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Ireby parish
Ireby and Uldale
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY2536
10Km square:-   NY24
10Km square:-   NY23
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 441 (1971)

NY25943566 Armathwaite Head, Ireby 
NY26403795 Aughertree Fell, Ireby 
NY25503847 Aughertree, Ireby 
NY26763670 Baggra Yeat, Ireby 
NY25493472 barn, Ireby 
NY26713262 Bell House, Ireby 
NY27473292 bield, Uldale 
NY22513553 Binsey, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth 
NY23243769 Bintee Quarries, Ireby 
NY24383921 Birkmire, Ireby 
NY27383155 Black Nettle Hause, Ireby 
NY22934049 Boltongate Bridge, Boltongate 
NY22013821 bridge, Snittlegarth 
NY26173272 Brockle Crag, Ireby 
NY25963267 Brocklecrag, Ireby 
NY2438 Buck Gill 
NY28473282 Burn Tod, Ireby 
NY2733 Burntod Gill 
NY24083892 Bye Bank, Ireby 
NY25203299 Cass Beck Bridge, Bassenthwaite 
NY25653419 Castle How, Ireby 
NY25873604 Chapel House Farm, Ireby L
NY26023580 Chapelhouse Reservoir, Ireby 
NY2735 Charleton Gill 
NY27813637 Charleton Wath, Ireby 
NY2239 Church Strand 
NY20704061 Cockshot Beck 
NY22173941 Cockshot Bridge, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow 
NY21953931 Cockshot Wood, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow 
NY26363244 Cow Wath, Ireby 
NY23823894 Croft House Farm, Ireby L
NY2634 Dale Gill (2) 
NY24973698 Dale House, Uldale 
NY23863897 Dale View, Ireby L
NY2731 Dash Beck 
NY26833215 Dash Farm, Ireby L
NY23763874 drain, Ireby 
NY23843876 drain, Ireby (2) 
NY2731 Dry Gill (8) 
NY28303488 Dry Gill, Caldbeck 
NY25893779 Elfa Well, Aughertree 
NY23953901 Ellenside House, Ireby L
NY25103699 Fellgate, Uldale gone
NY26833770 fingerpost, Ireby 
NY23823874 fingerpost, Ireby (2) 
NY23863900 fingerpost, Ireby (3) 
NY23633504 fingerpost, Ireby (4) 
NY23653483 fingerpost, Ireby (5) 
NY24923697 fingerpost, Uldale 
NY25913470 Fouldike, Ireby 
NY28753322 Frozen Fell, Ireby 
NY24883707 Gate Farm, Uldale 
NY2439 Gill Beck (4) 
NY26803819 Gillhead Quarry, Ireby 
NY23843875 Globe Hall, Ireby 
NY29073119 Great Calva, Underskiddaw 
NY27123333 Great Cockup, Ireby 
NY29133389 Great Sca Fell, Ireby 
NY21953866 Green Croft, Ireby 
NY25803750 Green How, Ireby 
NY24943695 Green, Uldale 
NY2532 Halls Beck 
NY2732 Hause Gill (2) 
NY23073720 High Ireby, Ireby 
NY25663316 Horsemoor Hills, Ireby 
NY25253342 Horsemoor Hills, Ireby (2) 
NY2437 hospital, Ireby once?
NY23803871 house, Ireby 
NY23843898 house, Ireby (2) 
NY23843902 house, Ireby (3) 
NY23873903 house, Ireby (4) 
NY25013692 house, Uldale (2) 
NY2237 Humble Jumble Gill 
NY23843904 hydrant plate, Ireby 
NY23383874 Ireby 
NY23773879 Ireby CofE Primary School, Ireby 
NY25213888 Ireby Dale, Ireby 
NY23673874 Ireby Hall, Ireby L
NY23943849 Ireby High Bridge, Ireby 
NY24083921 Ireby Low Bridge, Ireby 
NY23903862 Ireby Mill, Ireby 
NY23973855 Jock's Brow, Ireby 
NY22983728 Kiln Brow, Ireby L
NY23823916 Lime, Ireby 
NY26823813 limekiln, Aughertree Fell 
NY231376 limekiln, Ireby 
NY23343779 limekiln, Ireby (2) 
NY23303764 limekiln, Ireby (3) 
NY23293763 limekiln, Ireby (4) 
NY26553846 limekiln, Ireby (5) 
NY23823876 Lion, Ireby 
NY28083146 Little Calva, Ireby 
NY26163369 Little Cockup, Ireby 
NY27173189 Little Nettle Hause, Ireby 
NY290342 Little Sca Fell, Ireby 
NY24883380 Little Tarn, Orthwaite 
NY26703598 Longlands Cottage, Longlands L out of sight
NY27453549 Longlands Fell, Ireby 
NY26683603 Longlands, Ireby 
NY26723604 Longlands, Longlands 
NY26643591 Low Longlands, Longlands L
NY23863678 Lower Ruthwaite Farm, Ruthwaite L
NY27813476 Lowthwaite Fell, Ireby 
NY26203556 Lowthwaite, Ireby L
NY23823871 Mains Hall, Ireby L
NY23663853 Mains Hall, Ireby (2) gone
NY23793873 market cross, Ireby L
NY23763622 Marshalls Cottage, Ireby L
NY28283378 Meal Fell, Ireby 
NY2336 Mell Beck 
NY27253690 Mickle Rigg, Ireby 
NY24123921 mill, Ireby 
NY25423267 mill, Ireby (2) 
NY25423273 Mirkholme, Ireby L
NY24753446 moat, Ireby 
NY24923701 Mole End, Uldale 
NY23783873 Moot Hall, Ireby L
NY22673890 New Park, Ireby 
NY21414062 Newbiggin Grange, Ireby L
NY2732 Nine Gills 
NY23823645 Nook House, Ireby 
NY23733673 Old Barn Studios, Ruthwaite 
NY25023683 Old School House, Uldale 
NY25593360 Orthwaite Bank, Ireby 
NY25233405 Orthwaite Farm, Orthwaite 
NY25263418 Orthwaite Hall, Orthwaite L
NY25253413 Orthwaite, Ireby 
NY24343461 Overwater Hall, Ireby L
NY212402 park, Ireby 
NY25683864 Pike-eel Well, Aughertree 
NY23063706 pinfold, High Ireby not found
NY23853908 police house, Ireby 
NY22513995 Prior Hall, Ireby 
NY25403850 Pyerigg, Aughertree 
NY231376 quarry, High Ireby 
NY24833714 Rectory, Uldale gone
NY23823912 Red House, Ireby 
NY29963096 Red Scar, Underskiddaw 
NY23823677 Road Farm, Ruthwaite L
NY23833679 Rose Cottage, Ruthwaite L
NY23823889 Rothery House, Ireby 
NY238369 Ruthwaite Baryte Mine, Ireby 
NY23753674 Ruthwaite Cottage, Ruthwaite L
NY23803677 Ruthwaite, Ireby L
NY24813560 Scawthwaite Close, Bassenthwaite 
NY25033680 school, Uldale (2) 
NY28943421 shelter, Litte Sca Fell 
NY28193374 shelter, Uldale 
NY24973694 Smithy Cottage, Uldale L
NY24993698 Snooty Fox, Uldale 
NY23793921 St James, Ireby 
NY2437 St John, Uldale 
NY23843897 Standingstone Cottage, Ireby L
NY25243650 Stanthwaite Bridge, Ireby 
NY25303657 Stanthwaite, Ireby 
NY25893493 Stockdale, Ireby 
NY23473504 stone wall, Ireby 
NY26823604 stone wall, Ireby (3) 
NY23853883 Sun, Ireby 
NY27243660 Sworley, Ireby 
NY22983964 Tipses Wood, Ireby gone
NY23503866 Tithe Barns, Ireby 
NY25703804 Town Head Farm, Ireby L
NY24693695 Townend, Uldale 
NY23593875 Townhead, Ireby 
NY25023701 Townhead, Uldale L
NY23463450 Troutbeck Lodge, Ireby 
NY27853350 Trusmadoor, Ireby 
NY24623676 Uldale Bridge, Uldale 
NY27533390 Uldale Fells, Ireby 
NY24903693 Uldale Hall, Uldale L
NY23983788 Uldale Mill, Ireby 
NY24953695 Uldale, Ireby 
NY23693927 vicarage, Ireby 
NY22853830 Wat Riggs, Ireby 
NY25603550 Water Bank, Ireby 
NY23183702 water trough, Ireby 
NY23403672 water trough, Ireby (2) 
NY23813872 water trough, Ireby (3) 
NY24933693 water trough, Uldale 
NY25593551 Waterbank Quarry, Ireby 
NY23843904 Wesleyan Chapel, Ireby 
NY23843897 Whent House, Ireby L
NY27123235 White Hause, Ireby 
NY23673484 Whitefield Cottage, Ireby 
NY2434 Whitefield House, Ireby 
NY24783318 Whitefield Wood, Ireby 
NY2732 Whitehause Gill 
NY27213134 Whitewater Dash, Bassenthwaite 
NY272356 Longlands Copper Mine, Ireby 
NY23813679 John Peel Cottage, Ruthwaite L
NY2436 Ellen, River 
NY25183506 Over Water, Ireby 
NY22393930 Ireby Old Chancel, Ireby L
NY24013794 St James, Uldale L
NY26603696 stone wall, Ireby (2) 
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