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placename:- Garsdale parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Yorkshire
coordinates:- SD7591
10Km square:- SD69, SD79
10Km square:- SD78
parish code:- GRSD
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square SD7591

source:- Census 1971

population:- 213 -- 1971

Aye Gill Quarry, Garsdale
Badger Dub Cottage, Garsdale
Badger Dub, Garsdale
Banks Bridge, Garsdale
Banks, Garsdale
barn, Garsdale
barn, Grisedale
Baugh Fell Coal Pits, Garsdale
Baugh Fell, Garsdale
Beck House, Grisedale
Bellow End, Garsdale
Bens Bridge, Garsdale
bield, Garsdale
Birkrigg, Garsdale
Blades Outrake Quarry, Garsdale
Blake Mire, Grisedale
Blea Gill (3)
boundary stone, Garsdale
Bridge End East, Garsdale
Bridge End Quarry, Garsdale
bridge, Garsdale (3)
bridge, Grisedale
bridge, Grisedale (2)
Bullstones, Garsdale
Caeseat Beck
Cartmire Gill
Chapel House, Grisedale
Clough Bridge, Garsdale, Garsdale
Clough Cottage, Garsdale
Clough Force, Garsdale
Clough River
Clough, Garsdale
Copplethwaite, Garsdale
Cowper Gill
Cross Thwaite, Garsdale
culvert, Garsdale
culvert, Garsdale (2)
Dandra Garth, Garsdale
Dandry Mire Viaduct, Garsdale
Dandry Mire, Garsdale
Dawson's Rock, Dent
Dawson's Rock, Garsdale
Double Hole Bridge, Grisedale
Dovecote Cave, Garsdale
Dover Gill
Dry Gill
East Baugh Fell, Garsdale
East Coat Weggs Bridge, Garsdale
East House, Grisedale
East Little Town, Garsdale
East Rackenthwaite, Garsdale
East Scale, Grisedale
East Tarns, Garsdale
engine shed, Garsdale
Far House, Garsdale
Fawcetts Farm, Garsdale
Fea Fow, Grisedale
Flust, Grisedale
ford, Garsdale
Garsdale Coal Pits, Garsdale
Garsdale Common, Garsdale
Garsdale Foot, Garsdale
Garsdale Hall, Garsdale
Garsdale Head, Garsdale
Garsdale Low Moor, Garsdale
Garsdale Methodist Chapel, Garsdale
Garsdale Quarry, Sedbergh
Garsdale Station, Garsdale
Garsdale valley, Garsdale
Garsdale Village Hall, Garsdale
Giles's Quarry, Garsdale
Gill Head, Garsdale
Green Side Quarry, Garsdale
Grisedale Beck (2)
Grisedale Pike, Garsdale
Grisedale, Garsdale
Hard Ing Bridge, Garsdale
Haskhaw Gill
Hawes branch railway
Hawes Junction Methodist Chapel, Garsdale Head
Hawes Junction, Garsdale
Hawes Water Troughs, Garsdale
High Flust, Grisedale
High Lathe, Grisedale
High Scale, Garsdale
Hind Keld East, Garsdale
Hind Keld West, Garsdale
Hive, Garsdale
Hole House, Garsdale
Holmes Moss Hill, Garsdale
Ingheads Bridge, Garsdale
Ingheads, Garsdale
Kirk Bridge, Garsdale
Knoutberry Haw, Garsdale
Knudman Bridge, Garsdale
Knudmaning, Garsdale
limekiln, Grisedale
limekiln, Grisedale (2)
Lindsey Fold Farm, Garsdale
Little Town, Garsdale
Long Gill (2)
Low Cowper Gill, Garsdale
Low House Bridge, Garsdale
Low House, Garsdale
Low Scale Bridge, Garsdale
Low Scale, Garsdale
Low Scar, Garsdale
Meas, Garsdale
meeting house, Garsdale
meeting house, Grisedale
milestone, Garsdale
milestone, Garsdale (2)
milestone, Garsdale (3)
milestone, Garsdale (4)
milestone, Garsdale (5)
milestone, Garsdale (6)
milestone, Garsdale (8)
Mill Bridge, Garsdale
monument, Garsdale
Moor Rigg, Grisedale
Mouse Syke, Grisedale
Mud Becks, Garsdale
Needlehouse Gill
Nettle Brow, Garsdale
New Bridge, Garsdale
Old Joinery, Garsdale
Old Police House, Garsdale
Pinfold Farm, Garsdale
pinfold, Garsdale
Potgill Holme, Garsdale
quaker burial ground, Grisedale
railway bridge, Garsdale
railway bridge, Garsdale (2)
railway bridge, Garsdale (3)
Railway Terrace, Garsdale
Rawthey Gill
Rawthey Gill Foot, Garsdale
Raygill, Garsdale
Reachey, Grisedale
Ringing Keld Gutter
Rise Hill, Garsdale
road, Sedbergh to Hawes
Round Ing Gill
Rowantree, Grisedale
Scale, Grisedale
Scar Foot Bridge, Garsdale
school, Garsdale (2)
SD79: earthquake 19950130 1849
Sedgwick Trail 1, Garsdale
Sedgwick Trail 2, Garsdale
Sedgwick Trail 3, Garsdale
Sedgwick Trail 4, Garsdale
Sedgwick Trail 5, Garsdale
Sedgwick Trail 6, Garsdale
Sedgwick Trail 7, Garsdale
Sedgwick Trail 8, Garsdale
Sedgwick Trail 9, Garsdale
Sedgwick Trail 10, Garsdale
Sedgwick Trail 11, Garsdale
Sedgwick Trail 12, Garsdale
Sedgwick Trail, Garsdale
Settle and Carlisle Railway
sheepfold, Garsdale
sheepfold, Grisedale (3)
sheepfold, Grisedale (4)
signal box, Garsdale
Slack House, Garsdale
Snaizwood Fell, Garsdale
Squirrel Cottage, Garsdale
St John, Garsdale
stone wall, Garsdale
stone wall, Garsdale (2)
stone wall, Grisedale
Stony Gill
Street Chapel, Garsdale
Swarth Fell Pike, Garsdale
Swarthgill Cottage, Garsdale
Swarthgill House, Garsdale
Swarthgill Sevice Station, Garsdale
Tarn Hill, Garsdale
Tarn Rigg Hill, Garsdale
Thorney Fold Limekiln, Garsdale
Thorney Fold, Garsdale
Thursgill, Garsdale
Thwaites Head, Garsdale
Tom Croft Cave, Garsdale
trig point, SD7206788612
trig point, SD7313291938
trig point, SD7614595746
Turner Hill, Garsdale
water gate, Grisedale
waterfall, Garsdale
weather station, Garsdale
West Coat Weggs, Garsdale
West Little Town, Garsdale
West Mostard, Garsdale
West Scale, Grisedale
West Scar House, Garsdale
Whit Beck, Garsdale
White Boar Quarry, Garsdale
White Boar Well, Garsdale
Willy's Fold, Garsdale
Will's Hill, Garsdale
Winterscales Quarry, Garsdale

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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