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Waberthwaite parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD1292
10Km square:-   SD09
10Km square:-   SD19
10Km square:-   SD18
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 285 (1971)

SD10229259 Bank, Waberthwaite once
SD11299456 Beck House, Waberthwaite once
SD11419117 Borrowdale Ground, Corney 
SD11369462 Bridge End, Waberthwaite 
SD11409463 bridge, Muncaster 
SD114947 Broad Oak, Muncaster 
SD1095 Broadoak Beck 
SD1391 Buckbarrow Beck 
SD136908 Buckbarrow Beck Mine, Waberthwaite 
SD13439037 Buckbarrow Bridge, Waberthwaite 
SD15189104 Buckbarrow, Waberthwaite 
SD148926 Burn Moor, Waberthwaite 
SD11989219 Charlesground, Waberthwaite 
SD13499180 Corney Fell, Waberthwaite 
SD111907 Corney Hall, Corney 
SD11349124 Corney, Waberthwaite 
SD10029511 cross, Waberthwaite 
SD10489475 Cross, Waberthwaite 
SD0992 Eskmeals Pool 
SD09129300 Eskmeals, Bootle 
SD10659265 Far Bank, Waberthwaite 
SD11569172 fingerpost, Corney 
SD11869189 Fold Gate, Corney 
SD09809501 ford, Waberthwaite 
SD09559411 ford, Waberthwaite (2) 
SD11599184 Gillfoot, Corney 
SD108940 Glebe House, Waberthwaite 
SD12299399 Grange, Waberthwaite 
SD10029507 Hall Waberthwaite, Waberthwaite 
SD12359285 High Corney, Corney 
SD11649259 How End, Waberthwaite 
SD1390 Kinmont Beck 
SD146909 Kinmont Buck Barrow, Waberthwaite 
SD12069162 Lambground, Corney 
SD10529338 Lane End, Waberthwaite 
SD09699295 Langley Park, Waberthwaite 
SD097911 Langley, Waberthwaite 
SD145918 Littlecell Bottom, Waberthwaite 
SD11828984 Low Kinmont, Waberthwaite L
SD11809446 Lower Stainton, Waberthwaite once
SD10389169 Middle Bank, Waberthwaite 
SD118905 Middle Kinmont Mine, Waberthwaite 
SD09689216 Middleton Place, Waberthwaite 
SD1194 Mill Gill (4) 
SD11749123 Mireground, Corney 
SD11719125 Moor House, Corney 
SD11069156 Moorside, Corney 
SD10569150 Near Bank, Waberthwaite 
SD09499409 Newbiggin Farm, Waberthwaite L
SD09549406 Newbiggin House Farm, Waberthwaite L out of sight
SD09579405 Newbiggin House, Waberthwaite 
SD09559409 Newbiggin, Waberthwaite 
SD10969278 Normoss, Waberthwaite 
SD10669301 Park Nook, Waberthwaite 
SD09019407 Pool Bridge, Waberthwaite 
SD10449352 post box, Waberthwaite 
SD14229089 Prior Park, Waberthwaite 
SD11239438 quarry, Waberthwaite 
SD107938 Row Farm, Waberthwaite 
SD11029413 Row, Waberthwaite 
SD14469374 Rowantree Force, Muncaster 
SD1294 Samgarth Beck 
SD10748992 Seaton Hall, Waberthwaite L
SD1089 Seaton, Waberthwaite 
SD11419163 Skellerah, Corney 
SD11349033 Spring House, Waberthwaite 
SD10179153 Swallowhurst Hall, Waberthwaite 
SD10569340 Village Hall, Waberthwaite 
SD10529337 Waberthwaite 
SD10489331 Waberthwaite CofE Primary School, Waberthwaite 
SD136935 Waberthwaite Fell, Waberthwaite 
SD10439352 Waberthwaite: Woodall 
SD10539334 war memorial, Waberthwaite 
SD11939308 Welcome Nook, Waberthwaite 
SD13439095 Whit Crags, Waberthwaite 
 Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway 
SD11249318 Whitestones, Waberthwaite 
SD15899300 Whitfell, Waberthwaite 
SD1293 Whitrow Beck 
SD151931 Withe Bottom, Waberthwaite 
SD11109428 Woodgate, Waberthwaite 
SD11869429 Woodside, Waberthwaite 
SD11249131 St John, Corney 
SD10029511 St John, Waberthwaite L
SD08759422 Eskmeals Viaduct, Waberthwaite 
SD08169573 Esk Estuary (2) 
SD11599223 guide stone, Waberthwaite L
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