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Mallerstang parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY7801
10Km square:-   NY70
10Km square:-   NY80
10Km square:-   SD79
10Km square:-   SD89
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Mallerstang
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Maller Stang
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.
"Maller Stang"

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 70 (1971)

place:-   Mallerstang Constablewick

SD7797 Ais Gill 
SD77409762 Aisgill Bridge, Mallerstang 
SD77459758 Aisgill Farm, Mallerstang 
SD75609807 Aisgill Head 
SD77789632 Aisgill Moor Cottages, Mallerstang 
SD76609666 Aisgill Moor, Mallerstang 
SD77769649 Aisgill Signal Box, Mallerstang 
SD77309754 Aisgill Viaduct, Mallerstang 
SD77399759 Aisgill, Mallerstang 
NY7803 Aller Beck 
SD7798 Angerholme Gill 
SD77049917 Angerholme Pots, Mallerstang 
SD77249892 Angerholme Wold, Mallerstang 
SD77599807 Angerholme, Mallerstang 
NY80130009 Archy Styrigg, Mallerstang 
SD77689844 Ash Bank, Mallerstang 
NY78070315 Asp Wood, Mallerstang 
NY7804 Ay Gill 
SD75649821 Band, Mallerstang 
SD7798 Bank Gill 
SD77599653 barn, Mallerstang (2) 
SD808991 beacon, Hugh Seat 
NY78190211 Becks, Mallerstang 
NY79070451 Bells, Mallerstang 
SD76629771 Bent Side, Mallerstang 
NY78980301 Bents Brae, Mallerstang 
NY79230295 Bents, Mallerstang 
NY78420090 Birk Rigg, Mallerstang 
NY77990428 Birkett Bottom, Mallerstang 
NY77650379 Birkett Common, Mallerstang 
NY77650397 Birkett Knot, Mallerstang 
NY77250317 Birkett Tarn, Mallerstang gone?
NY77320321 Birkett Tunnel, Mallerstang 
SD76349881 Black Bed, Mallerstang 
SD78889827 Black Blote Hill, Mallerstang 
SD80569902 Black Fell Moss, Mallerstang 
SD79189780 Black Gutter, Mallerstang 
NY77840329 Black Hill Hollow, Mallerstang 
NY77790316 Black Hill, Mallerstang 
SD79769818 Black Paddock, Mallerstang 
SD79189890 Black Pot, Mallerstang 
SD76239886 Blackbird Scar, Mallerstang 
NY79500282 Bleakham Fold, Mallerstang 
NY79620295 Bleakham Hills, Mallerstang 
NY79430268 Bleakham Nook, Mallerstang 
NY79710265 Bleakham Scar, Mallerstang 
NY78430019 Boggle Green, Mallerstang 
SD80919911 boundary mark, Mallerstang 
SD77849627 boundary sign, Mallerstang 
NY77740464 boundary stone, Mallerstang/Nateby L
NY77770353 Bracken Holme, Mallerstang 
SD78089661 bridge, Mallerstang 
NY78310048 bridge, Mallerstang (2) 
NY78510251 Brookside, Mallerstang 
SD77379628 Brunt, Mallerstang 
SD80439878 Burnt Crag, Mallerstang 
NY80340328 cairn, Mallerstang 
NY80260133 cairn, Mallerstang (2) 
SD80689998 cairn, Mallerstang (3) 
SD81139934 cairn, Mallerstang (4) 
NY80000339 cairn, Mallerstang (5) 
SD76169848 cairns, Wild Boar Fell 
NY80750374 Careless Bank, Mallerstang 
NY7803 Carr Beck 
SD77989881 Carr Bridge, Mallerstang 
NY78630391 Carr House, Mallerstang 
NY78120280 Castle Bridge, Mallerstang L
NY78280220 Castle Cottages, Mallerstang 
NY78180264 Castle Court, Mallerstang 
NY7802 Castlethwaite Gill 
NY78490266 Castlethwaite, Mallerstang 
NY7803 Cata Gill 
NY78070341 Catagill Scar, Mallerstang 
NY78260151 chapel, Outhgill 
SD79809961 Coal Gates, Mallerstang 
NY79620144 Coalwell Scars, Mallerstang 
NY77750291 Cocklakes, Mallerstang 
SD78249902 Cooper Hill, Mallerstang 
SD78779874 Corry Hole End, Mallerstang 
SD77399690 Cotegill Bridge, Mallerstang 
SD77259682 Cotegill Fold, Mallerstang 
SD77269686 Cotegill Grains, Mallerstang 
SD78689844 Coves, Mallerstang 
NY7700 Cowstead Gill 
SD7899 Crag Gill 
NY78240088 Cranberry, Mallerstang 
SD7797 Cumpston Hill Sike 
SD77879767 Cumpston Hill, Mallerstang 
NY77950142 Curlews, Mallerstang 
SD80699997 currick, Mallerstang 
SD81139959 currick, Mallerstang (2) 
NY78260163 Daisey Farm, Outhgill 
NY78200419 Dalefoot, Mallerstang 
SD78089897 Daniel Foot, Mallerstang 
NY7700 Deep Gill (2) 
NY77930036 Deepgill, Mallerstang 
SD78069795 Dikes House Quarry, Mallerstang 
SD78019796 Dikes House, Mallerstang 
SD7797 Dorving Gill 
SD78649834 Dove Cove, Mallerstang 
NY77340309 Dragons Den, Mallerstang 
NY78310090 Drake Pool, Mallerstang 
NY7701 Dry Gill (3) 
NY783016 Eden Grange, Outhgill 
SD7796 Eden Sike 
SD80549947 Eden Springs, Mallerstang 
NY78370143 Eller Howe, Outhgill 
SD7899 Elm Gill 
SD79229969 Elmgill Crag, Mallerstang 
SD78349948 Elmgill, Mallerstang 
NY797038 Fair Hill, Mallerstang 
NY78020266 Fall Gill 
NY7701 Fallgill Sike 
SD7696 Far Cote Gill 
NY7702 Far Grounds Gill 
NY7800 Far Parrock Gill 
NY78260159 Faraday Cottage, Outhgill 
SD78479880 Fell Side, Mallerstang 
NY80400402 Fells End Bottom, Mallerstang 
NY80890405 Fells End Pots, Mallerstang 
NY80130369 Fells End Quarry, Mallerstang 
NY80400359 Fells End, Mallerstang 
NY7802 Fleet's Beck 
NY78250245 Fleet's Bridge, Mallerstang 
SD76099609 Flue Scarth Nick, Mallerstang 
NY78120163 ford, Mallerstang 
NY77930446 ford, Mallerstang (2) 
NY78620004 ford, Mallerstang (3) 
SD78789913 ford, Mallerstang (4) 
SD78679968 ford, Mallerstang (5) 
SD78659987 ford, Mallerstang (6) 
NY7903 Foss Gill 
NY7803 Fothergill Sike 
NY7700 Foul Sike 
SD76609677 Foulmart Hill, Mallerstang 
NY77370216 Friths, Mallerstang 
NY77950144 Friths, Mallerstang (2) 
NY77280407 Furrow Green, Wharton 
NY7902 Gale Sike 
SD78889910 Gill Grains, Mallerstang 
NY79220208 Goodwife Stones, Mallerstang 
NY79220319 Grains of Gill, Mallerstang 
NY78500465 Great Bell, Mallerstang 
SD7899 Great Gill 
SD7899 Great Gill (2) 
NY79340403 Green Hill Seam, Mallerstang 
NY79470426 Green Hill, Mallerstang 
NY80470011 Gregory Band, Mallerstang 
NY80260022 Gregory Chapel, Mallerstang 
NY80840376 Grey Stone, Mallerstang 
NY77190030 Grey Stones, Mallerstang 
SD78309872 Hagg Well, Mallerstang 
SD77759951 Hall Hill Green, Mallerstang 
SD77949943 Hall Hill, Mallerstang 
NY79190384 Halls, Mallerstang 
SD78269809 Hanging Lund Pasture, Mallerstang 
SD78229807 Hanging Lund Scar, Mallerstang 
SD78129835 Hanging Lund, Mallerstang 
SD79659940 Hanging Stone, Mallerstang 
SD79769954 Hangingstone Scar, Mallerstang 
SD76629657 Harry Mea, Mallerstang 
SD7799 Hazel Gill (3) 
SD78009981 Hazelgill, Mallerstang 
NY7801 Hedley's Gill 
SD7997 Hell Gill Beck 
SD78649687 Hell Gill Bridge, Mallerstang 
SD78719691 Hell Gill, Mallerstang 
SD77859654 Hellgill Force, Mallerstang 
SD78409750 Hellgill Wold, Mallerstang 
SD78489673 Hellgill, Mallerstang 
NY79780075 High Band, Mallerstang 
SD77589916 High Bank Pasture, Mallerstang 
SD77599926 High Bank Scar, Mallerstang 
SD77539907 High Bank, Mallerstang 
NY79890265 High Brae, Mallerstang 
NY77860278 High Cocklake, Mallerstang 
NY77410317 High Crossing, Mallerstang 
NY76550002 High Dolphinsty, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77010203 High Frith, Mallerstang 
NY78320159 High House, Outhgill 
NY7702 High Intake Gill 
NY79850010 High Loven Scar, Mallerstang 
NY802033 High Pike Hill, Mallerstang 
NY80290329 High Pike, Mallerstang 
SD79139773 High Rigg Well, Mallerstang 
SD79239820 High Rigg, Mallerstang 
NY80190122 High Seat, Mallerstang 
SD76319722 High Soursike 
SD79039610 High Way, Mallerstang 
SD76159837 High White Scar, Mallerstang 
NY78260361 Hollin Close Wood, Mallerstang 
NY78120023 Holmes, Mallerstang 
NY78470267 house, Mallerstang L
NY78510267 house, Mallerstang (2) L
NY78510265 house, Mallerstang (3) L
SD78469918 Howe Side, Mallerstang 
SD78669910 Howe Top, Mallerstang 
SD80919910 Hugh Seat, Mallerstang 
SD77239662 hush, Mallerstang 
NY78880012 hush, Mallerstang (2) 
SD77429961 hush, Mallerstang (3) 
NY78610198 Ibdent Sike 
SD77689833 Ing Brue, Mallerstang 
NY7700 Ing Ends Gill 
SD78129880 Ing Heads, Mallerstang 
NY78450208 Ing Hill, Mallerstang 
NY77800087 Ings Ends, Mallerstang 
NY78740210 Ings Gill 
SD77739829 Ings, Mallerstang 
SD77749688 Intake Wood, Mallerstang 
SD77829709 Intake, Mallerstang 
NY78340382 Janny Wood, Mallerstang 
SD77269797 Jenkin Close, Mallerstang 
NY78280153 Jew Stone, Outhgill 
SD76959786 Jim Cut, Mallerstang 
NY80950408 Jingling Cove, Mallerstang 
NY77550101 Jingling Hole, Mallerstang 
SD78839793 Joseph's Gill 
SD78769793 Joseph's House, Mallerstang gone
NY78530255 Keld Hole, Mallerstang 
SD7798 Keld Sike (2) 
NY7805 Kitchen Gill 
NY7800 Knowes Sike 
NY78940014 Knowes, Mallerstang 
SD80849908 Lady's Pillar, Mallerstang 
SD77839727 limekiln, Mallerstang 
NY78620025 limekiln, Mallerstang (2) 
NY77920339 limekiln, Mallerstang (3) 
NY78840369 limekiln, Mallerstang (4) 
NY79260366 limekiln, Mallerstang (5) 
NY78700296 limekiln, Mallerstang (6) 
NY78640212 limekiln, Mallerstang (7) 
NY78750247 limekiln, Mallerstang (8) 
SD77229812 limekiln, Mallerstang (9) 
NY79640213 Lindrigg Scars, Mallerstang 
NY77440056 Ling Hill, Mallerstang 
NY76570096 Little Fell, Mallerstang 
SD8098 Little Grain 
SD78369964 Little Ing Farm, Mallerstang 
SD76889980 Little Wold, Mallerstang 
SD77969969 Lock Hill, Mallerstang 
SD78579801 Long Cove, Mallerstang 
NY78710448 Long Crag, Mallerstang 
NY77780366 Long Crag, Mallerstang (2) 
NY7700 Long Gill (6) 
SD77159969 Lordburn Close, Mallerstang 
SD77549954 Lordburn Rigg, Mallerstang 
NY78030275 Low Cocklake, Mallerstang 
NY77630291 Low Crossing, Mallerstang 
NY76720036 Low Dolphinsty, Kirkby Stephen 
NY77470233 Low Frith, Mallerstang 
NY79670013 Low Loven Scar, Mallerstang 
SD78739785 Low Rigg Edge, Mallerstang 
SD78959788 Low Rigg, Mallerstang 
SD7696 Low Soursike 
SD77179750 Low White Kirk, Mallerstang 
SD76129788 Low White Scar, Mallerstang 
NY78230111 Mallerstang 
NY79030097 Mallerstang Common, Mallerstang 
NY79630183 Mallerstang Edge, Mallerstang 
NY70 Mallerstang Forest, Mallerstang 
NY77670162 Mallerstang Signal Box, Mallerstang 
NY76820098 Middleark Scar, Mallerstang 
NY80070356 mine, Mallerstang 
NY78670456 mine, Mallerstang (2) 
NY7801 Miregill Sike 
NY79160161 Mires, Mallerstang 
NY77180019 Mires, Mallerstang (2) 
NY78310158 Monkey Puzzle, Outhgill L
NY76810241 Moor Pot, Wharton 
NY78380297 Moorriggs, Mallerstang 
NY7701 Moss Gill (2) 
SD761992 Nab, Mallerstang 
SD7696 Near Cote Gill 
SD77109698 Near Stubbing Hole, Mallerstang 
NY78870258 Old Close Brae, Mallerstang 
NY79450241 Old Close Hills, Mallerstang 
NY79070246 Old Close, Mallerstang 
SD78599860 Old Road, Mallerstang 
NY7801 Outhgill Beck 
NY78290158 Outhgill, Mallerstang 
NY7803 Owl Gill 
SD7899 Parrock Gill 
SD77629835 Parry Gill 
SD7798 Pasture Gill 
NY78900066 Peat Moor, Mallerstang 
NY80940398 peat moss, Fells End 
NY78250149 Pendragon House, Outhgill 
SD78739848 Pike Coves, Mallerstang 
NY77870439 pillow mound, Mallerstang 
SD7797 Plane Tree Gill 
NY78220264 post box, Mallerstang 
SD78129909 post box, Mallerstang (2) 
NY78270159 post box, Outhgill 
SD78179797 Posy Clint, Mallerstang 
SD78129681 Pry Hill, Mallerstang 
NY77450279 railway bridge, Mallerstang 
SD77429700 railway bridge, Mallerstang (2) 
SD77469820 railway bridge, Mallerstang (3) 
SD77899634 railway bridge, Mallerstang (4) 
SD77479691 railway bridge, Mallerstang (5) 
SD77469693 railway bridge, Mallerstang (6) 
NY77470272 railway bridge, Mallerstang (7) 
NY77810032 railway bridge, Mallerstang (8) 
NY77800044 railway bridge, Mallerstang (9) 
SD77869961 railway bridge, Mallerstang (10) 
NY77650176 railway bridge, Mallerstang (11) 
NY77780067 railway bridge, Mallerstang (12) 
NY77840013 railway bridge, Mallerstang (13) 
SD77869982 railway bridge, Mallerstang (14) 
SD77329779 railway bridge, Mallerstang (15) 
NY77690135 railway bridge, Mallerstang (16) 
SD77739655 railway milepost, Mallerstang 
NY77460276 railway milepost, Mallerstang (2) 
SD77879954 railway milepost, Mallerstang (3) 
SD77749654 railway signal, Mallerstang 
SD79469901 Raven's Nest, Mallerstang 
SD7998 Red Gill 
NY7902 Red Scar Gill 
NY79010272 Red Scar, Mallerstang 
SD7898 Rigg Sike 
NY7702 Riggs Gill 
SD79019804 Riggs, Mallerstang 
NY78400227 Riggs, Mallerstang (2) 
NY79540207 rock, Mallerstang 
NY77840435 Round Hill, Mallerstang 
SD77929891 Roundabout Dub, Mallerstang 
SD78979877 Rowantree Cove, Mallerstang 
NY77860252 Sand Pot, Mallerstang 
NY77850260 Sandpot, Mallerstang 
SD7598 Sandy Gutter 
NY78890354 Scar Wood, Mallerstang 
SD80769795 Scarth of Scaiths, Mallerstang 
NY7801 school, Mallerstang 
NY78100441 Scotch Well, Mallerstang 
SD76429933 Scriddles, Mallerstang 
NY80210379 sheepfold, Mallerstang 
SD79659883 sheepfold, Mallerstang (2) 
NY77030136 Shoregill Fell, Mallerstang 
NY78150110 Shoregill Side, Mallerstang 
NY78010144 Shoregill, Mallerstang 
NY77800396 Six o'Clock Hole, Mallerstang 
SD77879735 Slade Edge, Mallerstang 
SD778974 Slade Stones, Mallerstang 
SD8099 Slate Gutter 
NY78630223 Slipe Hole, Mallerstang 
NY7901 Sloe Brae Gill 
NY78890133 Sloe Brae, Mallerstang 
SD7796 Smithy Gill 
SD77579652 Smithy Gill Bridge, Mallerstang 
NY78780408 South Running Well, Mallerstang 
NY7803 Southwaite Gill 
NY78580350 Southwaite, Mallerstang 
NY77540341 Spain Riggs, Mallerstang 
NY78660023 spring, Mallerstang 
SD79089801 spring, Mallerstang (2) 
NY78190144 St Mary, Mallerstang L
NY79110436 Stank Hill, Mallerstang 
NY80200070 Steddale Mouth, Mallerstang 
SD77939783 Stirk House, Mallerstang 
NY7900 Stone Close Gill 
NY79000106 Stone Close, Mallerstang 
SD78549678 stone wall, Hellgill 
SD77399764 stone wall, Mallerstang 
NY7703 Stony Gill (2) 
SD770958 Stubbing Rigg, Mallerstang 
NY77290297 Sunny Brow, Mallerstang 
SD77159715 Sunny Brow, Mallerstang (2) 
SD761956 Swarth Fell Pike, Garsdale 
SD75569634 Swarth Fell, Mallerstang 
NY79420030 Swineset, Mallerstang 
NY77820074 Sycamore Tree Farm, Mallerstang 
NY7802 Syme's Gill 
SD788986 Tarn at Coves, Mallerstang 
SD7798 Tenement Gill 
NY7800 Thrang Beck 
NY78200049 Thrang Bridge, Mallerstang 
NY78650023 Thrang Force, Mallerstang 
NY78270058 Thrang, Mallerstang 
NY7805 Thringill Beck 
SD7579598827 trig point, SD7579598827 
NY79700107 Trough Riggs, Mallerstang 
SD76879586 Tup Hole, Mallerstang 
SD78869870 Turn at Coves, Mallerstang 
SD77729958 Turner Hay Hill, Mallerstang 
NY79870438 Waiches, Mallerstang 
SD786985 Water Cut, Mallerstang 
SD77349688 waterfall, Mallerstang 
SD77879633 weather station, Mallerstang (2) 
NY7702 Well Gill 
NY803028 Westmorland: threapland 10 
SD800979 Westmorland: threapland 11 
NY79180065 Wether Hill, Mallerstang 
NY79720189 White Bank, Mallerstang 
SD79539911 White Brow, Mallerstang 
SD77319994 White Hill, Mallerstang 
SD76999756 White Kirk, Mallerstang 
NY79590376 White Mea Bottom, Mallerstang 
NY79480384 White Mea Edge, Mallerstang 
SD76379950 White Walls, Mallerstang 
NY79910164 Whitebank Hill, Mallerstang 
NY76940312 Why Howe, Mallerstang 
SD79049951 Wide Busk Hole, Mallerstang 
SD75799882 Wild Boar Fell, Mallerstang 
SD76139676 Windy Hills, Mallerstang 
NY77940070 Withy Brow, Mallerstang 
SD78499772 Wold Side, Mallerstang 
SD76579885 Yoadcomb Hill, Mallerstang 
SD76309856 Yoadcomb Hole, Mallerstang 
SD76149862 Yoadcomb Scar, Mallerstang 
SD7698 Yoadcomb Sike 
SD786968 Dick Turpin's Leap, Mallerstang 
 Settle and Carlisle Railway 
NY78180263 Pendragon Castle, Mallerstang L
NY78290215 Rigg Turnpike, Mallerstang 
NY78500415 sycamore tree, Mallerstang 
SD77979623 Aisgill Summit, North Yorkshire 
NY3658 Eden, River 
SD77889857 barn, Mallerstang 
NY78380160 Outhgill Pinfold, Outhgill 
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