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placename:- Maryport parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY0335
10Km square:- NY03
parish code:- MRYP
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY0335


Maryport -- Cumbria -- Cumberland / -- Sculpture, A Fishy Tale, by Colin Telfer, 1985, near the harbour. -- 25.5.2007

Maryport -- Cumbria -- Cumberland / -- 25.5.2007

source:- Census 1971

population:- 11613 -- 1971

Alba House, Maryport
All Souls, Netherton
Allanby House, Maryport
Aquila Memorial, Maryport
Bank End Farm, Maryport
Bank End, Maryport
Bankend Quarry, Maryport
Board Vaults, Maryport
Broom Vaults, Maryport
Buckbank Wood, Maryport
Butchers Arms, Maryport
Castle Hill Education Settlement, Maryport
Christ Church, Maryport
Coast Guard Station, Maryport
Convent, Maryport
Croft, Maryport
Crown Inn, Maryport
Docks Branch Junction, Maryport
earthwork, Netherhall
Elizabeth Basin, Maryport
Elizabeth Dock, Maryport
Ellenborough Colliery, Maryport
Ellenborough Methodist Church, Maryport
Ellenborough, Maryport
engine shed, Maryport
Ewanrigg Farm, Maryport
Ewanrigg Hall, Maryport
Flimby Colliery, Flimby
Flimby Hall, Maryport
Flimby Lodge, Maryport
Flimby Station, Maryport
Flimby, Maryport
footbridge, Maryport Harbour
Fothergill, Maryport
garden, Maryport
Golden Lion, Maryport
Grand Caledonian Junction Railway
Grange Farm, Maryport
Grasslot Infant School, Maryport
hydrant plate, Maryport
hydrant plate, Maryport (2)
level crossing, Maryport
Lifeboat Inn, Maryport
lighthouse, Maryport
Maritime Museum, Maryport
Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Maryport Brewery, Maryport
Maryport Cemetery, Maryport
Maryport Fire Station, Maryport
Maryport Harbour, Maryport
Maryport Inshore Rescue Station, Maryport
Maryport Labour Club, Maryport
Maryport Lifeboat Station, Maryport
Maryport Navy Club, Maryport
Maryport Police Station, Maryport
Maryport Station, Maryport
Maryport Station, Maryport (2)
Maryport Steamships, Maryport
Maryport: Bridge Street, 15
Maryport: Bridge Street, 16
Maryport: Camp Street, 1
Maryport: Crosby Street, 84
Maryport: Crosby Street, 120
Maryport: Cueto's
Maryport: Eaglesfield Street, 11
Maryport: Eaglesfield Street, 15
Maryport: Eaglesfield Street, 17
Maryport: Eaglesfield Street, 35
Maryport: Ellenborough Place, 18
Maryport: Fishing Co-op
Maryport: Fleming Place, 1
Maryport: Fleming Place, 2
Maryport: Fleming Place, 3
Maryport: Fleming Place, 4
Maryport: Fleming Square
Maryport: Fleming Square, 23
Maryport: Fleming Square, 24
Maryport: Fruit Bowl
Maryport: High Street, 11
Maryport: High Street, 28 and 30
Maryport: High Street, 44
Maryport: High Street, 72
Maryport: High Street, 102
Maryport: High Street, 104
Maryport: High Street, 107 and 109
Maryport: Jubilee Terrace
Maryport: Kemp
Maryport: King Street, 2
Maryport: King Street, 27
Maryport: Kirkby Street, 47 and 49
Maryport: Kirkby Street, 57
Maryport: Kirkby Street, house
Maryport: Main Road, 73
Maryport: Main Road, 81 to 85
Maryport: Nelson Street, 3
Maryport: Nelson Street, 5
Maryport: New Crown Yard, 1
Maryport: North Quay
Maryport: North Quay, 1
Maryport: North Quay, 2
Maryport: North Quay, 3
Maryport: Senhouse Street, 8
Maryport: Senhouse Street, 11
Maryport: Senhouse Street, 13
Maryport: Senhouse Street, 14
Maryport: South Quay, 2 to 8
Maryport: Wood Street
Maryport: Wood Street, 48
Maryport: Wood Street, 67
meeting house, Maryport
Middle Tap Bar, Maryport
milestone, Flimby
milestone, Flimby (2)
milestone, Flimby (3)
milestone, Maryport
milestone, Maryport (2)
milestone, Maryport (3)
Monksmoor's Cross, Maryport
Mote, Maryport
Netherhall, Maryport
Netherton, Maryport
New House, Maryport
Newcastle to Solway Canal
North Harbour, Maryport
North Pier, Maryport
NY03: earthquake 18791018 0530
Old Harbour, Maryport
pillbox, Maryport
post box, Maryport
Post Office, Maryport
Princess Royal, Flimby
Priory, Maryport
railway bridge, Maryport
Risehow Farm, Maryport
Risehow, Maryport
road, Aspatria to Wigton
road, Cockermouth to Maryport
road, Maryport to Aspatria
road, Maryport to Silloth
road, Workington to Maryport
roman fort, Maryport
Sailors Return, Maryport
seat, Maryport
Seatonmoor Colliery No.2 Pit, Flimby
Seatonmoor Colliery No.3 Pit, Maryport
Senhouse Basin, Maryport
Senhouse Dock, Maryport
Senhouse Roman Museum, Maryport
Solway Foundry, Maryport
Solway House, Maryport
South Pier, Maryport
St Mark's Methodist Church, Maryport
St Mary, Maryport
St Nicholas, Flimby
Station Hotel, Maryport
sundial, Maryport
sundial, Maryport (2)
Swan Inn, Maryport
toll gate, Ellen Bridge
Tongue Pier, Maryport
Top Tap, Maryport
trig point, NY0266635012
trig point, NY0296736791
trig point, NY0323032639
trig point, NY0340236285
trig point, NY0341436638
trig point, NY0376037274
trig point, NY0420337412
trig point, NY0549735578
Tyne Solway Canal
Valentia Foundry, Maryport
war memorial, Maryport
West Cumberland Railway
Whitehaven Junction Railway
Woodside, Maryport

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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