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Lamplugh parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY0819
10Km square:-   NY02
10Km square:-   NY12
10Km square:-   NY01
10Km square:-   NY11
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   old map:- Donald 1774 (Cmd) 
placename:-  Lamplugh
source data:-   Map, hand coloured engraving, 3x2 sheets, The County of Cumberland, scale about 1 inch to 1 mile, by Thomas Donald, engraved and published by Joseph Hodskinson, 29 Arundel Street, Strand, London, 1774.
item:-  Carlisle Library : Map 2
Image © Carlisle Library

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 572 (1971)

NY04651659 Agnes Pit, Lamplugh gone
NY07701707 Bankend, Lamplugh 
NY0616 Banley Gill 
NY07641973 Beck Farm, Lamplugh 
NY07531978 Beck Gate, Lamplugh 
NY07481972 Beck Grove, Lamplugh 
NY07541975 Beck Smithy, Lamplugh 
NY07531974 Beck, Lamplugh 
NY09022132 Bird Dyke, Lamplugh 
NY0924 Black Beck (12) 
NY08482397 Blackbeck Bridge, Dean 
NY11061970 Blake Fell, Lamplugh 
NY10981953 Blakefell Screes, Lamplugh 
NY07672100 boundary stone, Crossgates 
NY06722173 boundary stone, Dean/Lamplugh 
NY08232049 Brook House, Lamplugh 
NY09501815 Broom, Lamplugh 
NY06271705 Burtree Spring, Lamplugh 
NY07351792 Carr Cottage, Lamplugh 
NY09121780 Cauda Brow, Lamplugh 
NY07201791 Chapel House, Kirkland 
NY07171790 chapel, Kirkland 
NY07661857 Cockan, Lamplugh 
NY08111939 Cockleygill, Lamplugh 
NY08132072 coffin rest, Lamplugh L
NY09581955 Cogra Moss, Lamplugh 
NY0619 Colliergate Beck 
NY06221884 Colliergate, Lamplugh 
NY1118 Comb Gill 
NY06421755 Corkwell Springs, Lamplugh 
NY07932172 Cottage, Lamplugh 
NY0817 Croasdale Beck 
NY07061606 Croasdale Bridge, Ennerdale Bridge 
NY098180 Croasdale Iron Mine, Lamplugh 
NY08711821 Cross Rigg, Lamplugh 
NY07662100 Crossgates Bridge, Crossgates 
NY07652108 Crossgates, Lamplugh 
NY08822008 Dockray Nook, Lamplugh 
NY05001636 Eskett Pit, Lamplugh 
NY054169 Eskett Quarries, Lamplugh 
NY05341669 Eskett, Lamplugh 
NY08571987 Felldyke, Lamplugh 
NY07221802 fingerpost, Kirkland (2) 
NY08462057 Fitz Bridge, Lamplugh 
NY05831671 Florence Pit, Lamplugh 
NY08481984 Folly Row, Lamplugh 
NY1019 Fother Gill 
NY11361892 Fothergill Head, Lamplugh 
NY0819 Foumart Gill 
NY06792084 Gatra, Lamplugh 
NY10821805 Gavelfell Fold, Lamplugh 
NY08271754 Ghyll Farm, Lamplugh 
NY10071834 Godworth, Lamplugh 
NY08941870 Harris Side, Lamplugh 
NY07742203 Havercroft, Lamplugh L
NY07461713 Hawes, Lamplugh 
NY07902016 High House, Lamplugh 
NY09652026 High Hows, Lamplugh 
NY06321849 High Leys Bridge, Lamplugh 
NY06481862 High Leys, Lamplugh 
NY08202055 High Millgillhead, Lamplugh 
NY10991892 High Pen, Lamplugh 
NY07121713 High Stowbank, Lamplugh 
NY08231997 High Trees East, Lamplugh L out of sight
NY08211997 High Trees West, Lamplugh L
NY08252224 Hodyoad, Lamplugh 
NY09262196 Holedale, Lamplugh 
NY07491939 Hollins, Lamplugh 
NY07441657 Hollins, Lamplugh (2) 
NY09382056 Howgill Wood, Lamplugh 
NY09162010 Hows Wood, Lamplugh 
NY08321723 Hunter How, Lamplugh 
NY095190 Kelton and Knockmurton Mines, Lamplugh 
NY0918 Kelton Fell sidings, Lamplugh 
NY09471812 Kelton Fell, Lamplugh 
NY06891892 Kelton Head, Lamplugh 
NY07251629 Kelton Mill, Ennerdale 
NY08321836 Kelton Park, Lamplugh 
NY06821850 Kelton Quarry, Lamplugh 
NY08081834 Keltonfell Top, Lamplugh 
NY0718 Kirkland Goods Sidings, Lamplugh 
NY07281805 Kirkland Mission Church, Kirkland 
NY07211796 Kirkland, Lamplugh 
NY09451906 Knock Murton, Lamplugh 
NY09231857 Knockmurton Iron Ore Mines, Lamplugh gone
NY06962118 Lackerton Wood, Lamplugh gone
NY08792075 Lamplugh 
NY07651995 Lamplugh Arms, Lamplugh 
NY10091913 Lamplugh Fell, Lamplugh 
NY08882071 Lamplugh Hall, Lamplugh L
NY08152041 Lamplugh School, Lamplugh 
NY06521771 Lamplugh stone circle, Lamplugh gone?
NY07602021 Lamplugh Tip Inn, Lamplugh 
NY06572065 Lanefoot Bridge, Lamplugh 
NY06732054 Lanefoot Cottage, Lanefoot 
NY06692061 Lanefoot, Lamplugh 
NY06712058 Lanefoot, Lanefoot 
NY07681625 Lavrock Hall, Lamplugh 
NY0818 Leaps Beck 
NY06451870 Leys, Lamplugh 
NY06321750 lineside hut, Lamplugh 
NY07622296 Lingcroft, Lamplugh 
NY06721931 Low Leys, Lamplugh L
NY08082069 Low Millgillhead, Lamplugh L
NY10471897 Low Pen, Lamplugh 
NY07851996 Lund, Lamplugh 
NY0624 Marron, River 
NY1021 Meregill Beck 
NY10391930 Middle Fell, Lamplugh 
NY06491882 Middle Leys, Lamplugh 
NY09881875 Middlefell Grain, Lamplugh 
NY08192069 Mill House, Lamplugh 
NY04621584 Millgill Bridge, Arlecdon and Frizington 
NY08342063 Millgillhead, Lamplugh 
NY085184 mine, Kelton Fell 
NY0919 Moss Beck gone
NY06302091 Mossgill, Lamplugh 
NY08511980 Murton Bank, Lamplugh 
NY09101906 Murton Fell, Lamplugh 
NY07502013 Murton, Lamplugh 
NY08662001 North Felldyke, Lamplugh 
NY06162114 North Mosses, Lamplugh 
NY09242194 Old Scalesmoor, Lamplugh gone
NY10052095 Owsen Fell, Lamplugh 
NY07211836 Pansey Cottage, Lamplugh gone
NY09242413 Pardshaw Bridge, Dean 
NY08961753 Parks, Lamplugh 
NY09072135 pinfold, Lamplugh 
NY07281820 Priest How, Lamplugh 
NY07381808 railway bridge, Kirkland 
NY07771790 railway bridge, Lamplugh 
NY04821788 railway bridge, Lamplugh (2) 
NY06281780 railway bridge, Lamplugh (3) gone
NY08571815 railway bridge, Lamplugh (4) 
NY05991858 railway bridge, Rowrah 
NY0919 Rake Gill 
NY0820 Rakegill Beck 
NY08991975 Rakegill Wood, Lamplugh 
NY0516 Red Beck (2) 
NY07152189 Red How, Lamplugh 
 Rowrah and Kelton Fell Railway 
NY05521836 Rowrah Hall, Rowrah L
NY05961857 Rowrah Station, Lamplugh 
NY05711854 Rowrah, Arlecdon and Frizington 
NY10461846 Saddler's Knott, Lamplugh 
NY05941691 Salter Hall, Lamplugh 
NY06061693 Salter Mine, Lamplugh 
NY05981751 Salterhall Quarry, Lamplugh 
NY08782192 Scalesmoor, Lamplugh 
NY0719 Scallow Beck 
NY07071954 Scallow, Lamplugh 
NY08252050 School Bridge, Lamplugh 
NY06531805 school, Lamplugh (3) 
NY10782008 Sharp Knott, Lamplugh 
NY1019 Sharpknott Gill 
NY06552066 sheep feeder, Lamplugh 
NY0819 Smaithwaite Beck 
NY08071907 Smaithwaite Farm, Lamplugh 
NY0719 Smithy Beck (2) 
NY07702396 Smithy Bridge, Ullock 
NY0822 Snary Beck 
NY08461979 South Felldyke, Lamplugh 
NY06172101 South Mosses, Lamplugh 
NY08852079 St Michael, Lamplugh L
NY07451973 Starling Bank, Lamplugh 
NY08372038 Stegcroft Bridge, Lamplugh 
NY06541675 Stockhow Hall, Lamplugh 
NY07981734 Stoneywath, Lamplugh L
NY07962215 Streetgate, Lamplugh 
NY07411813 Teathes, Kirkland 
NY0722 Todhole Beck 
NY07522223 Todhole, Lamplugh L
NY07101610 Tom Butt, Ennerdale 
NY065170 viewpoint, Stockhow 
NY06982078 Walk Mill, Lamplugh gone
NY08832079 war memorial, Lamplugh 
NY07662049 Whinnah, Lamplugh L
NY04861796 Winder Brow, Lamplugh 
NY04541740 Winder Farm, Lamplugh 
NY05031745 Winder Gill, Lamplugh gone
NY04851762 Winder House, Lamplugh 
NY04851764 Winder, Lamplugh 
NY0517 Windergill Beck 
NY0920 Wisenholme Beck 
NY0720 Wood Beck 
NY05481614 Wood House, Lamplugh gone
NY06782172 Woodend Bridge, Lamplugh 
NY07182153 Woodend, Lamplugh 
NY08721820 fingerpost, Kelton Fell 
NY07631992 Lamplugh Cross, Lamplugh 
NY01 Ennerdale Railway 
NY08412260 Snary Bridge, Loweswater 
NY0515 Ehen, River 
NY08611845 Leaps Gate, Lamplugh 
NY07071609 Pasture Gate, Ennerdale 
NY06281779 Sheriff's Gate, Lamplugh 
NY06701756 Stockhallhow Quarry, Lamplugh 
NY0615 Banly Gill 
NY0516 Gimelthwaite Gill 
NY0918 Hare Gill (3) 
NY0717 Hawes Gills 
NY0917 Hole Gill (5) 
NY0516 Horse Gill 
NY1018 Mere Gill (5) 
NY1018 Mitchell Gill 
NY0518 Winder Beck 
NY0818 Scoperhill Sikes 
NY05321602 Eskett Wood, Lamplugh 
NY05671621 Salter Wood, Lamplugh 
NY06981694 Strawberry Wood, Lamplugh 
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