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  Westward Forest
  Waver, River
  Wiza Beck

Her purlews wondrous large, yet limitteth againe,
Both falling from her earth into the Irish Maine.
No lesse is Westward proud of Waver, nor doth win
Lesse praise by her cleere Spring, which in her course doth twin
With Wiz, a neater Nymph scarce of the watry kind;
And though she be but small, so pleasing Wavers mind,
That they entirely mix'd, the Irish Seas imbrace,
But earnestly proceed on our intended Race.
  Eden, River
  Caldew, River
  Petteril, River
  Irthing, River
  Poltross Burn
  Gelt, River
  Cam Beck
  Brunstock Beck

At Eden now arriv'd, whom we have left too long,
Which being com'n at length, the Cumbrian hils among,
As shee for Carlill coasts, the Floods from every where,
Prepare each in their course, to entertaine her there,
From Skidow her tall Sire, first Cauda cleerely brings
In Eden all her wealth; so Petterell from her Springs,
(Not farre from Skidows foot, whence dainty Cauda creeps)
Along to overtake her Soveraigne Eden sweeps,
To meet that great concourse, which seriously attend
That dainty Cumbrian Queene; whence Gilsland downe doth send
Her Riverets to receive Queene Eden in her course;
As Irthing comming in from her most plenteous source,
Through many a cruell Crag, though she be forc'd to crawle,
Yet working forth her way to grace her selfe with all,
First Pultrosse is her Page, then Gelt she gets her guide,
Which springeth on her South, on her Septentrion side,
Shee crooked Cambeck calls, to wait on her along,
And Eden overtakes amongst the watry throng.
To Carlill being come, cleere Bruscath beareth in,
To greet her with the rest, when Eden as to win
Her grace in Carlils sight, the Court of all her state,
And Cumberlands chiefe towne, loe thus shee doth dilate.
  Hadrian's Wall

What giveth more delight, (brave Citie) to thy Seat,
Then my sweet lovely selfe, a River so compleat,
With all that Nature can a dainty Flood endow,
That all the Northerne Nymphs me worthily allow,
Of all their Nyades kind the neatest, and so farre
Transcending, that oft times they in their amorous warre,
Have offered by my course, and Beauties to decide
The mastery, with her most vaunting in her pride,
That mighty Roman Fort, which of the Picts we call
But by them neere those times was stil'd Severus wall,
Of that great Emperour nam'd, which first that worke began,
Betwixt the Irish Sea, and German Ocean,
Doth cut me in his course neere Carlill, and doth end
At Boulnesse, where my selfe I on the Ocean spend.
And for my Country here, (of which I am the chiefe
Of all her watry kind) know that shee lent reliefe,
[margin - roman wall?] See to the 29. Song.
[margin - Bowness] The West end of the Picts wall.
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button -- "Cumberland" -- Cumberland
button -- "Eden" -- Eden, River
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button -- "Pictswall" -- Hadrian's Wall
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