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Casterton parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD6480
10Km square:-   SD68
10Km square:-   SD78
10Km square:-   SD67
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Casterton
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Casterton
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 204 (1971)

place:-   Casterton Constablewick

SD66358183 Aygill Hole, Casterton 
SD62717924 Bees Nest, Casterton L
SD63258073 Bellgate, Casterton L
SD63108068 Bents Lane, Casterton 
SD63307860 Bindloss Farm, Casterton 
SD61867791 boundary stone, Casterton L
SD61997787 boundary stone, Casterton (2) L
SD629774 brewery, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD62598121 bridge, Casterton 
SD61677810 bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD62317970 Bronte House, Casterton 
SD64928069 Brownthwaite Moss, Casterton 
SD64778047 Brownthwaite Pike, Casterton 
SD64638055 Brownthwaite, Casterton 
SD66238131 Bull Pot of the Witches, Casterton 
SD66288144 Bullpot, Casterton 
SD62427966 Casterton 
SD6279 Casterton Beck 
SD67028128 Casterton Fell, Casterton 
SD61957939 Casterton Hall, Casterton L
SD62367970 Casterton Old Hall, Casterton L
SD66298162 Casterton Pot, Casterton 
SD62577970 Casterton School, Casterton 
SD63927998 Casterton stone circle, Casterton 
SD62058013 Casterton Woods, Casterton 
SD62107810 Chapel House, Casterton 
SD62297838 Chapelhouse Lane, Casterton 
SD62357922 Colliers Lane, Casterton 
SD66438085 Cow Pot, Casterton 
SD692833 Crag Hill, Casterton 
SD69218331 Crag Hill, Dent 
SD62437878 Cragg House Farm, Casterton 
SD62688100 Cross Stone, Casterton 
SD6480 Dry Gill (7) 
SD6881 Ease Gill (2) 
SD67488053 Easegill Foss, Casterton 
SD661800 Easegill Kirk, Casterton 
SD6478 Eller Beck (4) 
SD62727916 Elm Tree, Casterton 
SD62667873 Fawcett Well, Casterton 
SD65377940 Fell End Crag, Casterton 
SD63148064 Fell Garth, Casterton 
SD63297937 Fell Gate, Casterton 
SD63227932 Fell Lane, Casterton 
SD64177928 Fell Road, Casterton 
SD63177934 Fell Yeat, Casterton 
SD635811 Fellfoot Drove Folds, Casterton 
SD63728066 Fellfoot Road, Casterton 
SD62157916 fingerpost, Casterton 
SD62527833 Fleet's Lane, Casterton 
SD62588024 Flush Brow, Casterton 
SD62557986 Folly, Casterton gone?
SD66288020 Foss, Casterton 
SD6580 Gale Beck 
SD66178092 Gale Garth Pot, Casterton 
SD65628081 Gale Garth, Casterton 
SD62957924 Gate Heads, Casterton 
SD6279 Gate Syke 
SD62517921 Gate Syke, Casterton gone
SD62797920 Gateheads Brow, Casterton 
SD62337959 George and Dragon, Casterton 
SD62128026 Gildard Hill, Casterton 
SD61828039 Gildard Wood, Casterton 
SD62987806 Gowrey, Casterton 
SD62448002 Grange Lodge, Casterton 
SD62308011 Grange, Casterton 
SD70138352 Great Coum, Dent 
SD62568001 Greenber Lane, Casterton 
SD69488331 Grey Scar, Casterton 
SD6381 Grove Gill (2) 
SD61957948 Hall Hill House, Casterton 
SD66168054 Hellot Pot, Casterton 
SD66118024 Hellot Scales Barn, Casterton 
SD66238125 Hidden Pot, Casterton 
SD62617906 High Casterton, Casterton 
SD62177926 High Lodge, Casterton L
SD66188099 Hillardscale Road, Casterton 
SD65848137 Hoggs Hills, Casterton 
SD63188043 Hole House, Casterton 
SD62467969 Holy Trinity, Casterton L
SD6780 Howe Gill, (5) 
SD62337955 Ivy Cottage, Casterton 
SD65087943 Jagger Moss, Casterton 
SD64607890 Jaggermoss Sike 
SD61757939 Kirfit Hall, Casterton L
SD61987855 Laitha Lane, Casterton 
SD66368069 Lancaster Hole, Casterton 
SD63228023 Langthwaite, Casterton 
SD6175 Leck Beck 
SD65978005 Leck Beck Head, Casterton 
SD66188123 limekiln, Casterton L
SD66268185 limekiln, Casterton (2) L
SD62897999 limekiln, Casterton (3) L
SD62137973 limekiln, Casterton (4) L
SD66118064 limekiln, Casterton (5) 
SD6782 Little Aygill 
SD68038233 Little Aygill Head, Casterton 
SD6982 Long Gill (5) 
SD69258211 Long Gill Foot, Casterton 
 Low Gill and Ingleton branch railway 
SD61737872 Low Lodge, Casterton 
SD62187942 Marigold Well, Casterton 
SD6681 Mere Gill (4) 
SD65928157 Meregill Head, Casterton 
SD62468012 milestone, Casterton L
SD61797879 milestone, Casterton (2) 
SD61967791 milestone, Casterton (3) 
SD62017972 Mill Gill, Casterton 
SD62047956 Mill Hill, Casterton 
SD62557931 North Head, Casterton 
SD62527877 Norwood Farm, Casterton 
SD63327831 Old Gowrey, Casterton 
SD62627885 Old Manor, Casterton L
SD62517906 Peslick's Knott, Casterton 
SD61797813 pillbox, Casterton 
SD67728074 Pool Sink, Casterton 
SD62767919 railway bridge, Casterton 
SD62588071 railway bridge, Casterton (2) 
SD62608120 railway bridge, Casterton (3) L
SD62757995 railway bridge, Casterton (5) 
SD62698018 railway bridge, Casterton (6) 
SD62797955 railway bridge, Casterton (7) 
SD62707870 railway bridge, Casterton (8) 
SD62677823 railway bridge, Casterton (9) 
SD65398147 Raventree Knott, Barbon 
SD61967989 Red Clint Scar, Casterton 
SD68328250 Richard Man, Barbon 
SD62078008 Ridding Wood, Casterton 
SD6181 Roanrigg Beck 
SD62417972 school, Casterton 
SD62607977 school, Casterton (2) 
SD63557942 sheepfold, Fellfoot Road 
SD63598000 sheepfold, Fellfoot Road (2) 
SD65537993 Smithy House, Casterton 
SD635801 spring, Casterton 
SD62187920 spring, Casterton (2) 
SD61997916 spring, Casterton (3) 
SD62177804 St Columb's Well, Casterton 
SD67558060 Swindon Hole, Casterton 
SD66067999 Toab Dub, Casterton 
SD62137913 Toll Bar Cottage, Casterton L
SD68048108 Top Sink, Casterton 
SD62527873 Town End, Casterton 
SD61898001 Trowlair Island, Casterton 
SD62497976 vicarage, Casterton 
SD62417962 village hall, Casterton 
SD62937887 Wandales Lane, Casterton 
SD62437966 war memorial, Casterton 
SD62797869 Well Lane, Casterton 
SD63358099 White House, Casterton 
 North Western Railway 
SD61557824 Devil's Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD62177971 bridge, Casterton (2) 
NY6205 Lune, River 
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