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Murton parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY7422
10Km square:-   NY62
10Km square:-   NY72
10Km square:-   NY82
10Km square:-   NY61
10Km square:-   NY71
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Murton
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Murton
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 290 (1971)

place:-   Murton Constablewick
place:-   Hilton Constablewick
place:-   Bongate Constablewick (E part of)

NY76042201 Amber Hill, Murton 
NY72162050 Ashbank Wood, Murton 
NY70391917 Bank End House, Murton 
NY73051939 Bankwood, Murton 
NY70062201 Black Hill, Murton 
NY73432214 Blue Hill, Murton 
NY70052212 bobbin mill, Murton 
NY76092292 Boilup Dam, Murton 
NY70551915 Bongate Moor, Murton 
NY70251937 Bongate Moor, Murton (2) 
NY72201944 Brackenber Farm, Brackenber L
NY71851958 Brackenber Flodders, Brackenber 
NY72391955 Brackenber Hall, Brackenber L
NY72291955 Brackenber, Murton 
NY71062252 Brackenthwaite, Murton 
NY72772169 Bridge House, Murton 
NY73322083 bridge, Hilton L
NY72792168 bridge, Murton 
NY69742241 Broadlands, Murton 
NY76232328 Brock Scar, Murton 
NY69621963 Brough Bridge, Murton 
NY74682401 Burnt Crag, Murton 
NY6923 Burthwaite Beck 
NY74872362 cairn, Murton 
NY70971897 castle, Coupland 
NY72982126 chapel, Murton (2) 
NY7724 Coal Sike 
NY7018 Coupland Beck 
NY70521865 Coupland Viaduct, Warcop 
NY71041888 Couplandbeck Bridge, Coupland 
NY73452240 Cringley Hill, Murton 
NY73302240 Cringley Hole, Murton 
NY73502052 Cross Keys, Hilton 
NY742222 Delfekirk Scar, Murton 
NY76422267 Dow Scar, Murton 
NY74612003 East Moor, Murton 
 Eden Valley Railway 
NY7320 Eller Beck (11) 
NY71442013 Ellerholme, Murton 
NY74311959 Fell Dikes, Murton 
NY79372195 Fisher Fold, Murton 
NY7825 Fisher Sike 
NY70402202 Flakebridge House, Murton 
NY70582215 Flakebridge Park, Murton 
NY70372230 Flakebridge Wood, Murton 
NY70382204 Flakebridge, Murton 
NY76812678 footbridge, Murton 
NY75272147 footbridge, Murton (2) 
NY73142203 ford, Murton 
NY6922 Frith Beck 
NY69292294 Frith House, Murton gone?
NY68942296 Frith Lane, Murton 
NY74642331 Gasdale Head, Murton 
NY74072253 Gasdale, Murton 
NY75552440 Gaskill Tarn, Murton 
NY7118 George Gill 
NY72752171 Gort Hall, Murton 
NY7622 Great Augill 
NY75142184 Great Carrath, Murton 
NY73002194 Green, Murton 
NY73601939 Hag Lane, Murton 
NY72092324 Harbour Flatt, Murton 
NY72791964 Hazelber, Murton 
NY73412070 Helm House, Hilton 
NY72502319 High Clints, Murton 
NY73912553 High Cup Gill 
NY73922551 High Cup Gill, Dufton 
NY74442620 High Cup Nick, Dufton 
NY74622644 High Cup Plain, Dufton 
NY74552606 High Cup Scar, Dufton 
NY7325 High Cupgill Beck 
NY74692616 High Cupgill Head, Murton 
NY75912258 High Shop, Murton 
NY73242262 High Trough, Murton 
NY732207 Hilton Beacon, Hilton gone
NY7220 Hilton Beck 
NY73172078 Hilton Bridge, Hilton 
NY77172261 Hilton Fell, Murton 
NY73232062 Hilton Hall, Hilton L
NY76402289 Hilton Lead Mines, Murton 
NY73332085 Hilton Mill, Hilton 
NY7428 Hilton Sike 
NY7320 Hilton water supply, Hilton 
NY73372067 Hilton, Murton 
NY73522069 Hilton: Castle Street 
NY72301955 house, Brackenber 
NY72772172 house, Murton 
NY73301874 Humphrey Hill, Murton 
NY72552098 Hunter Howe, Murton 
NY7123 Keisley Beck 
NY71672348 Keisley Bridge, Keisley 
NY71212378 Keisley Farm, Keisley 
NY70932389 Keisley House, Keisley 
NY73352069 Kings Arms, Hilton 
NY733206 King's Arms, Hilton gone
NY70622009 Kirkber, Murton 
NY70902033 Langton Field, Langton 
NY70992015 Langton Gate, Langton 
NY70962017 Langton, Murton 
NY73282054 Leagarth Lane, Hilton 
NY75422142 limekiln, Murton 
NY75452142 limekiln, Murton (2) 
NY71742280 limekiln, Murton (3) 
NY74152018 Linelands, Murton gone
NY7623 Little Augill 
NY75432206 Little Carrath, Murton 
NY70341900 Low Bank End, Murton 
NY70242155 Low Barn, Murton 
NY73162252 Low Trough, Murton 
NY70001900 Lowfield Cottages, Murton 
NY753216 Lowfield Hush, Murton 
NY7318 Lycum Sike 
NY7626 Maize Beck 
NY75732239 Mason Holes, Murton 
NY74902216 Mell Fell, Murton 
NY70882389 Mid Town, Keisley 
NY732240 Middle Tongue, Murton 
NY73232417 Middletongue Crag, Murton 
NY70111937 milestone, Murton 
NY69771955 milestone, Murton (2) perhaps once
NY73342074 Mill Lane, Hilton 
NY70991915 mill, Coupland 
NY73582232 Mirefoot, Murton 
NY73342258 Moley Hill, Murton 
NY72792172 Murton 
NY7221 Murton Beck 
NY73652277 Murton Crag, Murton 
NY75632456 Murton Fell, Murton 
NY72952177 Murton Hall, Murton L
NY755260 Murton Herds, Murton 
NY76232271 Murton Lead Mines, Murton 
NY73042121 Murton Parish Institute, Murton 
NY73392312 Murton Pike, Murton 
NY72782173 New Inn, Murton 
NY75612322 North Edge, Murton 
NY73242063 pinfold, Hilton 
NY70992017 post box, Langton 
NY69581973 railway culvert, Murton 
NY7221 Rayton Sike 
NY72132079 Red Brow, Murton 
NY72822177 Redstone Chapel, Murton 
NY73162211 reservoir, Murton 
NY76182251 Roughton, Murton 
NY712231 Scalehowe Wood, Murton 
NY75872217 Scordale 
NY7521 Scordale Beck 
NY766244 Scordale Head, Murton 
NY72802168 seat, Murton 
NY74442052 Seat, Murton 
NY72892054 shed, Hilton 
NY72932223 sheepfold, Murton 
NY74902332 sheepfold, Murton (2) 
NY74722359 sheepfold, Murton (3) 
NY71042149 Shepherd's Cottage, Murton 
NY70623154 Silver Band, Milburn 
NY7721 Siss Gill 
NY73632087 smelt mill, Hilton 
NY693183 Southfield, Murton 
NY73082112 St John, Murton 
NY76982179 Standards Fold, Murton 
NY7320 Stannerstones Sike 
NY74202520 stile, Dufton 
NY73312084 stone wall, Hilton 
NY747228 stone wall, Murton 
NY76232278 stone wall, Murton (2) 
NY72442027 Stoneriggs Hill, Murton 
NY72542018 Stoneriggs, Murton 
NY73911921 Storth, Murton gone?
NY7522 Stow Gill 
NY7725 Swarth Beck 
NY76862469 Swarth Beck Head, Murton 
NY73062230 Sweety Briggs, Murton 
NY7019 Swetbank, Murton suggested
NY7520 Swindale Beck (4) 
NY760211 Swindale Edge, Murton 
NY7022 Swine Gill (3) 
NY73422231 Thornarbour Scar, Murton 
NY72762030 Thornless Hill, Murton 
NY72872051 Thornless Quarry, Murton 
NY71932042 Thornybank Wood, Murton 
NY73382123 Thwaites Pasture, Hilton 
NY73022121 Thwaites School, Murton 
NY73502074 Town Head, Hilton 
NY70762402 Townhead Farm, Keisley 
NY7348623103 trig point, NY7348623103 
NY72852252 Trough Keld, Murton 
NY7323 Trundale Gill 
NY73152106 war memorial, Murton 
NY74952658 Watch Hill, Dufton 
NY814222 Westmorland: threapland 1 
NY76972279 Whelpside Crag, Murton 
NY74562617 Whin Sill 
NY70442199 Wood House, Murton suggested
NY7022 forest, Murton 
NY74402262 White Mines, Murton 
NY71561965 Brackenber Moor, Murton 
NY75432036 Roman Fell, Warcop 
NY3658 Eden, River 
NY73492071 pump, Hilton (2) L
NY73472071 water trough, Hilton 
NY73392067 pump, Hilton L
NY73362068 water trough, Hilton (3) 
NY73242063 water trough, Hilton (2) 
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