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Warcop parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY7417
10Km square:-   NY72
10Km square:-   NY82
10Km square:-   NY71
10Km square:-   NY81
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Warcoppe
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Warcopp
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 467 (1971)

place:-   Warcop Constablewick
place:-   Little Musgrave Constablewick (tiny part)

NY73331305 Abbey Park Hill, Warcop 
NY76761864 Alme Bank, Warcop 
NY73201568 Arnside, Warcop 
NY75671828 Bell Nook, Warcop 
NY74291488 Bermer Hill, Warcop 
NY74461458 Bermer Scar, Warcop 
NY71901509 Birks Chapel, Warcop 
NY72561449 Birks Head, Warcop 
NY72371526 Birks, Warcop 
NY75951752 Black Hill, Warcop 
NY7314 Black Sike (3) 
NY72741569 Blacksyke, Sandford 
NY72561579 Blacksyke, Sandford (2) 
NY72231322 Bleatarn Chapel, Warcop gone
NY72781374 Bleatarn Church, Bleatarn 
NY71841401 Bleatarn Common, Bleatarn 
NY72261422 Bleatarn Tilery, Bleatarn 
NY73531325 Bleatarn Wood, Bleatarn 
NY73291384 Bleatarn, Warcop 
NY74221826 Bog, Warcop 
NY76741527 boundary stone, Musgrave/Warcop 
NY80162412 boundary stone, Warcop 
NY77071587 Brackenber Hill, Warcop 
NY74101601 Brawnber, Warcop 
NY74811552 Bridge End House, Warcop L
NY74811551 bridge, Warcop 
NY74791546 bridge, Warcop (2) 
NY74991533 bridge, Warcop (3) 
NY76521551 Brough Hill, Warcop 
NY76361641 Burtergill Wood, Warcop 
NY76611899 Burton Close Nook, Warcop 
NY78302155 Burton Fell, Warcop 
NY74521851 Burton Hall, Warcop 
NY74401850 Burton, Warcop 
NY7415 Bury, Warcop perhaps
NY72951394 Carpool House, Bleatarn 
NY72961381 Carr Pool, Bleatarn 
NY75061551 Castle Hill, Warcop 
NY750154 castle, Warcop gone
NY74601698 Castleber, Warcop 
NY75261552 Castlehill Road, Warcop 
NY73681828 Causey Gate, Warcop gone
NY74941558 Chamley Arms, Warcop L
NY72961618 chapel, Sandford 
NY74651525 chapel, Warcop 
NY72231321 chapel, Warcop (2) 
NY7720 Christy Bank Sike 
NY76982061 Christy Bank, Warcop 
NY74841553 Clifton Cottage, Warcop 
NY80321837 Cloven Stone, Helbeck 
NY76951669 Clump Hill, Warcop 
NY73941453 Cote House, Warcop 
NY7018 Coupland Beck 
NY71111887 Coupland Beck Farm, Coupland 
NY70521865 Coupland Viaduct, Warcop 
NY71071888 Coupland, Warcop 
NY71041888 Couplandbeck Bridge, Coupland 
NY7417 Cringle Beck 
NY74531523 Croft House, Warcop L
NY74741541 Croft House, Warcop (2) L
NY7415 Crook Beck 
NY7415 Crooks Beck 
NY71121647 Dauby Wath, Ormside 
NY75471769 Deep Gill, Warcop 
NY7518 Dobbyhole Gill 
NY783189 Dogber Tarn, Warcop 
NY72991584 Doll Brow, Sandford 
NY71131884 Dun Cow, Coupland 
NY73661684 Dyke Nook, Warcop 
NY73401974 Dykes, Warcop suggested
NY72061884 earthwork, Murton 
NY766161 earthwork, Warcop (2) 
NY7616 Eastfield Sike 
NY75861569 Eastfield Yet, Warcop gone
NY74371522 Eden Gate, Warcop L
NY73731646 Eden Vale, Warcop 
 Eden Valley Railway 
NY72261877 Espland, Warcop 
NY71601753 Far Bank End, Warcop 
NY75601626 Fell Lane, Warcop 
NY74351858 fish ponds, Burton 
NY743185 fish ponds, Warcop 
NY73061407 Flat Hill, Bleatarn 
NY74421546 footbridge, Warcop 
NY7922 Force Beck 
NY75141396 ford, Musgrave 
NY74851550 Fox, Warcop L
NY74891553 Foxhounds Inn, Warcop 
NY75561639 Frost Hole, Warcop gone
NY74841557 Gardener's Cottage, Warcop L
NY73371827 Gateshede, Warcop 
NY7118 George Gill 
NY80432238 Hanging Seal, Warcop 
NY80082027 Harecrag Fold, Warcop 
NY72741602 Haregate, Sandford 
NY7517 Hayber Beck 
NY75301657 Hayber Gill 
NY75071673 Hayber Lane, Warcop 
NY75091694 Hayber, Warcop 
NY75061668 Haybergill, Warcop 
NY76081638 Hazel Rigg, Warcop 
NY78301698 Helbeck Wall End, Helbeck 
NY70971490 Helm Beck Bridge, Ormside 
NY711148 Helm Beck Cott, Warcop 
NY74151334 Hemmel Hill, Warcop 
NY75641983 High Band, Warcop 
NY76831576 High Burtergill, Warcop gone
NY76851617 High Burtergill, Warcop (2) gone
NY76221826 High Close, Warcop 
NY77091725 High Selah, Warcop 
NY7617 Highclose Sike 
NY71041420 Horngill, Warcop 
NY7216 hospital, Sandford 
NY71111881 house, Coupland 
NY73091618 house, Sandford L
NY74801557 house, Warcop (2) L
NY74831555 house, Warcop (4) 
NY74451483 Howe Renwick Quarry, Warcop 
NY75861899 Howgill Fold, Warcop 
NY7417 Howgill, Warcop once?
NY75341478 Huber Hill, Warcop 
NY78491713 Hurrock of Stones, Warcop 
NY79411794 Johnson Scar, Helbeck 
NY72691285 Keld Head, Warcop 
NY7312 Kelhead Sike 
NY76701612 Kiln Hill, Warcop 
NY80172412 King's Pot, Durham 
NY75301528 Kirksteads, Warcop 
NY73431569 Langford Wood, Warcop 
NY73661567 Langford, Warcop 
NY72481340 limekiln, Warcop 
NY784221 Little Fell, Warcop 
NY76931929 Long Fell, Warcop 
NY77051911 Longfell Pike, Warcop 
NY75731628 Low Burtergill, Warcop 
NY74621793 Low Finley, Warcop gone
NY76391662 Low Selah, Warcop 
NY7415 Lowgill Beck 
NY7318 Lycum Sike 
NY74841545 maypole, Warcop L
NY72661423 Mere Bank Farm, Warcop 
NY71061815 Middle Bank End, Warcop 
NY777181 Middle Fell, Warcop 
NY75821683 Middle Moor Lane, Warcop 
NY76311767 Middle Moor, Warcop 
NY75401588 milestone, Warcop 
NY71451852 milestone, Warcop (2) L
NY72701751 milestone, Warcop (3) 
NY74111667 milestone, Warcop (4) 
NY75721567 milestone, Warcop (5) perhaps once
NY73901381 Mill Hill, Warcop 
NY74921556 mill, Warcop 
NY7217 Mire Sike 
NY7313 monastic grange, Bleatarn 
NY7515 Moor Beck 
NY74261699 Moor House, Warcop 
NY7518 Mute Gill 
NY72961437 Netherfield Quarry, Warcop 
NY71921739 New Hall, Warcop 
NY74501521 Old Granary, Warcop 
NY74821554 Old Post Office, Warcop 
NY74341567 Old Vicarage, Warcop 
NY73211362 pinfold, Bleatarn 
NY72291311 Piper Cross, Warcop 
NY73351667 Platts, Warcop 
NY74441407 Ploughlands End, Warcop 
NY75031392 Ploughlands, Warcop 
NY73271384 post box, Bleatarn 
NY73391679 railway bridge, Warcop 
NY75201579 railway bridge, Warcop (2) 
NY73911409 Rain Hill, Warcop 
NY74111494 Ravelands Brow, Warcop 
NY74891556 Reading Room, Warcop 
NY75211573 Redscar Plantation, Warcop 
NY73171338 Rose Cottage, Bleatarn 
NY74931531 Row End, Warcop 
NY73101620 Sandford Arms, Sandford 
NY72701584 Sandford Bridge, Sandford 
NY73111616 Sandford Hall, Sandford 
NY72741707 Sandford Mire, Sandford 
NY72971766 Sandford Moor, Sandford 
NY71381856 Sandford Thorn, Warcop 
NY73151623 Sandford Village Hall, Sandford 
NY72891617 Sandford, Warcop 
NY71701297 Sawbridge Hall, Warcop 
NY7417 Scale House, Warcop once?
NY74731559 school, Warcop gone
NY75201862 Scober, Warcop gone
NY74621521 Shorgill House, Warcop L
NY7721 Siss Gill 
NY756207 Slape Stones, Warcop 
NY73571493 Sourlands Hill, Warcop 
NY74631536 stile, Warcop 
NY73471484 Stockings, Warcop 
NY74751651 Street House, Warcop 
NY74781521 Stripes Lane, Warcop 
NY74691538 Tabernar, Warcop 
NY72561346 Tarn Moor, Warcop 
NY74711540 Temperance Hall, Warcop 
NY76601803 Tender Lowe, Warcop 
NY75291635 Thornside, Warcop 
NY73001322 Tilekiln Wood, Bleatarn 
NY775199 Tinside Rigg, Warcop 
NY76801792 Tirebank Spring, Warcop 
NY75791571 Toddygill Hall, Warcop 
NY75621603 Toddygill Plantation, Warcop 
NY74691488 Tofts Hill, Warcop 
NY71211876 Toll Bar Cottage, Coupland 
NY73381706 tumulus, Warcop 
NY74251594 Vicarage Bank, Warcop 
NY74951628 Walk Mill Bridge, Warcop 
NY74971639 Walk Mill, Warcop 
NY74831547 war memorial, Warcop 
NY74861556 Warcop 
NY74441563 Warcop CofE Primary School, Warcop 
NY78862013 Warcop Fell, Warcop 
NY74711572 Warcop Hall, Warcop L
NY74601521 Warcop History Room, Warcop 
NY74741555 Warcop House, Warcop L
NY74671538 Warcop Methodist Church, Warcop 
NY75391581 Warcop Moor, Warcop 
NY74331510 Warcop Old Bridge, Warcop L
NY75911762 Warcop Ranges, Warcop 
NY75391560 Warcop Station, Warcop 
NY74501516 Warcop Tower, Warcop L
NY7110 Waterhouses Beck 
NY814222 Westmorland: threapland 1 
NY74541661 Wheat Sheaf Bridge, Warcop 
NY747165 Wheat Sheaf, Warcop 
NY74081650 Wildboar Hill, Warcop 
NY72011434 Wormery Quarry, Bleatarn 
NY75432036 Roman Fell, Warcop 
NY74501659 Wheat Sheaf Farm, Warcop 
NY74291571 St Columba, Warcop L
NY75011532 Warcop Pinfold, Warcop 
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