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Boltons parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY2441
10Km square:-   NY14
10Km square:-   NY24
10Km square:-   NY23
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 512 (1971)

NY22954077 All Saints, Boltongate L
NY25174117 Angerton Bank, Boltons 
NY21004215 Appletree Inn, Mealsgate gone
NY26673985 Barren Fell, Boltons 
NY22934080 Bell Church Institute, Boltongate 
NY26404319 Bog Hall, Boltons 
NY2641 Boiling Springs, Boltons 
NY23834431 Bolton Cottage, Bolton Low Houses 
NY22734076 Bolton Hall, Boltongate 
NY23534420 Bolton Low Houses, Boltons 
NY2639 Bolton Moor, Boltons 
NY24804419 Bolton New Houses, Boltons 
NY26184148 Bolton Park, Boltons L
NY24854424 Bolton Wood Farm, Boltons 
NY24224421 Bolton Wood House, Boltons 
NY25434423 Bolton Wood Lane, Boltons 
NY22934049 Boltongate Bridge, Boltongate 
NY23074081 Boltongate Farm, Boltons L
NY23944044 Boltongate Head, Boltons 
NY22924053 Boltongate Mill, Boltongate once
NY22924081 Boltongate, Boltons 
NY25034420 Boltonwood, Boltons 
NY23314407 Brough Hill Farm, Boltons 
NY23314420 Brough Hill, Boltons 
NY23304403 Buck Inn, Boltons 
NY23864171 Carlisle Gate, Boltons 
NY247408 Catlands Fell, Boltons 
NY24604141 Catlands Foot, Boltons 
NY24904105 Catlands Hill, Boltons 
NY24624110 Catlands, Boltons gone
NY24884111 Catlandshill Top, Boltons gone
NY23754434 chapel, Bolton Low Houses 
NY23374194 Close, Boltons 
NY22414298 coal mine, Boltons gone
NY26603954 Coalroad Plantation, Boltons 
NY19884111 Cockbridge Inn, Cockbridge 
NY19894108 Cockbridge, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow 
NY21204229 Croft House, Mealsgate 
NY1846 Crummock Beck 
NY22104298 Crummock Bridge, Boltons 
NY26253900 Daleside, Boltons 
NY1941 Dow Beck 
NY22814448 Dryrigg Farm, Boltons 
NY28693935 earthwork, Boltons 
NY23754033 Ellen Bank, Boltons 
NY23444073 Ellen Grove, Boltons 
NY232417 Far Row, Boltons 
NY24804395 fingerpost, Boltons 
NY20804244 George Moore Memorial Hall, Mealsgate 
NY2439 Gill Beck (4) 
NY26103892 Gill, Boltons once
NY23784437 Globe Inn, Bolton Low Houses 
NY24894144 Greenfoot, Boltons 
NY2141 Grove Cott, Boltons 
NY22044123 Grove Cottage, Boltons 
NY24753937 Guards, Boltons 
NY24254191 Hall Bank, Boltons 
NY20564185 Hall House, Boltons 
NY22434422 High Blaithwaite Station, Boltons 
NY25024360 High Pow, Boltons 
NY24924080 Highend Quarry, Boltons 
NY20664196 Hole House, Boltons gone?
NY2344 How Gill (3) 
NY24083921 Ireby Low Bridge, Ireby 
NY23724064 Killhow, Boltons gone
NY22914078 Ladyman House, Boltongate 
NY22934170 Lane Head, Boltons 
NY23854410 Lanehead, Bolton Low Houses 
NY27983875 limekiln, Boltons 
NY2343 Little Waver 
NY25094381 Low Pow, Boltons 
NY24393943 Lynedraw, Boltons 
NY20824250 Mealsgate Station, Mealsgate 
NY20914210 Mealsgate, Boltons 
NY22514324 milestone, Boltons L
NY20974209 mine, Mealsgate gone
NY20264130 moat, Cockbridge 
NY25373952 Newlands Farm, Boltons 
NY21094193 Newlands Row Farm, Mealsgate 
NY23804439 Oddfellows Arms, Bolton Low Houses 
NY20894203 Old Post Office, Mealsgate 
NY22964063 Old Rectory, Boltongate L
NY20854208 Old Smithy House, Mealsgate 
NY23104469 Pasture House, Boltons 
NY22424322 Pattenfoot, Boltons 
NY22974344 Percy Hill, Boltons 
NY22854348 Percyhill Bridge, Boltons 
NY21094225 police house, Mealsgate 
NY25334215 Pow Bank, Boltons 
NY2542 Pow Gill 
NY25714068 Pow Heads, Boltons 
NY25264397 Powgill Mill, Boltons 
NY22294173 Quarry Hill Farm, Boltons 
NY22394142 Quarry Hill House, Boltons 
NY20804250 railway sidings, Mealsgate 
NY25263930 Rash, Boltons 
NY26673995 Sandale Transmitting Station, Boltons 
NY24804025 Sandale, Boltons 
NY24804401 school, Boltons 
NY28324006 Seat, Caldbeck 
NY23924452 Shaking Bridge, Bolton Low Houses 
NY23644142 Smithybrow Quarry, Boltons 
NY27953854 Snow Hill Farm, Boltons 
NY27733827 Snowhill Cottage, Boltons 
NY25664365 Syke House, Boltons 
NY2643 Thackthwaite Beck (2) 
NY26434352 Thackthwaite Hall, Boltons L
NY26534350 Thackthwaite Wath Bridge, Boltons 
NY28803913 Thistlebottom, Boltons L
NY27563820 Thorney Stone, Boltons 
NY2742 Thornthwaite Beck 
NY27074187 Thornthwaite Close, Thornthwaite 
NY27174184 Thornthwaite Hall, Thornthwaite 
NY27524123 Thornthwaite Head, Thornthwaite gone
NY27164178 Thornthwaite, Boltons 
NY21984283 tile works, Boltons gone
NY22954076 war memorial, Boltongate 
NY22154362 Waver Bank, Boltons 
NY21984178 Weary Hall Style, Boltons 
NY24444164 Well Rash, Boltons 
NY23484174 Wellhead, Boltons 
NY23924248 Wellrash Beck 
NY24744184 Wellrash Bridge, Boltons 
NY24404163 Wellrash Farm, Boltons L
NY22934072 White Swan Inn, Boltongate 
NY20904207 Mealsgate Bridge, Mealsgate 
NY22544288 Pattenfoot Bridge, Boltons 
NY23854170 pinfold, Boltons gone
NY23564421 Brough Hill Bridge, Bolton Low Houses 
NY21754179 Weary Hall, Boltons L
NY2436 Ellen, River 
NY1751 Waver, River 
NY23864416 meeting house, Bolton Low Houses 
NY23664425 milestone, Boltons (2) L
NY21234228 milestone, Boltons (3) L
NY20074120 milestone, Boltons (4) L
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