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Beetham parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD5079
10Km square:-   SD48
10Km square:-   SD58
10Km square:-   SD47
10Km square:-   SD57
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Bethome
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Beathom and Arnesyde
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.
"Beathom & Arnesyde"

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 1657 (1971)

place:-   Beetham Constablewick (most of)
place:-   Farleton Constablewick
place:-   Haverbrack Constablewick

SD54958103 Aikbank, Beetham 
SD47488027 All Saints, Storth 
SD47438056 Arnbarrow House, Sandside 
SD46767858 Arnside Cut, Arnside 
SD46937861 Arnside Moss, Arnside 
 Arnside to Hincaster branch railway 
SD49597946 Ashton House, Beetham L
SD53788139 Atkinsons Bridge, Lancaster Canal L
SD50257850 Back Lane, Hale 
SD53488120 Barker's Lane, Farleton 
SD53488101 barn, Farleton L
SD49697968 Beetham Bridge, Beetham 
SD48647940 Beetham Fell, Beetham 
SD49977905 Beetham Hall, Beetham L
SD49737972 Beetham House Lodge, Beetham L
SD49787972 Beetham House, Beetham 
SD49837884 Beetham Park, Beetham 
SD49837939 Beetham Primary School, Beetham 
SD49647996 Bela Falls, Beetham 
SD48648146 Bela Viaduct, Beetham gone
SD5079 Bela, River 
SD49867712 boundary stone, Beetham 
SD50977717 boundary stone, Beetham (2) 
SD51917926 boundary stone, Beetham/Burton L
SD50528155 boundary stone, Beetham/Heversham L
SD53198027 boundary stone, Beetham/Holme L
SD53558174 boundary stone, Beetham/Preston Patrick L
SD51167751 boundary stone, Burton-in-Kendal/Beetham 
SD51177752 bridge, Burton-in-Kendal 
SD50967885 Broom Field, Beetham 
SD47948009 Burntbarrow Plantation, Beetham 
SD53168048 canal milestone, Kendal 10 L
SD53858169 canal overflow, Lancaster Canal 
SD50118024 Cappleside Hall, Beetham 
SD50018014 Cappleside Hill, Beetham 
SD47137828 Carr Bank Cottage, Beetham 
SD47337886 Carr Bank, Beetham 
SD47257859 Carr Bank, Beetham (2) 
SD53168121 Carr Lane, Farleton gone
SD47147945 Carrbank Garden Centre, Sandside 
SD49368081 castle, Haverbrack 
SD50818104 Cautley Farm, Whasset 
SD53008081 Chapel Hill, Farleton 
SD49557956 Church Street, Beetham 
SD47707816 Creep-i'-th'-call Bridge, Beetham 
SD49078119 Dallam Wheel, Beetham 
SD49337873 Deepdale Farm, Beetham 
SD49527870 Deepdale, Beetham 
SD47307875 Dews, Beetham 
SD47207976 Dick Fell Hill, Sandside 
SD48268020 Dog Hole, Haverbrack 
SD4978 Dripping Well, Beetham 
SD53298076 Duke Inn, Farleton 
SD53238077 Dukes Bridge, Lancaster Canal L
SD53688140 Ellers, Farleton 
SD51698002 Elmsfield Farm, Beetham 
SD53868168 Farleton Aqueduct, Lancaster Canal L
SD53258094 Farleton Basin, Lancaster Canal 
SD52358206 Farleton Beck 
SD53558174 Farleton Bridge, Farleton L
SD54308065 Farleton Fell, Beetham 
SD53498098 Farleton House, Farleton L
SD52678197 Farleton Intake, Beetham 
SD54208036 Farleton Knott, Beetham 
SD53358105 Farleton Turnpike Bridge, Lancaster Canal L
SD53538103 Farleton, Beetham 
SD50627808 Fell End Farm, Hale 
SD50457796 Fell End, Hale 
SD49167947 Fiery House, Beetham 
SD51577999 fingerpost, Beetham 
SD47547973 fingerpost, Storth 
SD47287935 Flying Dutchman, Sandside 
SD47 Furness and Yorkshire Union Railway proposed
SD50457774 Furness Runner, Hale 
SD49867713 geological site, Beetham 
SD50567867 Gibsons Farm, Hale 
SD47247949 Glasgow Hill, Sandside 
SD47448037 Green Lane, Sandside 
SD50447820 Hale Fell, Hale 
SD50657877 Hale Green, Hale 
SD50767814 Hale Head Farm, Hale 
SD50557746 Hale Moss, Hale 
SD50377847 Hale, Beetham 
SD51218015 Hang Bridge, Beetham 
SD51327999 Hang Hill, Beetham 
SD51268008 Hangbridge House, Beetham 
SD50848011 Hangbridge Lane, Beetham 
SD48178055 Haverbrack Bank, Beetham 
SD48668043 Haverbrack Plantation, Beetham 
SD48838031 Haverbrack, Beetham 
SD48788040 Haverbrack, Beetham (2) 
SD4679 Hazelslack Moss, Beetham 
SD47657875 Hazelslack Tower Farm, Beetham 
SD47627881 Hazelslack Tower, Beetham L
SD47647877 Hazelslack, Beetham 
SD49637998 Heron Corn Mill, Beetham L
SD49767943 Heron Theatre, Beetham L
SD52428138 Higging Head, Beetham 
SD488786 High Cote, Beetham 
SD48747961 High Wood Edge, Beetham 
SD53558113 Hodgsons Bridge, Lancaster Canal L
SD48618109 Hollins Well, Beetham 
SD5178 Holme Beck (2) 
SD52737975 Holme North Road Bridge, Lancaster Canal 
SD49337921 Hubersty House, Beetham 
SD496799 hydroelectric scheme, Beetham 
SD49048104 icehouse, Dallam Tower L out of sight
SD47427960 Ivy Cottage, Sandside 
SD47277935 Keasdale Cottage, Sandside 
SD47938078 Kellet Cottage, Beetham 
SD47 Kendal and Ulverstone Junction Railway proposed
SD53758127 Kiln Hall, Farleton 
SD51058075 Kilngreen Cottage, Beetham 
SD50467862 King's Arms Inn, Hale 
SD50567887 Kinnical Lane, Hale 
SD511805 Knott Hill, Beetham 
SD48647774 Leighton Beck Bridge, Beetham 
SD48627779 Leighton Cottage, Beetham 
SD48697786 Leighton House, Beetham 
SD53498089 Limefield Cottages, Farleton 
SD48727786 limekiln, Beetham 
SD47637876 limekiln, Beetham (2) 
SD48877881 limekiln, Beetham (3) 
SD54658081 limekiln, Beetham (4) 
SD53608080 limekiln, Farleton 
SD50587805 limekiln, Hale 
SD50878126 limekiln, Whasset 
SD48107924 Long Spring, Beetham 
SD48497987 Longtail Wood, Beetham 
SD47797944 Longthrough Wood, Beetham 
SD48857981 Low Wood Edge Kiln, Beetham 
SD48897967 Low Wood Edge, Beetham 
SD50817713 Main Drain, Beetham 
SD493782 Major Woods, Beetham 
SD53458085 Marsden Farm, Farleton L
SD49738018 milestone, Beetham L
SD50267885 milestone, Beetham (2) L
SD50957745 milestone, Beetham (6) L
SD50988088 milestone, Beetham (7) perhaps once
SD49587981 Mill Lane, Beetham 
SD48928132 Milnthorpe Bridge, Milnthorpe L
SD51097923 Moor Rigg, Beetham 
SD47247907 Moss House, Beetham gone?
SD54148145 Nook Lane, Beetham 
SD48888128 North Lodge, Beetham 
SD49587952 Old Beetham Post Office, Beetham L
SD52068114 Overthwaite, Beetham 
SD50338090 Paradise Lane, Milnthorpe 
SD49348069 Park, Beetham 
SD49637961 Parsonage Farm, Beetham L
SD5486 Peasey Beck 
SD55058106 pinfold, Beetham 
SD5080 Pool Darkin 
SD50017984 Pool Darkin Lane, Beetham 
SD54928077 Puddle Mire, Beetham 
SD54568109 Puddlemire Lane, Beetham 
SD50817923 Pye's Bridge Farm, Beetham 
SD51087945 Pye's Bridge Lane, Beetham 
SD50847928 Pye's Bridge, Beetham 
SD49857836 quarry, Hale 
SD48148080 quarry, Sandside 
SD51568000 railway bridge, Beetham 
SD51647963 railway bridge, Beetham (2) 
SD51438086 railway bridge, Beetham (3) 
SD48158106 railway bridge, Sandside 
SD51647964 railway milepost, Beetham 
SD48877875 Rocksborrow, Beetham gone?
SD47558060 Rose Hill, Sandside 
SD47217965 Salt Cote, Sandside 
SD48028088 Sandside Kiln, Sandside 
SD475805 Sandside Station, Beetham gone
SD47558053 Sandside, Beetham 
SD47538019 school, Storth 
SD47648010 Shaw House, Storth 
SD47698017 Shaw Lane, Storth 
SD49957993 sheepfold, Beetham 
SD47768072 Ship Inn, Sandside 
SD49327891 Slack Head, Beetham 
SD53028039 Spinney Culvert, Lancaster Canal 
SD47398041 St John's Cross, Sandside 
SD49707951 St John's Lodge, Beetham gone?
SD49707964 St Michael's Well, Beetham gone?
SD49717945 Stanley Street, Beetham 
SD50407975 stepping stones, Beetham 
SD49637948 stocks, Beetham 
SD47407817 stone wall, Beetham 
SD47717911 Storth Road, Beetham 
SD47527994 Storth Village Church, Storth 
SD47568065 Storth Village Hall, Sandside 
SD47538029 Storth Village Shop, Storth 
SD475803 Storth, Beetham 
SD49597950 summer house, Beetham L
SD53018095 Tarn Bank, Farleton 
SD53738129 Thompsons Bridge, Lancaster Canal L
SD49847712 Thrang End Bridge, Beetham 
SD47778010 Through Lane, Storth 
SD47728021 Through Well, Storth 
SD53408073 Townend Farm, Farleton L
SD48417894 Underlaid Wood, Beetham 
SD49717947 Vicarage, Beetham 
SD49667958 war memorial, Beetham L
SD47538031 war memorial, Storth 
SD53048194 Water Lane, Preston Patrick 
SD49697982 Waterhouse Lane, Beetham 
SD49717989 Waterhouse Mills, Beetham 
SD49667986 Waterhouse, Beetham gone?
SD53048194 Watery Lane, Beetham 
SD50818113 Whasset Farm, Whasset 
SD50848106 Whasset, Beetham 
SD49627951 Wheatsheaf, Beetham 
SD48887902 Whinscar Plantation, Beetham 
SD48568005 Wray Cottage, Beetham 
SD49617957 St Michael, Beetham L
SD49048104 Dallam Tower, Beetham L
SD52068114 mill, Overthwaite gone
SD49857913 Rent Stone, Beetham 
SD4979 dovecote, Beetham 
SD49627959 College, Beetham gone (mostly)
SD48737893 Fairy Steps, Beetham 
 Lancaster and Carlisle Railway 
NY4506 Kent, River 
SD49647952 Beetham 
SD47038086 Milnthorpe Sands, Beetham 
SD48148108 Crown Cottage, Beetham 
SD48178111 Dixes Inn, Beetham 
SD48158109 Ferry Cottage, Beetham 
SD51667986 milestone, Beetham (3) perhaps once
SD53378128 milestone, Farleton L
SD59 Lancaster Canal 
SD4977 Leighton Beck 
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