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Bowness parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY2259
10Km square:-   NY16
10Km square:-   NY26
10Km square:-   NY15
10Km square:-   NY25
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

BUI03.jpg  Map of Bowness Parish on a banner in St Michael's Church.
(taken 3.4.2011)  

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 915 (1971)

NY22946221 Acremire Lane, Bowness 
NY180580 Anthorn Airfield, Bowness 
NY19125936 Anthorn and Cardurnock Common, Bowness 
NY19505823 Anthorn Bridge, Anthorn 
NY19155793 Anthorn Hall, Bowness L
NY19175796 Anthorn House, Bowness L
NY184585 Anthorn Radio Station, Anthorn 
NY20375862 Anthorn Social Club, Anthorn 
NY19225798 Anthorn, Bowness 
NY23186137 barn, Bowness L
NY25306054 Barracks House, Glasson L
NY22016264 Barwise Brow, Bowness-on-Solway 
NY21915779 Beckbrow, Bowness 
NY20886188 Biglands House, Bowness 
NY189606 Black Dubs, Bowness once
NY240616 Bog Hall, Bowness once
NY22306266 Bowder House, Bowness-on-Solway L
NY20885995 Bowness Common, Bowness 
NY22706182 Bowness Hall, Bowness L
NY22346270 Bowness House Farm, Bowness-on-Solway L out of sight
NY22476277 Bowness Methodist Chapel, Bowness-on-Solway 
NY1160 Bowness Point, Bowness 
NY21346228 Bowness Station, Bowness 
NY21466371 Bowness Wath 
NY23176140 Brackenrigg, Bowness 
NY20196159 Byres Cottage, Bowness 
NY20546085 Byres Lonning, Bowness 
NY19326096 Campfield Farm, Bowness 
NY24126212 canal lock, Port Carlisle L
NY17225886 Cardurnock Farm, Cardurnock L
NY16516095 Cardurnock Flats, Bowness 
NY179582 Cardurnock Lough, Cardurnock 
NY17245880 Cardurnock, Bowness 
 Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway 
NY2462 Carlisle Canal 
NY25146038 Chapel House, Glasson 
NY19355817 chapel, Anthorn 
NY24186196 chapel, Port Carlisle 
NY22876091 Cocklakes, Bowness 
NY24216109 Cottage, Bowness 
NY27555960 culvert, Easton 
NY26575977 Drumburgh Castle, Drumburgh L
NY27215961 Drumburgh Junction, Bowness 
NY25665844 Drumburgh Moss, Bowness 
NY26495978 Drumburgh, Bowness 
NY27575961 Easton Bridge, Easton L gone
NY27675907 Easton Hall, Easton L
NY27615977 Easton Marsh, Bowness 
NY27675900 Easton, Bowness 
NY1963 Eden Estuary 
NY24086212 Eden View, Port Carlisle L
NY24006228 engine shed, Port Carlisle 
NY27575963 fingerpost, Easton 
NY25475711 Fingland Farm, Fingland L
NY25625791 Fingland Moss, Fingland 
NY27835746 Fingland Rigg, Fingland 
NY25065713 Fingland School, Fingland 
NY25505709 Fingland, Bowness 
NY2757 Finglandrigg Wood, Fingland 
NY24106229 Fisher's Cross, Port Carlisle 
NY2659 folly, Drumburgh 
NY2860 Fresh Creek 
NY25396061 Glasson Bridge, Glasson L
NY25426044 Glasson Farm, Glasson 
NY23596062 Glasson Moss, Bowness 
NY25396059 Glasson Station, Glasson gone
NY25286052 Glasson, Bowness 
NY26485985 Grange, Drumburgh L
NY28056024 Grass Dike 
NY28265812 Grass Dike, Bowness 
NY22026267 Greenend, Bowness-on-Solway 
NY22095867 Greenhill, Bowness 
NY24615713 Greenspot, Bowness 
NY23016274 Grey Havens, Bowness-on-Solway 
NY23265870 Guard House, Bowness 
NY24036219 Habberley Cottage, Port Carlisle L
NY17475996 Herd Hill, Bowness 
NY21236226 Herd Hill, Bowness (2) 
NY21176291 Herdhill Scar, Bowness 
NY23966228 Hesket House, Port Carlisle L
NY25655705 High House, Fingland L
NY19066188 High West Scar, Bowness 
NY25326056 Highland Laddie Inn, Glasson 
NY24076214 Hollies, Port Carlisle 
NY24026220 Hope and Anchor, Port Carlisle 
NY17225878 Horse and Jockey, Cardurnock 
NY22356270 house, Bowness-on-Solway L
NY22326271 Kings Arms, Bowness-on-Solway 
NY24336171 Kirkland House, Bowness 
NY24546214 Kirkland Scar, Bowness 
NY23336321 Knockcross Sand, Solway Firth 
NY23016275 Knockross Tumulus, Bowness-on-Solway 
NY22716020 Lily Tarn, Bowness gone?
NY22326269 Lindow Hall, Bowness-on-Solway 
NY21435815 Longcroft, Bowness L
NY16855773 Longdyke Scar, Bowness 
NY24325943 Low Flow, Bowness 
NY26505979 Lowther House, Drumburgh 
NY25386113 Lowtown House, Bowness 
NY23996225 Marine Cottage, Port Carlisle L
NY27685912 Marsh House, Easton L
NY22655790 Marsh House, Whitrigg L
NY19496126 Maryland, Bowness 
NY18795796 Mary's Tower, Anthorn 
NY284617 Middle Bank, Solway Firth (2) 
NY281597 Milecastle 75, Bowness 
NY26695988 Milecastle 76, Drumburgh 
NY256606 Milecastle 77, Glasson 
NY24556133 Milecastle 78, Bowness 
NY23596224 Milecastle 79, Bowness 
NY17855766 mill, Cardurnock once
NY22496282 Millend, Bowness-on-Solway 
NY23115898 Millrigg Farm, Bowness 
NY22965986 Millrigg Tile Works, Bowness 
NY22796059 Moss Briggs, Bowness 
NY25715911 Moss Cottage, Bowness 
NY19846161 North Grove, Bowness 
NY19776150 North Plain, Bowness 
NY23896234 Old Binnacle, Port Carlisle 
NY25246052 Ole Croft, Glasson L
NY19265808 Orchard House Farm, Bowness L
NY18556048 Pasture House, Bowness 
NY19505825 pinfold, Anthorn gone
NY23305871 pinfold, Bowness gone
NY24066218 Port Carlisle 
NY24066224 Port Carlisle Bowling Club, Port Carlisle 
 Port Carlisle Dock and Railway 
NY2462 Port Carlisle Lighthouse, Bowness 
NY24036224 Port Carlisle Station, Port Carlisle 
NY25316055 post box, Glasson 
NY24116208 Post Office, Port Carlisle L
NY21736252 Pottery House, Bowness 
NY1759 Pow Drain 
NY21336233 railway bridge, Bowness gone?
NY24686134 railway bridge, Bowness (2) 
NY24996105 railway bridge, Bowness (3) 
NY25796033 railway bridge, Bowness (4) 
NY27555960 railway culvert, Easton 
NY25115860 railway sidings, Whiteholme 
NY22326280 Rampart Head, Bowness-on-Solway 
NY26246057 Raven Bank, Bowness 
NY25986089 Ravens Bank, Bowness 
NY25886093 Ravens, Bowness 
NY21595980 Rogersceugh, Bowness 
NY19226092 roman camp, Bowness 
NY18616051 roman fortlet 3, Bowness 
NY17475984 roman fortlet 4, Bowness 
NY17125888 roman fortlet 4B, Bowness 
NY17035841 roman fortlet 5, Bowness 
NY20856189 roman fortlet, Bowness 
 Sandy Wath 
NY24575712 saw mill, Bowness once
NY19616163 Scargavel Point, Bowness 
NY22066263 school, Bowness-on-Solway 
NY26185999 school, Drumburgh 
NY27555876 school, Easton 
NY21366219 signal box, Bowness gone
NY17755785 Solway House, Bowness gone
NY24056216 Solway House, Port Carlisle L
 Solway Junction Railway 
NY21196274 Solway Viaduct, Bowness 
NY24676293 Stanepot Scar, Solway Firth 
NY18635735 thorn tree, Anthorn 
NY24656115 Tilekilns, Bowness gone
NY22426258 tower, Bowness-on-Solway gone
NY26225996 turret 76A, Drumburgh 
NY24316174 turret 78A, Bowness 
NY25475964 Walker House, Bowness 
NY22356264 war memorial, Bowness-on-Solway 
NY22245773 West Whitrigg Farm, Whitrigg 
NY25056123 Westfield House, Bowness L
NY25095862 Whiteholme, Bowness 
NY23685988 Whitrigg Common, Whitrigg 
NY22555784 Whitrigg Hall, Whitrigg (2) 
NY23085842 Whitrigg House, Whitrigg L
NY22555759 Whitrigg Marsh, Whitrigg 
NY32895942 Whitrigg Pasture, Bowness 
NY22375773 Whitrigg Station, Whitrigg 
NY22565778 Whitrigg, Bowness 
NY24385788 Whitrigglees Common, Bowness 
NY23675903 Whitriggmoor House, Bowness 
NY17725770 windmill, Cardurnock once
NY22705790 fingerpost, Whitrigg 
NY22376265 St Michael, Bowness-on-Solway L
NY22565763 peat works, Whitrigg suggested
NY159596 Brow Scar, Bowness 
NY222628 coast, Bowness-on-Solway 
NY18945758 cross, Anthorn L
NY2262 windmill, Bowness gone
NY1757 Wampool, River 
NY22306272 Bowness-on-Solway 
NY3658 Eden, River 
NY28395949 canal aqueduct, Burgh by Sands L
NY24146224 canal lock, Port Carlisle (2) L
NY22236261 roman fort, Bowness-on-Solway 
NY26465989 roman fort, Drumburgh 
NY6166 Hadrian's Wall L
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