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Hunsonby parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY5736
10Km square:-   NY53
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 408 (1971)

NY57093615 Birks, Hunsonby 
NY59633444 boundary stone, Culgaith L
NY59653443 boundary stone, Culgaith (4) 
NY56543516 boundary stone, Langwathby 
NY59633443 bridge, Culgaith 
NY56283801 bridge, Great Salkeld (2) gone
NY58103547 bridge, Hunsonby 
NY59113536 bridge, Hunsonby (2) 
NY56543516 bridge, Langwathby 
NY56633593 bridge, Little Salkeld 
NY5635 Briggle Beck (2) 
NY58293412 Briggle Bridge, Langwathby 
NY58643426 Briggle Hills, Hunsonby 
NY58553415 Briggle Quarries, Hunsonby 
NY58723431 Briggle, Hunsonby 
NY57953560 chapel, Hunsonby 
NY58173540 Chapel, Hunsonby 
NY58093555 Cross Keys Inn, Hunsonby 
NY58163536 drain, Hunsonby 
NY59453511 Dry Slack, Hunsonby 
NY59533434 Ellercow Hill, Hunsonby 
NY59503444 Ellercow, Hunsonby 
NY59283710 Farmanby, Hunsonby 
NY56313761 fence, Hunsonby 
NY58083578 fingerpost, Hunsonby (2) 
NY57213667 fingerpost, Hunsonby (3) 
NY56543550 fingerpost, Hunsonby (4) 
NY56993646 fingerpost, Hunsonby (5) 
NY58003544 footbridge, Hunsonby 
NY56293751 gate, Hunsonby 
NY58793588 Gawtreehouse, Hunsonby 
NY56233653 gradient post, Hunsonby 
NY57723697 Grayson House, Hunsonby 
NY6134 Hole Sike 
NY58103561 house, Hunsonby 
NY58073558 Hunsonby 
NY58793482 Hunters Cottage, Hunsonby 
NY58093555 hydrant plate, Hunsonby 
NY58063561 Ivy Cottage, Hunsonby 
NY57913493 Ivy House, Winskill L
NY56223672 lineside hut, Hunsonby 
NY5934 Little Briggle Beck 
NY57173598 Little Gill, Hunsonby 
NY57683747 Little Meg, Hunsonby 
NY56483552 Little Salkeld Station, Little Salkeld 
NY56603618 Little Salkeld, Hunsonby 
NY56233759 Long Meg Plaster Sidings, Hunsonby 
NY56203726 Long Meg Sidings Signal Box, Hunsonby 
NY56123769 Long Meg Viaduct, Great Salkeld 
NY56443713 Longbank Wood, Hunsonby 
NY563377 Longmeg Mine, Hunsonby 
NY57083737 Longmeg, Hunsonby 
NY5935 Longrigg Sike 
NY56113666 Low Wath, Great Salkeld once
NY57723470 Low Well, Winskill 
NY56253726 map, Hunsonby 
NY57193693 Marian Lodge, Hunsonby 
NY58753475 milestone, Hunsonby not found
NY56233781 Mill Pool, Great Salkeld 
NY56673599 mill, Little Salkeld L
NY5736 Mud Sike 
NY57823762 Newrough Wood, Hunsonby 
NY58373499 Old Coach House, Hunsonby 
NY56583623 Old Vicarage, Little Salkeld 
NY56653615 Orchard Cottage, Little Salkeld 
NY59743593 Ousby Moor, Ousby 
NY56623534 paper mill, Little Salkeld 
NY57723707 Peatmoor Tarn, Hunsonby 
NY57993543 pinfold, Hunsonby gone
NY58363506 post box, Hunsonby 
NY58083559 post box, Hunsonby (2) 
NY56223703 railway bridge, Hunsonby 
NY56513548 railway bridge, Little Salkeld 
NY56253620 railway bridge, Little Salkeld (2) 
NY58393501 Road Head, Hunsonby 
NY5635 Robberby Water 
NY58983664 Robberby, Hunsonby 
NY58123562 Rowan Cottage, Hunsonby L
NY56523610 Salkeld Hall, Little Salkeld L
NY58033542 school, Hunsonby 
NY57983560 South View Farm, Hunsonby 
NY58043560 South View, Hunsonby L
NY56463551 Station Signal Box, Little Salkeld 
NY57663722 Tarn House, Hunsonby 
NY56243742 Throstle Hall, Hunsonby 
NY5835 Turfley Sike 
NY58423497 war memorial, Hunsonby 
NY56263793 weir, Great Salkeld 
NY58063494 Winskill, Hunsonby 
NY58423503 Winskillmoor, Hunsonby 
NY58103544 Hunsonby Swimming Pool, Hunsonby 
NY59603585 bridge, Ousby 
NY57113721 Long Meg and Her Daughters, Hunsonby 
 Settle and Carlisle Railway 
NY58403499 fingerpost, Hunsonby 
NY58793687 fingerpost, Hunsonby (6) 
NY58763480 fingerpost, Hunsonby (7) 
NY56533552 seat, Little Salkeld 
NY3658 Eden, River 
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