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Gentleman's Magazine 1825 part 1 p.414


1st or 2d century. Marit[ ], King of the Britons, defeated Roderic, or Rotheringer, a Pictish general from Scythia, upon the mountain now called Stanemore; in memory whereof Reicrois or Rerecros (a red or royal cross) was erected, and from him Westmorland takes its names.
791. Ethred slew Elf and Edwin, sons of Elfwald at Winandermere.
946. Edmund wasted Cumbria, and having put out the eyes of the two sons of Dunmail, gave that province to Malcolm, King of Scotland. Dun-mel-wrays is supposed to have been erected in memory of it, or as a boundary of Dunmail's kingdoms.
1176. King William of Scotland surprised Appleby castle, and utterly destroyed the town. In this inroad he sacked Brough Castle.
1388. The Scots by a second conflagration destroyed the town of Appleby.
1617. James I. magnificently entertained at Brougham Castle for three days in August, on his return from his last journey to Scotland.
1641. Anne, Countess of Pembroke, 'in spite of her disloyal Simpleton', fortified Appleby castle for the King, and gave the government of it to Sir Philip Musgrave, who held out till after the battle of Marston Moor.
1645. In this year, probably, Colonel Briggs besieged Holme House, Winandermere, eight or ten days, until the raising of the seige of Carlisle brought Mr. H. Philipson of Crooke, to whom it belonged, to the relief of his brother Robert in Holme House. The next day Mr. Robert, with three or four companions, rode to Kendal to take revenge on the adverse party there; he passed the watch, and rode into the church, in expectation of finding Colonel Briggs, but did not succeed. Robert was unhorsed by the guards on his return; but being relieved by his companions by a desperate charge, he vaulted into the saddle without girth, and killing a sentinel galloped away. For this, and other adventures, he obtained the appellation of Robin the Devil.
1648. Oct. 16. Appleby castle surrendered to the Paraliament under Lieutenant Gen. Ashton.
1651. General T. Harrison came to Appleby with his forces. The war was then hot in Scotland, and many places in this county were full of soldiers. King Charles II. came to Crosby-gill, where he halted and dined. He partook of the waters of Black-dub.
1663. A party of friends of the Commonwealth met on Kabergh Rigg, and endeavoured to stir up an insurrection against the Restoration; but being dispersed by the militia, Capt. Atkinson, a turbulent republican, was taken and hanged at Appleby in 1664.
1745. At Clifton Moor a smart action took place between the rebel forces and the Duke of Cumberland, in which the former were driven from their advantageous posts. When the rebels, to the numbers of 110, entered Kendal, they were attacked by the inhabitants with clubs, stones, and any thing they could get, which greatly harassed them.
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