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Holme Low parish
Holme Low
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY1352
10Km square:-   NY05
10Km square:-   NY15
10Km square:-   NY14
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 329 (1971)

NY12255149 Balladoyle, Holme Low 
NY15655342 barn, Seaville L
NY13955243 Blackdyke Farm, Blackdyke 
NY14475254 Blackdyke Farmhouse, Blackdyke L
NY13895206 Blackdyke Halt, Holme Low 
NY14095249 Blackdyke, Holme Low 
NY13515263 Blackdyke, Holme Low (2) 
NY1351 Blea Gutter 
NY13665201 Bleagutter Bridge, Holme Low 
NY15185490 Calvo Marsh, Holme Abbey 
NY14415380 Calvo, Holme Low 
 Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway 
NY090510 Catherinehole Scar, Solway Firth 
NY1152 Causewayhead Beck 
NY12095266 Causewayhead Farm, Causewayhead L
NY11955253 Causewayhead, Holme Low 
NY11465158 Close, Holme Low 
NY11965057 Coldmire Road, Holme Low 
NY13095235 Colt Park, Holme Low 
NY12645267 Cowlane, Holme Low 
NY12385212 Cowlyers, Holme Low 
NY15635342 Dixons Cottage, Seaville L out of sight
NY12735141 Dryholme, Holme Low 
NY12995322 East Causewayhead, Holme Low 
NY15565337 fingerpost, Seaville 
NY15745331 Firtree Farm, Seaville 
NY14355167 Flagstaff, Holme Low 
NY12625299 Forester's Arms, Causewayhead 
NY15005279 Garth Cottage, Holme Low 
NY13485506 Goosefold, Holme Low gone
NY1355 Great Gutter 
NY13845207 Halt Crossings, Holme Low gone
NY13685397 Hartlow, Holme Low 
NY12585050 Hayrigg House, Holme Low 
NY12575068 Hayrigg, Holme Low 
NY1252 Helledike Beck 
NY11935011 Holme St Cuthbert Common, Holme Low 
NY13655123 Holmeabbey Common, Holme Low 
NY14745183 Holmelow Common, Holme Low 
NY15585354 house, Seaville 
NY15545180 Kingside Hill Bridge, Kingside Hill 
NY12445286 level crossing, Causewayhead gone
NY13015326 Longcummercatiff Farm, Causewayhead 
NY13565356 Longwood, Holme Low 
NY128501 Low Holme Mire, Holme Low 
NY13765366 Meadow Lodge, Holme Low 
NY14965277 Miregate Cottage, Holme Low 
NY15995205 Mireside, Holme Low 
NY12635148 North Hill, Holme Low 
NY1252 Orchard House, Holme Low 
NY13095215 Park House Farm, Holme Low 
NY13125274 Park House, Holme Low 
NY13295171 Parkhead, Holme Low 
NY1452 Pasture House, Holme Low 
NY11295035 Pelutho Grange, Holme Low 
NY11704977 Pelutho Mire, Holme Low 
NY11675021 Pelutho Park, Holme Low 
NY140537 pillbox, Holme Low 
NY122536 pillbox, Holme Low (2) 
NY12595300 post box, Causewayhead 
NY11665225 Roddings Bridge, Holme Low 
NY12595301 school, Causewayhead 
NY15605350 school, Seaville 
NY13095139 Scotre Hill, Holme Low 
NY13065536 Sea Dike, Skinburness 
NY13725473 Seadyke End, Holme Low 
NY15875441 Seaville Cote, Holme Low 
NY15555331 Seaville Farm, Seaville L
NY15555338 Seaville, Holme Low 
NY11905381 Silloth House, Holme Low gone?
NY1456 Skinburness Creek 
NY1455 Skinburness Marsh parish 
NY14005580 Skinburness Marsh, Holme Abbey 
NY13715363 St Helena, Holme Low 
NY13105334 St Paul, Causewayhead 
NY15985517 Starry Hill, Holme Low 
NY11965245 Stonyflat, Causewayhead 
NY12785306 Tanglewood, Causewayhead 
NY1554 Trodder Sike 
NY12755311 village hall, Causewayhead 
NY15065428 Waitefield, Holme Low 
NY13095330 war memorial, Causewayhead 
NY1354 Wath Beck 
NY13585421 Wath Farm, Holme Low 
NY13455419 Wath, Holme Low 
NY1753 Waver, Holme Abbey once
NY15435417 Whinclose, Holme Low L
NY12855207 Windmill, Holme Low 
NY09835111 Wolsty Bank, Holme Low 
NY10505060 Wolsty Castle, Holme Low 
NY10315093 Wolsty Cottage, Holme Low gone?
NY10295085 Wolsty Farm, Holme Low 
NY10565099 Wolsty Hall, Holme Low 
NY10725088 Wolsty Stangs, Holme Low 
NY10435031 Wolsty, Holme Low 
NY125540 Silloth Airfield, Silloth 
NY14865672 Tickhill Scar, Holme St Cuthbert 
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