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Lower Holker parish
Lower Holker
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD3572
10Km square:-   SD36
10Km square:-   SD46
10Km square:-   SD37
10Km square:-   SD47
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 1423 (1971)

SD35697808 Bigland Scar, Lower Holker 
SD36797584 Brackenrigg, Flookburgh 
SD36117658 bridge, Cark L
SD36147658 bridge, Cark (2) L
SD3621676569 bridge, Cark (3) L
SD36067657 bridge, Cark (4) L
SD36237655 bridge, Cark (5) 
SD35147471 Canon Winder Hall, Lower Holker L
SD36507625 Cark and Cartmel Station, Cark L
SD36517674 Cark Hall, Cark 
SD36117656 Cark House, Cark L
SD36147672 Cark Manor Cottage, Cark L
SD363765 Cark, Lower Holker 
SD36277649 Cark: Fold L
SD36327643 Cark: Station Road, 121 L
SD3668 Cartmel Wharf, Morecambe Bay 
SD34937542 coast, Lower Holker 
SD36307646 Cottage, Cark L
SD350738 Cowp Scar, Lower Holker 
SD345743 Cowpren Point, Lower Holker 
SD36687583 cross, Flookburgh L
SD36817584 Crown Inn, Flookburgh L
SD36677696 Cuckoo Bridge, Lower Holker 
SD36667583 drain, Flookburgh 
SD36667582 drain, Flookburgh (2) 
SD36297650 Engine Inn, Cark 
SD36537556 Field Head, Flookburgh L
SD36637582 Flookburgh 
SD36697574 Flookburgh Farm, Flookburgh L
SD36617581 Flookburgh Village Hall, Flookburgh 
SD36667582 Flookburgh: Brooke Supplies 
SD36667582 Flookburgh: Church Walk, 1 L
SD36477585 Flookburgh: Main Street, 41 L
SD36467586 Flookburgh: Main Street, 45 
SD36417585 Flookburgh: Main Street, 53 L
SD36397585 Flookburgh: Main Street, 57 L
SD36357586 Flookburgh: Main Street, 82 L
SD36717582 Flookburgh: Market Street, 16 
SD36717582 Flookburgh: Market Street, 18 L
SD36747583 Flookburgh: Market Street, 22 L
SD36737584 Flookburgh: Market Street, 27 L
SD36807586 Flookburgh: Market Street, 43 L
SD36697584 Flookburgh: Paul's Butchers 
SD366758 Flookburgh: Philip Shaw 
SD36047668 Garden Flat, Cark L out of sight
SD3576 Grize Pool 
SD35347683 Grize Pool Bridge, Lower Holker L
SD36307585 Hillside Cottage, Flookburgh 
SD36267729 Hole of Ellel, Holker 
SD36037693 Holker Cottages, Lower Holker L
SD35777745 Holker Lime, Lower Holker 
SD36107692 Holker School, Holker L
SD36107722 Holker, Lower Holker 
SD36127655 house, Cark L out of sight
SD36297643 house, Cark (2) L
SD36287446 house, Cark (3) 
SD36747584 house, Flookburgh 
SD36477586 house, Flookburgh (2) 
SD36347586 house, Flookburgh (3) 
SD36717582 house, Flookburgh (4) 
SD36037697 house, Holker 
SD35257732 icehouse, Holker Hall L
SD35707737 labyrinth, Holker Hall 
SD36447581 Lakeland Miniature Village, Flookburgh 
SD359773 Lakeland Motor Museum, Backbarrow 
SD3666 Lancaster Sound, Lower Holker 
SD36717584 Late Kings Arms, Flookburgh L
SD34987518 Lenibrick Point, Lower Holker 
SD35597644 level crossing, Lower Holker 
SD36527555 Lilac Cottage, Flookburgh L
SD36327653 lockup, Cark gone
SD366774 Low Bank Side, Lower Holker 
SD36767365 Low Marsh, Lower Holker 
SD36317668 Lower Holker Club, Cark 
SD36077721 Mackereth's Cottage, Holker L
SD36807854 Manor House, Flookburgh L
SD36287658 Mill House, Cark L
SD36517674 North Cottage, Cark L
SD355778 Old Farm, Lower Holker 
SD36637587 Old School House, Flookburgh 
SD36057717 Park View Cottages, Holker L
SD36597667 pinfold, Cark gone
SD36377665 police station, Cark 
SD36667584 post office, Flookborough 
SD36807719 Priest Bridge, Lower Holker L
SD36417631 railway bridge, Cark 
SD36267636 railway bridge, Cark (2) 
SD36177639 railway bridge, Cark (3) 
SD35867642 railway bridge, Cark (4) 
SD36777602 railway bridge, Flookburgh 
SD36997584 railway bridge, Flookburgh (2) 
SD35337647 railway bridge, Lower Holker 
SD35837440 Raven Winder, Lower Holker L
SD361753 Ravenstown, Lower Holker 
SD36437585 Rock Cottage, Flookburgh L
SD362766 Rose and Crown, Cark 
SD36057708 Rose Cottage, Holker L
SD36557671 Rosthwaite Bridge, Cark 
SD351760 Sand Gate Marsh, Lower Holker 
SD355757 Sand Gate, Lower Holker 
SD36077706 Shorthorn Farm, Holker L
SD36547602 St John, Flookburgh L
SD366758 St John, Flookburgh (2) gone
SD35277538 Strand Bridge, Lower Holker L
SD36467683 summer house, Cark L
SD3172 Ulverston Channel 
SD36097724 Upper Pear Tree Cottage, Holker L
SD36567603 war memorial, Flookburgh 
SD36477621 Wesley House, Flookburgh 
SD368742 West Plain Farm, Lower Holker 
SD36027756 Whitegates Cottages, Lower Holker L
SD36487584 Whitewell House, Flookburgh L
SD35827484 Winder Bridge, Lower Holker 
SD374751 Winder Moor, Lower Holker 
SD3564 Yeoman Wharf, Lower Holker 
SD35907738 Holker Hall, Lower Holker L
SD3273 Bardsea Bank, Morecambe Bay 
SD288619 Furness Bank, Morecambe Bay 
 Ulverstone and Lancaster Railway 
SD37406840 Morecambe Bay 
SD36107720 water trough, Holker L
SD33237651 Cartmel Sands, Morecambe Bay 
SD35107533 fishing, Lower Holker 
SD36657584 Flookburgh: Flounders 
SD36357585 Flookburgh: Main Street, 65 
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