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placename:- Buttermere parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY1718
10Km square:- NY12
10Km square:- NY11, NY21
parish code:- BTTR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY1718

source:- Census 1971

population:- 257 -- 1971

Absent Friends, Dove Crags
Addacomb Beck
Addacomb Hole, Buttermere
Afterthought, Green Crag
After-notion, Yew Crag
Alexas, Buckstone Hows
Angst, Sheepbone Buttress
Apollo 8, Rannerdale Knotts
Arete, Striddle Crag
Artefact, High Crag
Asp, Buckstone Hows
Barn Door, Eagle Crag
beacon, Grasmoor
Beck House, Buttermere
Beckside Trial, Buttermere
bield, Buttermere
Birkness Chimney, Eagle Crag
Birkness Eliminate, Eagle Crag
Birkness Gully, Eagle Crag
Birthday Wall, Buckstone Hows
Bishop's Arete, Grey Crags
Black Star, Honister Crag
Blackbeck Tarn, Buttermere
Blackbeck Trial, Buttermere
Bleaberry Chimney, Chapel Crags
Bleaberry Tarn, Buttermere
Boat Crag, Buttermere
boat house, Crummock Water
Border Buttress, Eagle Crag
Bowderbeck, Buttermere
Brackenthwaite Fell, Buttermere
Brackenthwaite Mill, Buttermere
Brackenthwaite, Buttermere
Braithwaite and Buttermere Railway
Brandreth, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Bridge Hotel, Buttermere
bridge, Buttermere
bridge, Buttermere (2)
Brutus, Buckstone Hows
Buckstone Girdle, Buckstone Hows
Buckstone Hows, Buttermere
Burtness Combe, Buttermere
Burtness Wood, Buttermere
Buttermere Dubs
Buttermere Fell, Buttermere
Buttermere Hause, Buttermere
Buttermere lake
Buttermere Mine, Buttermere
Caesar, Buckstone Hows
Carnival, Eagle Crag
Carrion, Yew Crag
Catalyst, Buckstone Hows
Central Chimney, Eagle Crag
Central Route, Grey Crags
Central Route, Round How
Chapel Crag Gully, Chapel Crags
Chapel Crags, Buttermere
Char Cottage, Buttermere
Charter Chimney, Yew Crag
Chimney Buttress, Yew Crag Knotts
Chimney Route, Round How
Chockstone Ridge, Grey Crags
Cinderdale Beck
Cleft vRib, Buckstone Hows
Cleopatra, Buckstone Hows
Clown, Eagle Crag
Cold Gill
Coledale Hause, Buttermere
Comb Beck (2)
Comb Crags, Buttermere
Comet, Honister Crag
Compendium, Grey Crags
Cornhow, Buttermere
Crag Hill, Buttermere
Crag Houses, Buttermere
Cragg Farm, Buttermere
Croft Farm, Buttermere
Crooked Man, Buckstone Hows
Cross, Buttermere
Crummock Water
Cumbrians' Climb, Buckstone Hows
Dale Head, Buttermere
Dalegarth, Buttermere
Deimos, Eagle Crag
Delilah, High Crag
Dexter Wall, Grey Crags
Ding Dong, Striddle Crag
Dodd Pass, Buttermere
Dodd, Buttermere
Double Cross Route, Eagle Crag
Dove Crag Gully, Dove Crags
Dove Crags, Buttermere
Dubs Bottom, Buttermere
Dubs Quarry, Buttermere
Eagle Crag, Buttermere
Eagle Front, Eagle Crag
Easter Buttress, Eagle Crag
Encroacher, Buckstone Hows
Epaulette Ridge, High Crag
Exudation, Yew Crag
Far East Buttress, Eagle Crag
Fiesta, Eagle Crag
Fifth Avenue, Eagle Crag
fingerpost, Buttermere
Fish Hotel, Buttermere
Flake and Crack, Yew Crag
Fleetwith Edge, Buttermere
Fleetwith Gully, Buttermere
Fleetwith Pike, Buttermere
Fleetwith, Buttermere
Flue Gully, High Crag
footbridge, Buttermere
footbridge, Buttermere (2)
footbridge, Buttermere (3)
Fortiter, Grey Crags
Fox Fold, Buttermere
Garden Wall, Yew Crag Knotts
Gasgale Crags, Buttermere
Gasgale Gill
Gasgale Gill Trial, Buttermere
Gatesgarth Chimney, High Crag
Gatesgarth Farm, Gatesgarth
Gatesgarth, Buttermere
Gatesgarthdale Beck
Gemini, Hay Stacks
Gethsemane, High Crag
gill, Buttermere
Girdle of Cestus, Striddle Crag
Girdle of the, Eagle Crag
Girdle Traverse, High Crag
Girdle Traverse, Honister Crag
Goat Crag, Buttermere
Goat Gills
Gradus Wall, Striddle Crag
Grasmoor, Buttermere
Green Crag Gully, Striddle Crag
Green Crag, Buttermere
Grey Crags, Buttermere
Grey Knotts, Borrowdale
Grey Wall, Grey Crags
Groove One, Buckstone Hows
Groove Two, Buckstone Hows
Gurner, Eagle Crag
Half Nelson Climb, Eagle Crag
Hanging Chimneys Direct, Eagle Crag
Harlequin, Eagle Crag
Harrow Buttress, Grey Crags
Harrow Wall, Grey Crags
Hartley Hill, Buttermere
Hass Ness, Buttermere
Hassness, Buttermere
Hassnesshow Beck
Hause Point, Buttermere
Hay Stacks, Buttermere
Hearth, Yew Crag Knotts
High Crag Buttress, High Crag
High Crag, Buttermere
High Hollins, Buttermere
High House, Buttermere
High Liza Bridge, Buttermere
High Rannerdale, Buttermere
High Snockrigg, Buttermere
High Stile, Buttermere
Holly Tree Grooves, Yew Crag
Holme Islands, Crummock Water
Honister Crag, Buttermere
Honister Pass, Buttermere
Honister Quarry tramway
Honister Slate Quarry, Borrowdale
Honister Try Level, Buttermere
Honister Wall, Buckstone Hows
Hope Beck
Hope Gill, Buttermere
Hopebeck, Buttermere
Hopegill Head, Buttermere
Hopper Quarry, Buttermere
Horse Close, Buttermere
inn, Scale Hill
Intimidator, Honister Crag
Invar, Chapel Crags
Jack's Route, Striddle Crag
January Crack, Grey Crags
Lad Howes, Buttermere
Ladyside Pike, Lorton
Lanthwaite Wood, Buttermere
Lanthwaite, Buttermere
Largo, Sheepbone Buttress
Littledale Edge, Buttermere
Liza Beck
Liza Beck Trial, Buttermere
Long Tom, Grey Crags
Lost Colonies, High Crag
Low Bank, Buttermere
Low Crag, Buttermere
Low Hollins, Buttermere
Low House, Buttermere
Low Liza Bridge, Buttermere
Low Wax Knott Trial, Buttermere
Maiden Stone, Buttermere
Mark of Zorro, Yew Crag Knotts
Mark's Route, Striddle Crag
Matador, Green Crag
Menshevick, Green Crag
Mercer memorial, Buttermere
Mill Beck (7)
mill, Buttermere
Millbeck, Buttermere
Miller Place, Buttermere
Milligram Route, Yew Crag Knotts
Mitre Arete, Grey Crags
Mitre Buttress Direct, Grey Crags
Mitre Buttress Ordinary, Grey Crags
Moses' Trod
Nameless Route, High Crag
Netherclose, Buttermere
New Eagle Girdle, Eagle Crag
Newlands Hause, Buttermere
Numbskull, Green Crag
NY11: earthquake 19860625 0809
NY12: earthquake 19080000
NY12: earthquake 19900324 0250
Odyssey, Green Crag
Old Vicarage, Buttermere
Oxford and Cambridge Direct Route, Grey Crags
Oxford and Cambridge Ordinary Route, Grey Crags
Palacehow, Buttermere
Paper Tiger, Green Crag
Pedagogue's Chimney, Striddle Crag
Pedestal Corner, Green Crag
Peggy's Bridge, Buttermere
Phillistine, High Crag
Picket How, Buttermere
Pickett Howe, Buttermere
Pierrot, Eagle Crag
Pigott's Route, Eagle Crag
Plague Dogs, Eagle Crag
Poka-Moon-Shine, Green Crag
Psycho, High Crag
Rannerdale Beck
Rannerdale Bridge, Buttermere
Rannerdale Knotts, Buttermere
Rannerdale Trial, Buttermere
Rannerdale, Buttermere
Raven Crack, Grey Crags
Red Pike, Buttermere
Rib and Wall, Grey Crags
road, Borrowdale and Buttermere
Round How, Buttermere
Route 1, Round How
Route 1, Sheepbone Buttress
Route 2, Round How
Route 2, Sheepbone Buttress
Rowan Route, High Crag
Sail Beck
Samson, High Crag
Sand Hill, Buttermere
Saraband, Green Crag
Scale Bridge, Buttermere
Scale Hill hill, Buttermere
Scale Hill, Buttermere
Scale Island
Scalehill Bridge, Loweswater
Scar Crag, Buttermere
Scar, Buttermere
Scarth Gap, Buttermere
Schizophrenia, Striddle Crag
Scoop, Sheepbone Buttress
Seat, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Seraph, Honister Crag
Sheepbone Buttress, Buttermere
sheepfold, Buttermere
sheepfold, Buttermere (2)
sheepfold, Buttermere (3)
sheepfold, Buttermere (4)
sheepfold, Buttermere (5)
sheepfold, Buttermere (6)
sheepfold, Buttermere (7)
sheepfold, Buttermere (8)
sheepfold, Buttermere (9)
sheepfold, Buttermere (10)
sheepfold, Buttermere (11)
sheepfold, Warnscale
Shepherds Pile, Swinside
Sidewinder, Buckstone Hows
Sinister Grooves, Buckstone Hows
Slabs Chimney, Grey Crags
Slabs Ordinary Route, Grey Crags
Slabs West Route, Grey Crags
Sour Milk Gill
Spider Wall, Grey Crags
Spur, Green Crag
St James, Buttermere
Stack Ghyll, Hay Stacks
station, Buttermere
station, Crummock Water by boat
station, Dob Ley Head
station, Gatesgarth
station, Rannerdale Knotts
stone wall, Buttermere
stone wall, Buttermere (2)
stone wall, Buttermere (3)
stone wall, Buttermere (4)
stone wall, Lorton (2)
stone wall, Lorton (3)
Straw Dog, Honister Crag
Striddle Crag Buttress, Striddle Crag
Striddle Crag, Buttermere
Suaviter, Grey Crags
Swinside, Buttermere
Sycophant, Grey Crags
Syke Farm, Buttermere
Tailgate, Eagle Crag
Tarnished Blad, Yew Crag
Third Gill
Thirdgill Head Man, Buttermere
Thorgrim, Green Crag
Tom's Fold, Buttermere
Toreador Gully, Striddle Crag
track, Wasdale Head to Gatesgarth
Traverse and Slab Climb, Striddle Crag
trig point, NY1926620363
trig point, NY2191212612
Turnerhow, Buttermere
village hall, Buttermere
Visions of Julie, Eagle Crag
Wainwright's Rowan, Buttermere
Wall End Arete, High Crag
Wandope, Buttermere
Warlock, Eagle Crag
Warn Ghyll Buttress, Hay Stacks
Warn Ghyll, Hay Stacks
Warnscale Beck
Warnscale Bottom, Buttermere
Watching Howe, Buttermere
waterfall, Comb Beck
waterfall, Warnscale Beck
Whin Ben, Buttermere
Whiteless Breast, Buttermere
Whiteless Edge, Buttermere
Whiteless Pike, Buttermere
Whiteside End, Buttermere
Whiteside, Buttermere
Wilkinsyke Farm, Buttermere
Wood House, Buttermere
Woodhouse Islands, Crummock Water
Wray, Green Crag
Y Gully, Hay Stacks
Yew Crag Knotts, Buttermere
Yew Crag, Buttermere

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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