231511 waterfall, Comb Beck 
NY201135 waterfall, Warnscale Beck 
NY16572126 Whin Ben, Buttermere 
NY184180 Whiteless Breast, Buttermere 
NY182196 Whiteless Edge, Buttermere 
NY180189 Whiteless Pike, Buttermere 
NY16482186 Whiteside End, Buttermere 
NY17042195 Whiteside, Buttermere 
NY17581691 Wilkinsyke Farm, Buttermere 
NY16931744 Wood House, Buttermere 
NY166176 Woodhouse Islands, Crummock Water 
NY15292197 Wunore Crane, Buttermere suggested
NY16682231 Wythe Gill, Buttermere 
NY222142 Yew Crag Knotts, Buttermere 
NY22121455 Yew Crag, Buttermere 
NY1818 Sail Beck 
NY16251818 viewpoint, Rannerdale Knotts 
NY17781709 viewpoint, Buttermere 
NY182158 Buttermere lake 
NY21 Braithwaite and Buttermere Railway 
NY1520 Bertie's Cave, Buttermere 
NY194132 Haystacks Tarn, Buttermere 
 pinfold, Buttermere suggested
NY187159 icehouse, Hassness 
NY215133 Fleetwith, Buttermere 
NY21 Bloater Stone, Buttermere 
NY22481354 Honister Slate Quarry, Borrowdale 
NY175169 Buttermere 
NY15012164 Scale Hill, Buttermere 
NY22341369 Honister Pass, Buttermere 
NY15871867 Crummock Water 
NY21131421 Honister Crag, Buttermere 
NY17481696 Bridge Hotel, Buttermere 
NY17431694 Fish Hotel, Buttermere 
NY15362219 Brackenthwaite, Buttermere 
NY1426 Cocker, River 
NY15912078 Lanthwaite, Buttermere 
NY194162 Wainwright's Rowan, Buttermere 
NY183145 High Crag Buttress, High Crag 
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