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Kirkby Lonsdale parish
Kirkby Lonsdale
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD5980
10Km square:-   SD58
10Km square:-   SD68
10Km square:-   SD57
10Km square:-   SD67
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Kirkby Lonsdale
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.
"Kirkby Lonsdale"

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Kirkby Loanesdall
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.
"Kirkby Loanesdall"

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 1506 (1971)

place:-   Kirkby Lonsdale Constablewick

SD60967891 Abbeyfield Lodge, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD60897868 Abbot Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD60938056 Alpha Wood, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61637855 Beanthwaite Well, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD59608174 Belle Vue, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60057828 Biggins Cottage, Biggins L
SD60137826 Biggins Hall, Biggins L
SD60057824 Biggins House, Biggins L
SD60247820 Biggins Lane, Biggins 
SD60087831 Biggins Lodge Farm, Biggins L
SD60247819 Biggins, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61677810 bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD58458175 bridge, Lupton 
SD59467920 Catholes, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61007881 chapel, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61237868 chapel, Kirkby Lonsdale (2) 
SD61157889 Church Brow Cottage, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61087898 Cockpit Hill, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61037885 Courtyard, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD60817874 Cressbrook, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61167879 Cross Cottage, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61187877 cross, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD60208095 Deansbiggin, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61537795 Devil's Neck Collar, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61297860 drain, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60557813 drinking fountain, Biggins 
SD61027883 Fairbank Cottage, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD60977887 Fairbank Smithy, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD59437950 Fell Side, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD59287943 Fellside Fold, Fell Side 
SD60518012 fence, Kearstwick 
SD60457810 fingerpost, Biggins 
SD60598004 fingerpost, Kearstwick 
SD58298029 Fleet, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61057876 Fountain House, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD60997890 Gables, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD58557890 Gallowber Lane, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61287880 gas works, Kirkby Lonsdale gone
SD60167827 gate, Biggins 
SD61158035 Green Wood, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60807865 Greystones, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61258070 Hawes Cottage, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61088064 Hawes Scar, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60127824 High Biggins Old Hall, Biggins L
SD60077824 High Biggins, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60048051 High Moorgate, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD57907957 Highheads Wood, Hutton Roof 
SD58557939 Hill Top, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD58357967 Hollin Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60898006 Home Farm Cottage, Kearstwick L
SD60948011 Home Farm Stable, Kearstwick L
SD60787992 Home Farm, Kearstwick L
SD59318022 Hop House, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD59898041 Hot Ridding, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61297828 House of Recovery, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60847862 house, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61217843 house, Kirkby Lonsdale (2) 
SD60327824 Hynings, The, Biggins 
SD61048030 Ice Hill, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61048028 icehouse, Underley Hall 
SD6178 inn, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61387885 Island, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60677982 Ivy Cottage, Kearstwick L
SD57947979 Jack Wood, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61277862 Jingling End, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD60598004 Kearstwick Bridge South, Kearstwick 
SD60597997 Kearstwick Cottages, Kearstwick L
SD60518010 Kearstwick Hill, Kearstwick L
SD60607993 Kearstwick House, Kearstwick 
SD60677992 Kearstwick Institute, Kearstwick L
SD60687986 Kearstwick Lodge, Kearstwick L
SD60637994 Kearstwick, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61097875 Kings Arms Hotel, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61057901 Kirkby Lonsdale Cemetery, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61027863 Kirkby Lonsdale Fire Station, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61027864 Kirkby Lonsdale Institute, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61097867 Kirkby Lonsdale Library, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD59318098 Kirkby Lonsdale Moor, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61397847 Kirkby Lonsdale: Back Lane 
SD61067876 Kirkby Lonsdale: Beck Head 
SD61087878 Kirkby Lonsdale: Beck Head, 1 L
SD61067873 Kirkby Lonsdale: Beck Head, 2 and 4 L
SD61087878 Kirkby Lonsdale: Beck Head, 3 L
SD61077877 Kirkby Lonsdale: Beck Head, 5 L
SD61097878 Kirkby Lonsdale: Church Lane 
SD61097878 Kirkby Lonsdale: Church Street 
SD61097878 Kirkby Lonsdale: Church Street, 2 to 10 L
SD61097877 Kirkby Lonsdale: Church Street, 4 L
SD61177878 Kirkby Lonsdale: Coal Market 
SD61197863 Kirkby Lonsdale: Edge of the World 
SD60937890 Kirkby Lonsdale: Fairbank 
SD61057883 Kirkby Lonsdale: Fairbank, 1 L
SD61047884 Kirkby Lonsdale: Fairbank, 3 L
SD61007885 Kirkby Lonsdale: Fairbank, 4 and 6 L
SD60997885 Kirkby Lonsdale: Fairbank, 8 and 12 L
SD61017886 Kirkby Lonsdale: Fairbank, 11 L
SD61007886 Kirkby Lonsdale: Fairbank, 13 L
SD60987886 Kirkby Lonsdale: Fairbank, 14 and 16 L
SD61007886 Kirkby Lonsdale: Fairbank, 15 L
SD60997887 Kirkby Lonsdale: Fairbank, 17 and 19 L
SD61097877 Kirkby Lonsdale: Foxy Lady Fashions 
SD61217873 Kirkby Lonsdale: Horse Market 
SD61207876 Kirkby Lonsdale: Horse Market, 2 L
SD61217875 Kirkby Lonsdale: Horse Market, 4 L
SD61217874 Kirkby Lonsdale: Horse Market, 6 to 8 L
SD61227874 Kirkby Lonsdale: Horse Market, 10 to 12 L
SD61227873 Kirkby Lonsdale: Horse Market, 14 to 16 L
SD61167857 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street 
SD61187854 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 9 L
SD61167854 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 10 L
SD61177856 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 11 to 13 L
SD61157856 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 16 L
SD61177857 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 17 to 19 L
SD61157857 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 18 L
SD61157858 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 20 to 22 L
SD61177858 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 21 to 23 L
SD61147854 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 24 
SD61167859 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 25 L
SD61167864 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 29 to 31 L
SD61147865 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 32 to 34 L
SD61157867 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 35 L
SD61147866 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 36 L
SD61167867 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 37 L
SD61157867 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 39 L
SD61147868 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 40 to 44 L
SD61167868 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 41 L
SD61167869 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 45 L
SD61177869 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 47 to 49 L
SD61147869 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 48 to 52 L
SD61167870 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 51 L
SD61147870 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 54 to 56 L
SD61167872 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 57 L
SD61147871 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 58 L
SD61147872 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 62 L
SD61157874 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 63 to 65 L
SD61157875 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 67 L
SD61167875 Kirkby Lonsdale: Main Street, 69 L
SD61177862 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Place 
SD61187860 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Square, 1 to 15 L
SD61167864 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Square, 2 L
SD61217862 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Square, 6 L
SD61097876 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Street 
SD61087875 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Street, 1 L
SD61097876 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Street, 2 L
SD61097876 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Street, 4 L
SD61117876 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Street, 8 L
SD61127878 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Street, 10 to 12 L
SD61117875 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Street, 11 L
SD61127875 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Street, 13 to 15 L
SD61137876 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Street, 14 L
SD61137876 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Street, 16 to 18 L
SD61147876 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Street, 20 L
SD60997872 Kirkby Lonsdale: Michelgate 
SD61257879 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mill Brow 
SD61147877 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mill Brow, 2 L
SD61207876 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mill Brow, 3 L
SD61167876 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mill Brow, 4 L
SD61177876 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mill Brow, 6 L
SD61177879 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mill Brow, 10 L
SD60967871 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mitchelgate 
SD61057874 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mitchelgate, 2 L
SD61047873 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mitchelgate, 4 L
SD61047873 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mitchelgate, 6 and 8 L
SD61037873 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mitchelgate, 10 L
SD61037872 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mitchelgate, 14 L
SD61027872 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mitchelgate, 16 L
SD60997872 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mitchelgate, 17 L
SD60987871 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mitchelgate, 19 and 21 L
SD60957871 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mitchelgate, 31 L
SD61157871 Kirkby Lonsdale: National Westminster Bank L
SD60997863 Kirkby Lonsdale: New Road 
SD61147864 Kirkby Lonsdale: New Road, 1 L
SD61127865 Kirkby Lonsdale: New Road, 3 to 11 L
SD61107865 Kirkby Lonsdale: New Road, 13 L
SD61047881 Kirkby Lonsdale: Queens Square 
SD61067878 Kirkby Lonsdale: Queens Square, 5 and 7 L
SD61047880 Kirkby Lonsdale: Queens Square, 12 L
SD61187859 Kirkby Lonsdale: Sweet Shop 
SD61177878 Kirkby Lonsdale: Swine Market 
SD61107876 Kirkby Lonsdale: Taylor's 
SD61087856 Kirkby Lonsdale: Tram Lane 
SD61057885 Kirkby Lonsdale: Vicarage Lane 
SD61057885 Kirkby Lonsdale: Vicarage Lane, 2 
SD61057887 Kirkby Lonsdale: Vicarage Lane, 8 L
SD61157866 Kirkby Lonsdale: Victoria's 
SD59098087 Kirkby Moor, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60487857 Kittygill Lane, Biggins 
SD61037909 Ladies Well, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61197862 lamp post, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD59907887 Lane House, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60037829 Laundry Cottage, Biggins L
NY58157972 limekiln, Kirkby Lonsdale 
NY60067837 limekiln, Kirkby Lonsdale (2) 
SD58677931 limekiln, Tearnside 
SD58827918 limekiln, Tearnside (2) 
SD58747934 Longbarn, Tearnside 
SD58987841 Longfield Barn, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD58857849 Longfield, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60547823 Low Biggins, Biggins 
SD60268044 Low Moorgate, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61167882 Lune Cottage, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61417855 Lunefield, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD5780 Lupton Beck 
SD60278158 Mansergh Hall Plantation, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61167862 market cross, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61137874 Market House, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD58417983 milestone, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61207849 milestone, Kirkby Lonsdale (2) L
SD60518012 milestone, Kirkby Lonsdale (3) 
SD59727897 milestone, Kirkby Lonsdale (4) 
SD61257878 Mill Brow House, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD60567800 Mill Lane, Biggins 
SD60557826 Nether Riggs, Biggins L
SD61247880 Old Manor House, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD58327989 Oldearth, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61027886 Orange Tree Hotel, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD59357929 Pellsyeat, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD613785 pillbox, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD603787 pillbox, Kirkby Lonsdale (2) 
SD59667864 Pit Lane, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61197876 police station, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61077865 post office, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61108032 Potts Hole, Kikrby Lonsdale 
SD61147876 race course, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61167890 Radical Steps, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61137898 Radical Well, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60467920 Raygarth Lane, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61077889 Rectory, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61157875 Red Dragon, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD6178 Rose and Crown, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61117868 Rose Cottage, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD613783 Royal Oak, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61147892 Ruskin's View, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61117909 Sandybeds Hole, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60648117 Scar Brow, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD60858099 Scar Ford, Barbon 
SD60808124 Scarbrow Wood, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60697859 school, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD58237891 settlement, Hutton Roof 
SD61157866 Snooty Fox, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD57777996 Spital Farm, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD57618001 Spittal Bridge, Lupton 
SD59997854 Spring Wood, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60667857 Springfield House, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61197841 summer house, Kirkby Lonsdale L out of sight
SD61137890 summer house, Kirkby Lonsdale (2) 
SD61097876 Sun Inn, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61257882 tanyard, Kirkby Lonsdale gone
SD61357876 tanyard, Kirkby Lonsdale (2) gone
SD59957813 tarn, Biggins 
SD58797943 Tearnside Cottage, Tearnside L
SD59027932 Tearnside Fold, Tearnside 
SD58827939 Tearnside Hall, Tearnside L
SD58787939 Tearnside, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61427980 Terret Hill, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD59208250 Terrybank Tarn, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61267834 toll gate, Kirkby Lonsdale suggestedgone
SD60827864 Tollgate Cottage, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD58708140 Tosca Hill, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD58548175 Tosca, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61187849 Town End House, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61247840 Town End, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60928070 Underley Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61137964 Underley Park, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61117880 war memorial, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61197877 weighing machine, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD60737986 weir, Kearstwick 
SD58707905 Well Lane, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD59608005 Winder Wood, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD60667811 Wood End Farm, Biggins L
SD61557824 Devil's Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61508016 Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61177862 Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Square 
SD61147859 Royal Hotel, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61057880 water trough, Kirkby Lonsdale 
NY6205 Lune, River 
SD61127895 Church Brow, Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61147876 Kirkby Lonsdale 
SD61127882 St Mary, Kirkby Lonsdale L
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