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placename:- Irthington parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY4862
10Km square:- NY46, NY56
10Km square:- NY45
parish code:- IRTH
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY4862

source:- Census 1971

population:- 685 -- 1971

Bankhead, Irthington
Baron's Dike, Irthington
Beanlands Park, Irthington
Beck Farm, Irthington
Beck, Irthington
Beckhouse, Irthington
Blackhouse Plantations, Irthington
Blea Tarn, Irthington
Bleatarn Park, Irthington
Bleatarn, Irthington
Breaks Moss, Irthington
Breaks, Irthington
Broomhill Moss, Irthington
Broomhill, Irthington
Broomwell, Irthington
Bullersike, Irthington
Cairnbeck, Newtown
Cambeckhill, Irthington
Cardinal Well, Newby East
Carlisle Airport, Irthington
Carlisle, Brampton and Milton Railway
Chapel Well, Irthington
Cottage, Oldwall
Croft House, Irthington
Croft, Irthington
Crosshill, Irthington
Cumrenton, Irthington
East Oldwall, Oldwall
fingerpost, Irthington
folly, Oldwall
footbridge, Walton
Freelands, Irthington
Gallowberry, Irthington
Gill House, Irthington
Glebe, Irthington
Grange, Irthington
Hadrian's Wall
Hall Well, Irthington
Heads Wood, Irthington
Hether Burn
Highberries Beck
Highberries Bridge, Scaleby
Highfield Moor, Irthington
Holcombe House, Irthington
Hollies, Irthington
Hott, Irthington
Howford Bridge bridge, Irthington
Hurtleton, Irthington
Irthing, River
Irthington Mill, Irthington
Irthington Village School, Irthington
Irthington Village Shop, Irthington
Kylesyke Hill, Irthington
Laversdale, Irthington
Lime Tees House, Irthington
Longrigg Thorn, Irthington
Milecastle 58, Irthington
Milecastle 59, Irthington
Milecastle 60, Irthington
milestone, Irthington
milestone, Irthington (2)
milestone, Irthington (3)
milestone, Irthington (4)
milestone, Irthington (5)
Mireside, Irthington
Morrel Hill, Irthington
motte, Irthington
motte, Irthington (2)
Newby Bridge, Newby East
Newby Demesne Farm, Newby East
Newby East, Irthington
Newby Hall, Newby East
Newtown, Irthington
Nook, Irthington
NY46: earthquake 19800103 0159
NY46: earthquake 19800103 0235
NY56: earthquake 16491207
NY56: earthquake 16500317 1700
Old Wall Farm, Irthington
Oldwall, Irthington
Orchard House, Irthington
Pateshill, Irthington
pillbox, Newby East
Prior Rigg, Hethersgill
Prior Rigg, Irthington
Red Hills, Irthington
Riggshield, Irthington
road, Brampton to Longtown
roman fort, Watchcross
Ruleholme Bridge, Irthington
Ruleholme, Irthington
Ryeclose, Irthington
Salutation Inn, Irthington
Scare, Irthington
school, Laversdale
Seat Hill, Irthington
Solway Aviation Museum, Irthington
Sportsman Inn, Laversdale
St Kentigern, Irthington
Stanegate, Irthington
Stonewalls, Irthington
sundial, Irthington
Tithebarn, Laversdale
trig point, NY4907161284
trig point, NY4910461213
Wall House, Irthington
war memorial, Irthington
Watchclose, Irthington
Watchcross, Irthington
West Knowe, Irthington
Westknowe, Irthington
Whiteflat, Irthington
Woodside, Irthington

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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