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Asby parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY6811
10Km square:-   NY61
10Km square:-   NY71
10Km square:-   NY60
10Km square:-   NY70
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Asby Winderwath
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.
"Asby Winderwath"

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Asby Cotsforth
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.
"Asby Cotsforth"

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 248 (1971)

place:-   Asby Winderwath Constablewick
place:-   Asby Cotsforth Constablewick
place:-   Little Asby Constablewick

NY66101138 Andrew Scar, Asby 
NY70280857 Armaside Wood, Asby 
NY6813 Asby Beck 
NY68121321 Asby Endowed School, Great Asby 
NY6712 Asby Gill 
NY68691063 Asby Grange, Asby 
NY68261327 Asby Hall, Great Asby L
NY69801195 Asby Mask, Asby 
NY691129 Asby Moor, Asby suggested
NY68111321 Asby Village Hall, Great Asby 
NY65791076 Asby Winderwath Common, Asby 
NY68970962 Asket Dub, Asby 
NY67871247 barn, Great Asby 
NY68741214 Beacham Barn, Asby 
NY68681223 Beacham Spring, Asby 
NY66230978 bield, Asby 
NY68430878 bield, Asby (2) 
NY68370865 bield, Asby (3) 
NY66480967 bield, Asby (4) 
NY68521475 Bow Bridge, Asby 
NY68491474 Bowbridge House, Asby 
NY64931341 bridge, Asby 
NY67221451 bridge, Asby (2) 
NY68571370 bridge, Asby (3) 
NY68031319 bridge, Great Asby 
NY71271090 bridge, Waterhouses L
NY69170983 Bull Hole, Asby 
NY6812 Burneybeck Sike 
NY69261011 Burtree, Asby 
NY68331354 Butts Green, Great Asby 
NY65000934 Castle Folds, Asby 
NY68231166 cattle trough, Asby 
NY67671180 Clockeld, Asby 
NY695124 Coatsforth, Asby 
NY68370986 Cowdale Slack, Asby 
NY68961249 Crag House, Asby 
NY68131136 Crooks Well, Asby 
NY68971071 Crosby House, Asby gone?
NY6712 Dale Beck (3) 
NY68021326 Dial House, Great Asby 
NY713117 Dona Close, Asby 
NY69941173 earthwork, Asby 
NY69990953 earthwork, Little Asby 
NY67971320 Elm Tree, Great Asby L
NY69541132 Fell Head, Asby 
NY69840963 Fell View Farm, Little Asby L
NY67851295 footbridge, Great Asby (2) 
NY67831297 footbridge, Great Asby L
NY68731430 ford, Asby 
NY68201330 ford, Great Asby 
NY68281148 gate, Asby 
NY63900996 gate, Orton S 
NY67871278 Gill Well, Great Asby 
NY70520959 Goodles, Asby 
NY69301394 Goodlie Hill, Asby 
NY68521086 Grange Hall, Asby L
NY68080947 Grange Scar, Asby 
NY67931302 Great Asby Baptist Church, Great Asby 
NY68291337 Great Asby Methodist Chapel, Great Asby 
NY65511028 Great Asby Scar, Asby 
NY68021321 Great Asby, Asby 
NY67811242 Great Kettle, Great Asby 
NY713128 Griseburn, Asby 
NY66181321 Halligill, Asby 
NY67291186 High Barn, Asby 
NY65930979 High Pike, Asby 
NY70191081 High Whygill, Asby L
NY68201217 Holborn Hill Settlement, Asby 
NY68271221 Holborn Hill, Asby 
NY65201163 Hollin Stump, Asby 
NY68551089 holy well, Grange Hall L
NY677148 Howe Slacks, Asby 
NY68490857 Howes Bield, Asby 
NY68270855 Howes Well, Asby 
NY70521242 Iron Well, Asby 
NY68871379 Keld Well, Great Asby 
NY68821377 Kellybark Lane, Asby 
NY68911282 limekiln, Asby 
NY69011007 limekiln, Asby (2) 
NY67471392 limekiln, Asby (3) 
NY67461337 limekiln, Asby (4) 
NY66671274 limekiln, Asby (5) 
NY65611183 limekiln, Asby (6) 
NY67441182 limekiln, Asby (7) 
NY67611169 limekiln, Asby (8) 
NY67261033 limekiln, Asby (9) 
NY69111042 limekiln, Asby (10) 
NY69120969 limekiln, Asby (11) not found
NY67971245 limekiln, Great Asby 
NY68111256 limekiln, Great Asby (2) 
NY67981204 limekiln, Great Asby (3) 
NY69790975 limekiln, Little Asby 
NY70000982 limekiln, Little Asby (3) 
NY71021097 limekiln, Water Houses 
NY66571079 Ling Bank, Asby 
NY66601080 Lingbank Well, Asby 
NY65321198 Linglow Hill, Asby 
NY65161158 Linglow Plain, Asby 
NY68331199 Linglow, Asby 
NY69560889 Little Asby Scar, Asby 
NY69151380 Lordmire, Asby 
NY68190914 Lousy Brow, Asby 
NY67801250 Low Pate Hole, Great Asby 
NY70421078 Low Whygill, Asby L
NY67651082 Maisongill, Asby 
NY68551372 Marble Mill, Great Asby 
NY65371260 Mark's Close, Asby 
NY65191258 Marksclose Wood, Asby 
NY68860817 Mazon Wath, Asby 
NY68550921 Middle Busk, Asby 
NY67440869 Mitchells Stone, Orton S 
NY67381001 Muddygill Plain, Asby 
NY69840966 Old Chapel, Little Asby 
NY68041315 Old Rectory, Great Asby L
NY67871212 Pate Hole Mouth, Great Asby 
NY68181350 pinfold, Great Asby gone
NY68301334 pinfold, Great Asby (2) gone
NY7008 Potts Beck, Crosby Garrett 
NY703083 Potts Valley, Crosby Garrett 
NY69010965 quarry, Asby 
NY67381440 rain gauge, Asby 
NY66091235 Rakes, Asby 
NY69701367 Reckarpot, Asby 
NY66091129 Sayle Bottom, Asby 
NY67281222 Sayle Lane, Asby 
NY6614 Scale Beck (2) 
NY67211434 Scale Beck, Asby 
NY67600842 Seavy Dub, Asby 
NY67281094 settlement, Asby 
NY65911122 sheepfold, Asby 
NY68221208 sheepfold, Asby (2) 
NY64911329 sheepfold, Gaythorne 
NY67930853 Spear Pots, Asby 
NY68161328 St Helen's Alms House, Great Asby L
NY69890962 St Leonard, Little Asby 
NY68381351 St Thomas's Well, Great Asby 
NY67261337 Stannerstones, Asby 
NY67841181 Stenkeld, Asby 
NY64761267 stone wall, Asby 
NY67650767 Sunbiggin Tarn, Orton S 
NY70231273 Swathburn, Asby 
NY69341229 Thistly Bottom, Asby 
NY68071319 Three Greyhounds, Great Asby 
NY69840976 Town End Farm, Little Asby 
NY67761270 Town Head Farm, Great Asby 
NY67761266 Town Head, Great Asby 
NY64891320 tumulus, Asby 
NY69171287 Turkeytarn Hill, Asby 
NY67141362 Twins Cottage, Asby 
NY66291096 Tympany Gill, Asby 
NY712109 Water Houses, Asby 
NY6913 Watergill Sike 
NY7110 Waterhouses Beck 
NY68111326 Well Green, Great Asby 
NY67931316 White House, Great Asby L
NY67551185 Whitestones, Asby 
NY66681243 Whitewall, Asby 
NY69541337 Whitley Crag, Asby 
NY702107 Whygill Head, Asby 
NY6913 Whygill Sike 
NY69381362 Whygill, Asby 
NY67751285 Winder Hall, Great Asby 
NY6510 Winderwath, Asby perhaps
NY68011320 fingerpost, Great Asby 
NY65951115 Winderwath Mine, Asby 
NY69830967 Little Asby, Asby 
 Settle and Carlisle Railway 
NY68171328 St Helen's Well, Great Asby L
NY68051322 St Peter, Great Asby L
NY65901121 sheep dip, Asby 
NY63490997 Orton Beacon, Orton S 
NY68181179 Buttergill, Asby 
NY64961327 Gaythorne Hall, Asby L
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