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Ulverston parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD2977
10Km square:-   SD27
10Km square:-   SD37
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 11907 (1971)

SD31077733 Ainslie Pier, Ulverston 
SD31327764 Bay Horse, Canal Foot 
SD28817842 Bird in Hand, Ulverston 
SD28547837 Braddylls Arms, Ulverston L
SD302772 brewery, Ulverston 
SD28707839 Bridge House, Ulverston L
SD29628013 bridge, Newland L
SD2978 canal feeder, Ulverston Canal 
SD31347767 Canal Foot, Ulverston 
SD29327848 Canal Head Foundry, Ulverston 
SD29397851 Canal Head, Ulverston 
SD31317768 canal lock, Ulverston L
SD29817828 Canal Siding, Ulverston 
SD3177 Carter House, Canal Foot 
SD28627873 chapel, Ulverston L
SD28737842 chapel, Ulverston (2) 
SD28647845 Church Walk House, Ulverston L
SD29547885 Cockshot Quarries, Ulverston 
 Conishead Priory branch railway 
SD30737603 Conishead Priory Station, Ulverston 
SD28687820 Coronation Hall, Ulverston 
SD28837789 Devonshire Arms, Ulverston 
SD2877 Dragley Beck 
SD29067763 Dragley Beck Bridge, Ulverston 
SD28417828 drain, Ulverston 
SD29167704 drinking fountain, Ulverston (2) 
SD27687769 Dykelands, Ulverston L
SD28797825 Ellers House, Ulverston L
SD28277817 Fair View, Ulverston L
SD28727232 Farm Shop, Baycliff 
SD28547834 Farmers Arms, Ulverston L
SD28687956 Flan How, Ulverston 
SD29287874 Ford House, Ulverston L
SD29167868 Ford Park, Ulverston 
SD29177841 Free Grace Baptist Church, Ulverston 
 Furness and Windermere Railway proposed
SD27667667 Gallow Barrow, Ulverston 
SD29067654 Gascow Quarry, Ulverston 
SD28477846 Gill Brewery, Ulverston 
SD28537829 Globe Inn, Ulverston L
SD28727835 Grapes, Ulverston 
SD303760 Great Head House, Ulverston 
SD30087618 grotto, Ulverston 
SD31337750 Hammerside Cottage, Ulverston 
SD31327745 Hammerside Point, Ulverston 
SD30077615 Hermitage Hill, Ulverston 
SD27547759 High Bridge, Ulverston 
SD29477778 High Lund Beck Bridge, Ulverston 
SD28227794 Hill Top, Ulverston L
SD294790 Hoad Hill, Ulverston 
SD28467851 Holy Trinity Sunday Schools, Ulverston 
SD28477812 Holy Trinity, Ulverston L
SD28537837 Hope and Anchor, Ulverston L
SD28817846 Hope Cottage, Ulverston 
SD2878 hospital, Ulverston 
SD29047753 hydrant plate, Ulverston 
SD28857861 hydrant plate, Ulverston (2) 
SD28607871 hydrant plate, Ulverston (3) 
SD28707846 hydrant plate, Ulverston (4) 
SD30007578 icehouse, Conishead Priory 
SD28957763 Ivy Cottage, Ulverston L
SD304757 Kadampa World Peace Temple, Ulverston 
SD28627847 Kings Arms Inn, Ulverston 
SD28547828 Kings Head, Ulverston L
 Lancashire Extension Railway 
SD28557841 Laurel and Hardy Museum, Ulverston 
SD28677821 Laurel and Hardy Statue, Ulverston 
SD2877 Levy Beck 
SD28577729 Levy Beck Bridge, Ulverston 
SD2878 limekiln, Ulverston 
SD31297765 Lock Cottage, Ulverston L
SD28517835 Lonsdale House Hotel, Ulverston L
SD29857770 Low Mill Bridge, Ulverston 
SD29687811 Lund Hall, Ulverston 
SD28637829 Market Hall, Ulverston 
SD28507809 Mayfield, Ulverston L
SD286759 Middle Mount Barrow, Ulverston 
SD29767902 milestone, Ulverston 
SD27357742 milestone, Ulverston (2) 
SD29847920 milestone, Ulverston (3) 
SD27527754 milestone, Ulverston (4) 
SD28597850 Mill, Ulverston L
SD289778 miniature railway, Ulverston 
SD284784 Nevill Hall, Ulverston gone
SD29767832 New Basin, Ulverston Canal 
SD29967972 Newland ironworks, Newland L
SD30027966 Newland, Egton with Newland 
SD30217860 Next Ness Cottages, Next Ness 
SD30247894 Next Ness Farm, Next Ness 
SD30297866 Next Ness, Egton with Newland 
SD28047635 Nook, Ulverston L
SD30647747 North Lonsdale Crossing, Ulverston 
SD307777 North Lonsdale Iron and Steel Works, Ulverston gone
SD28817843 Oddfellows Hall, Ulverston L
SD28847840 Old Brewery, Ulverston 
SD28497833 Old Daltongate House, Ulverston L
SD28587864 Old Friends Inn, Ulverston L
SD296788 Oubas Hill, Ulverston 
SD30077775 Outcast Bridge, Ulverston 
SD28497872 pinfold, Ulverston L
SD30167798 police house, Ulverston 
SD28677823 post box, Ulverston 
SD31327764 post box, Ulverston (2) 
SD30027772 post box, Ulverston (3) 
SD29047754 post box, Ulverston (4) 
SD29367780 post box, Ulverston (5) 
SD28597745 post box, Ulverston (6) 
SD28977850 post box, Ulverston (7) 
SD28747835 post box, Ulverston (8) 
SD28587835 post box, Ulverston (9) 
SD28667822 Post Office, Ulverston 
SD30167873 railway bridge, Next Ness 
SD28587790 railway bridge, Ulverston (3) 
SD28807793 railway bridge, Ulverston (4) 
SD28927795 railway bridge, Ulverston (5) 
SD29067797 railway bridge, Ulverston (6) 
SD30417806 railway bridge, Ulverston (7) 
SD29257805 railway bridge, Ulverston (8) 
SD27717777 railway bridge, Ulverston (9) 
SD27477774 railway bridge, Ulverston (10) 
SD28607844 Rose and Crown, Ulverston L
SD304770 Sandhall, Ulverston 
SD305774 Sandside, Ulverston 
SD2878 Sandwell Limekiln, Ulverston perhaps
SD28477854 sculpture, Ulverston 
SD28667822 seat, Ulverston 
SD28527820 Sefton House Hotel, Ulverston L
SD46067891 signal box, Arnside 
SD29477907 Sir John Barrow Monument, Ulverston L
SD301779 South Ulverston, Ulverston 
SD28537760 Springfield Mansions, Ulverston L
SD27 Springfield, Ulverston area 
SD27 St John, Ulverston 
SD30267767 St Jude, South Ulverston 
SD28967822 Stan Laurel Inn, Ulverston 
SD28397839 Stockbridge House, Ulverston L
SD28127834 Stone Cross, Ulverston L
SD28787857 summer house, Ulverston 
SD28777921 summer house, Ulverston (2) 
SD28627836 Sun Inn, Ulverston L
SD29127844 Swan Inn, Ulverston 
SD28187729 Swarthmoor Hall, Ulverston L
SD28407830 toll gate, Ulverston L
SD30067559 tower, Bardsea 
SD30127609 tower, Hermitage Hill L
SD28657906 Town Bank Grammar School, Ulverston gone
SD28527813 Trinity House, Ulverston L
SD275765 Trinkeld Farm, Ulverston 
SD28637835 Ulverston 
SD28787806 Ulverston Auction Mart, Ulverston 
SD29147700 Ulverston Cemetery, Ulverston 
SD28987818 Ulverston Fire Station, Ulverston 
SD28007782 Ulverston Goods Junction, Ulverston 
SD28537792 Ulverston Goods Station, Ulverston L
SD28617837 Ulverston Heritage Centre, Ulverston L
SD28917816 Ulverston Methodist Church, Ulverston 
SD28867860 Ulverston Parish Church Centre, Ulverston 
SD28827823 Ulverston Police Station, Ulverston 
SD28467788 Ulverston Station, Ulverston L
 Ulverston to Windermere Railway 
SD30537658 Ulverston Wire Works, Ulverston 
 Ulverston, Furness, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway proposed
SD28667823 Ulverston: Albright 
SD2878 Ulverston: Atkinson 
SD28837848 Ulverston: Back Lane, 9 to 14 L
SD28657818 Ulverston: Barclays Bank L
SD28637837 Ulverston: Brocklebank 
SD28687839 Ulverston: Buxton Place, 1 L
SD28617818 Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 20 L
SD28617818 Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 22 L
SD28627818 Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 24 L
SD28627818 Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 26 L
SD28637818 Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 28 and 30 L
SD28767856 Ulverston: Church Walk 
SD29567863 Ulverston: Cumbria Crystal 
SD28447834 Ulverston: Daltongate 
SD28547837 Ulverston: Daltongate, 2 L
SD28527836 Ulverston: Daltongate, 6 L
SD28527836 Ulverston: Daltongate, 8 and 10 L
SD28497832 Ulverston: Daltongate, 11 and 13 L
SD28487833 Ulverston: Daltongate, 15 to 21 L
SD28427832 Ulverston: Daltongate, 39 to 43 L
SD28717845 Ulverston: Fountain Street 
SD28677846 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 7 L
SD28697846 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 9 and 11 L
SD28707846 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 13 L
SD28727845 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 15 to 19 L
SD28747845 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 21 L
SD28787844 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 25 and 27 L
SD28697844 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 26 
SD28797843 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 29 and 31 L
SD28497853 Ulverston: Gill 
SD28417854 Ulverston: Gill Banks, 1 to 3 L
SD28467856 Ulverston: Gill, 36 and 37 L
SD28477856 Ulverston: Gill, 38 L
SD28487856 Ulverston: Gill, 38 1/2 
SD28497857 Ulverston: Gill, 39 L
SD28547854 Ulverston: Gill, 52 and 53 
SD29057851 Ulverston: Ian Salmon 
SD28727831 Ulverston: Irvings 
SD28597841 Ulverston: King Street 
SD28567837 Ulverston: King Street, 1 L
SD28587837 Ulverston: King Street, 2 and 4 L
SD28577840 Ulverston: King Street, 7 L
SD28577841 Ulverston: King Street, 9 L
SD28577841 Ulverston: King Street, 11 L
SD28587842 Ulverston: King Street, 13 and 15 L
SD28587842 Ulverston: King Street, 17 L
SD28587843 Ulverston: King Street, 19 and 21 L
SD28627842 Ulverston: King Street, 20 L
SD28597844 Ulverston: King Street, 23 L
SD28587844 Ulverston: King Street, 25 L
SD28597845 Ulverston: King Street, 27 and 29 L
SD28587845 Ulverston: King Street, 31 L
SD28597846 Ulverston: King Street, 33 L
SD28617846 Ulverston: King Street, 34 to 38 
SD28547835 Ulverston: Market Place, 1 L
SD28547834 Ulverston: Market Place, 3 L
SD28567833 Ulverston: Market Place, 4 and 5 L
SD28577833 Ulverston: Market Place, 6 and 7 L
SD28587833 Ulverston: Market Place, 8 L
SD28587835 Ulverston: Market Place, 9 L
SD28587836 Ulverston: Market Place, 10 L
SD28717834 Ulverston: Market Street 
SD28597836 Ulverston: Market Street, 1 L
SD28587832 Ulverston: Market Street, 2 L
SD28607836 Ulverston: Market Street, 3 L
SD28607836 Ulverston: Market Street, 5 L
SD28617836 Ulverston: Market Street, 9 L
SD28627836 Ulverston: Market Street, 11 L
SD28647834 Ulverston: Market Street, 16 L
SD28647834 Ulverston: Market Street, 18 L
SD28677834 Ulverston: Market Street, 26 and 30 L
SD28687834 Ulverston: Market Street, 34 L
SD28717833 Ulverston: Market Street, 46 L
SD28737832 Ulverston: Market Street, 46 to 84 L not found
SD28717833 Ulverston: Market Street, 48 L
SD28727833 Ulverston: Market Street, 50 L
SD28767832 Ulverston: Market Street, 51 L
SD28727832 Ulverston: Market Street, 52 L
SD28767832 Ulverston: Market Street, 53 
SD28727832 Ulverston: Market Street, 54 L
SD28737832 Ulverston: Market Street, 56 
SD28737832 Ulverston: Market Street, 58 L
SD28747832 Ulverston: Market Street, 60 L
SD28747832 Ulverston: Market Street, 62 L
SD28747831 Ulverston: Market Street, 64 L
SD28747831 Ulverston: Market Street, 66 L
SD28757830 Ulverston: Market Street, 68 L
SD28637832 Ulverston: Midland Bank L
SD28547832 Ulverston: National Westminster Bank L
SD28757832 Ulverston: Olive 
SD28797835 Ulverston: Pepperpot 
SD28527801 Ulverston: Princes Street, 18 L
SD28537809 Ulverston: Prince's Street, 8 
SD28517805 Ulverston: Prince's Street, 12 and 14 L
SD28567802 Ulverston: Prince's Street, 15 
SD28527800 Ulverston: Prince's Street, 20 L
SD28567832 Ulverston: Queen Street, 1 and 3 L
SD28567832 Ulverston: Queen Street, 5 L
SD28567831 Ulverston: Queen Street, 7 L
SD28567831 Ulverston: Queen Street, 9 L
SD28567830 Ulverston: Queen Street, 11 L
SD28567829 Ulverston: Queen Street, 13 L
SD28567828 Ulverston: Queen Street, 15 L
SD28547827 Ulverston: Queen Street, 16 L
SD28567827 Ulverston: Queen Street, 17 and 19 L
SD28527826 Ulverston: Queen Street, 18 L
SD28547825 Ulverston: Queen Street, 20 and 22 L
SD28537823 Ulverston: Queen Street, 26 
SD28537823 Ulverston: Queen Street, 28 L
SD28537822 Ulverston: Queen Street, 30 L
SD28537821 Ulverston: Queen Street, 32 L
SD28547818 Ulverston: Queen Street, 36 
SD28597863 Ulverston: Soutergate 
SD28627853 Ulverston: Soutergate, 22 and 24 L
SD28597857 Ulverston: Soutergate, 23 
SD28627854 Ulverston: Soutergate, 26 L
SD28617856 Ulverston: Soutergate, 28 L
SD28617857 Ulverston: Soutergate, 30 L
SD28617857 Ulverston: Soutergate, 32 L
SD28597860 Ulverston: Soutergate, 33 and 35 L
SD28617858 Ulverston: Soutergate, 34 L
SD28607866 Ulverston: Soutergate, 62 
SD28607870 Ulverston: Soutergate, 78 L
SD28617872 Ulverston: Soutergate, 82 L
SD28477834 Ulverston: Sun Street 
SD28517873 Ulverston: Sun Street, 2 
SD29187849 Ulverston: Sunderland Terrace L
SD29037854 Ulverston: Swan Street, 71-77 
SD28797831 Ulverston: Thomas's 
SD28747834 Ulverston: Trustee Savings Bank L
SD28767833 Ulverston: Union Street, 2 L
 Ulverstone and Milnthorpe Union Railway proposed
SD28577847 Victoria Concert Hall, Ulverston L
SD304757 viewpoint, Conishead 
SD30127611 viewpoint, Great Head 
SD28537824 Virginia House Hotel, Ulverston L
SD28577834 war memorial, Ulverston L
SD28697838 warehouse, Ulverston L
SD28787826 White House Cottage, Ulverston L
SD28787826 White House, Ulverston L
SD29147700 Wilson Monument, Ulverston L
SD28487867 workhouse, Ulverston 
SD29067764 Dragley Beck, Ulverston 
SD29037757 Sir John Barrow's Cottage, Ulverston L
SD30407582 Conishead Priory, Ulverston L
SD2878 Ulverston: Stephen Soulby 
SD29677839 railway viaduct, Ulverston 
SD29397852 Ulverston Canal 
 Ulverstone and Lancaster Railway 
SD28577818 drinking fountain, Ulverston 
SD3483 Leven, River 
SD28897868 St Mary, Ulverston L
 Furness Railway 
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