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placename:- Mallerstang parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Westmorland
coordinates:- NY7801
10Km square:- NY70, NY80
10Km square:- SD79, SD89
parish code:- MLLR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY7801

source:- Census 1971

population:- 70 -- 1971

hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675

Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

placename:- Mallerstang
date:- 1675
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670

in Westmoreland / The Hundred of Bottome of Westmoreland
Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.
Maller Stang

placename:- Maller Stang
date:- 1670
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

Ais Gill
Aisgill Bridge, Mallerstang
Aisgill Farm, Mallerstang
Aisgill Moor Cottages, Mallerstang
Aisgill Moor, Mallerstang
Aisgill Viaduct, Mallerstang
Aisgill, Mallerstang
Angerholme, Mallerstang
barn, Mallerstang
beacon, Hugh Seat
Birk Rigg, Mallerstang
Birkett Common, Mallerstang
Birkett Tunnel, Mallerstang
Black Fell Moss, Mallerstang
Bleakham Fold, Mallerstang
boundary sign, Mallerstang
boundary stone, Mallerstang/Nateby
bridge, Mallerstang
Carr Bridge, Mallerstang
Carr House, Mallerstang
Castle Bridge, Mallerstang
Castlethwaite, Mallerstang
chapel, Outhgill
Cooper Hill, Mallerstang
Cotegill Bridge, Mallerstang
Cranberry, Mallerstang
Cumpston Hill, Mallerstang
Dalefoot, Mallerstang
Deep Gill (2)
Deep Gill, Mallerstang
Dick Turpin's Leap, Mallerstang
Dikes House Quarry, Mallerstang
Eden Grange, Outhgill
Eden Springs, Mallerstang
Eden, River
Elmgill, Mallerstang
Fair Hill, Mallerstang
Fallgill Sike
Far Cote Gill
Fells End Quarry, Mallerstang
Fells End, Mallerstang
Fleets Bridge, Mallerstang
ford, Mallerstang
Foss Gill
Gale Sike
Great Bell, Mallerstang
Gregory Chapel, Mallerstang
Hagg Well, Mallerstang
Hall Hill, Mallerstang
Hanging Lund, Mallerstang
Hanging Stone, Mallerstang
Hangingstone Scar, Mallerstang
Hazelgill, Mallerstang
Hell Gill Beck
Hell Gill Bridge, Mallerstang
Hellgill Force, Mallerstang
Hellgill Wold, Mallerstang
Hellgill, Mallerstang
High Bank, Mallerstang
High Cocklake, Mallerstang
High House, Outhgill
High Pike Hill, Mallerstang
High Rigg Well, Mallerstang
High Seat, Mallerstang
High Way, Mallerstang
house, Mallerstang
house, Mallerstang (2)
house, Mallerstang (3)
Hugh Seat, Mallerstang
Ing Heads, Mallerstang
Ing Hill Lodge, Mallerstang
Ings Ends, Mallerstang
Intake, Mallerstang
Jew Stone, Outhgill
King's Head Inn, Outhgill
Kitchen Gill
Lady's Pillar, Mallerstang
limekiln, Mallerstang
Little Ing Farm, Mallerstang
Low Cocklake, Mallerstang
Mallerstang Common, Mallerstang
Mallerstang Edge, Mallerstang
Mallerstang Forest, Mallerstang
Mallerstang Signal Box, Mallerstang
Mire Close Bridge, Mallerstang
Monkey Puzzle, Outhgill
Near Cote Gill
NY70: earthquake 19850204 1501
Outhgill Beck
Outhgill Pinfold, Outhgill
Outhgill, Mallerstang
Pasture Gill
Pendragon Castle, Mallerstang
post box, Mallerstang
railway accident site, Mallerstang
railway bridge, Mallerstang
railway bridge, Mallerstang (2)
railway bridge, Mallerstang (3)
railway bridge, Mallerstang (4)
railway bridge, Mallerstang (5)
railway bridge, Mallerstang (6)
railway milepost, Mallerstang
Red Gill
Rigg Turn Pike, Mallerstang
Riggs, Mallerstang
road, Kirkby Stephen to Moorcock
Sandpot, Mallerstang
Scarth of Scaiths, Mallerstang
school, Mallerstang
Scotch Well, Mallerstang
Settle and Carlisle Railway
Shoregill, Mallerstang
signal, Mallerstang
Slade Stones, Mallerstang
Smithy Gill
Smithy Gill Bridge, Mallerstang
South Running Well, Mallerstang
Southwaite, Mallerstang
St Mary, Mallerstang
stone wall, Hellgill
Stubbing Rigg, Mallerstang
Swarth Fell Pike, Garsdale
Swarth Fell, Mallerstang
Sycamore Tree Farm, Mallerstang
Tarn at Coves, Mallerstang
Thrang Bridge, Mallerstang
Thrang Force, Mallerstang
Thrang, Mallerstang
track, over Hellgill Wold
trig point, NY8020401262
trig point, SD7579598827
trig point, SD7614595746
Water Cut, Mallerstang
waterfall, Mallerstang
weather station, Mallerstang (2)
Westmorland: threapland 11
Wild Boar Fell, Mallerstang

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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