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Page 41:-
Kirkby Lonsdale is a fine river, and crossed by a lofty antique bridge; it is navigable at Lancaster, a little below which place it falls into the sea.
  Kent, River
  Sprint, River
  Mint, River
  Bela, River

The Kent rising in Kentmere, receives the Sprint from Longsleddale, and the Mint from Bannisdale. It washes the skirts of Kendal, and enters the sea near Milnthorp, where it is joined by the Belo.
  Brathay, River
  Rothay, River
  Leven, River
  Crake, River

The becks of Great and Little Langdale combined form the Brathay, and those of Grasmere the Rothay, which unite in Windermere: after leaving which it is called the Leven, and joins the Crake from Coniston upon the sands below Penny Bridge.
  Duddon, River
The Duddon rises on the south of Bowfell and separates Cumberland from Lancashire. Unretarded by any lake, it pursues its course in a pretty transparent stream, and enters the sea on the north of the Isle of Walney.
  Esk, River
  Irt, River
  Mite, River
  Bleng, River

The Esk, rising on the east of Scawfell, retains its name till it enters the sea at Ravenglass; where the Irt from Wasdale, and the Mite from Miterdale, join it upon the sands. The Bleng, passing Gosforth, falls into the Irt above Santon Bridge.
  Liza Beck
  Liza, River
  Ehen, River
  Calder, River

The water flowing from the north side of Gable has a long meandering stream down Ennerdale; it is called the Lisa till it enters the lake; afterwards it is the Ehen till it falls into the sea half way between Ravenglass and St. Bees.- The Calder, rising in Copeland Forest, enters the sea near the same place.
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