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Garsdale parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Yorkshire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD7591
10Km square:-   SD69
10Km square:-   SD79
10Km square:-   SD78
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 213 (1971)

SD77839322 Aldershaw, Grisedale 
SD72988934 Aye Gill Quarry, Garsdale 
SD72269061 Badger Dub Cottage, Garsdale L
SD72319062 Badger Dub, Garsdale L
SD76209007 Banks Bridge, Garsdale L
SD76219011 Banks, Garsdale L
SD72259058 barn, Garsdale 
SD77559388 barn, Grisedale 
SD745911 Baugh Fell Coal Pits, Garsdale 
SD73789381 Baugh Fell, Garsdale 
SD77659302 Beck House, Grisedale 
SD71679088 Bellow End, Garsdale 
SD78599167 bield, Garsdale 
SD72409044 Birkrigg, Garsdale L out of sight
SD739889 Blades Outrake Quarry, Garsdale 
SD77999263 Blake Mire, Grisedale 
SD7589 Blea Gill (3) 
SD79399256 boundary stone, Garsdale 
SD72119034 Bridge End East, Garsdale 
SD718899 Bridge End Quarry, Garsdale 
SD74768962 bridge, Garsdale (3) 
SD77619290 bridge, Grisedale 
SD76789392 bridge, Grisedale (2) L
SD73649179 Bullstones, Garsdale 
SD7691 Caeseat Beck 
SD7593 Cartmire Gill 
SD77679299 Chapel House, Grisedale 
SD71879053 chapel, Garsdale 
SD78479187 Clough Bridge, Garsdale, Garsdale 
SD78469191 Clough Cottage, Garsdale 
SD78279218 Clough Force, Garsdale 
SD7389 Clough River 
SD78299200 Clough, Garsdale L
SD715894 Copplethwaite, Garsdale 
SD7389 Cowper Gill 
SD76178988 Cross Thwaite, Garsdale 
SD75328970 Dandra Garth, Garsdale L
SD79279220 Dandry Mire Viaduct, Garsdale L
SD79089230 Dandry Mire, Garsdale 
SD78038935 Dawson's Rock, Dent 
SD779893 Dawson's Rock, Garsdale 
SD77529230 Double Hole Bridge, Grisedale 
SD69479195 Dovecote Cave, Garsdale 
SD7594 Dover Gill 
SD7291 Dry Gill 
SD75459218 East Baugh Fell, Garsdale 
SD71879046 East Bridge End, Garsdale 
SD71859055 East Bridge, Garsdale 
SD75738992 East Coat Weggs Bridge, Garsdale L
SD77669376 East House, Grisedale 
SD75878986 East Little Town, Garsdale L
SD73239032 East Rackenthwaite, Garsdale L
SD76729391 East Scale, Grisedale L
SD742921 East Tarns, Garsdale 
SD78639159 engine shed, Garsdale 
SD74008926 Far House, Garsdale 
SD72629046 Fawcetts Farm, Garsdale 
SD77339404 Fea Fow, Grisedale L
SD71409115 ford, Garsdale 
SD74818963 Garsdale 
SD790904 Garsdale Coal Pits, Garsdale 
SD791910 Garsdale Common, Garsdale 
SD69989153 Garsdale Foot, Garsdale 
SD74568951 Garsdale Hall, Garsdale L
SD787923 Garsdale Head, Garsdale 
SD789927 Garsdale Low Moor, Garsdale 
SD74158950 Garsdale Methodist Chapel, Garsdale L
SD69769115 Garsdale Quarry, Sedbergh 
SD78869181 Garsdale Station, Garsdale 
SD76449022 Garsdale valley, Garsdale 
SD74528960 Garsdale Village Hall, Garsdale 
SD71209124 gate, Garsdale 
SD71539001 Giles's Quarry, Garsdale 
SD738924 Gill Head, Garsdale 
SD74649055 Green Side Quarry, Garsdale 
SD7693 Grisedale Beck (2) 
SD755924 Grisedale Pike, Garsdale 
SD78179152 Hard Ing Bridge, Garsdale 
SD7593 Haskhaw Gill 
 Hawes branch railway 
SD79309250 Hawes Junction Methodist Chapel, Garsdale Head 
SD79129200 Hawes Junction, Garsdale 
SD78129101 Hawes Water Troughs, Garsdale 
SD70839127 hen house, Garsdale 
SD77019437 High Flust, Grisedale 
SD76899289 High Lathe, Grisedale 
SD70909127 Hill Top, Garsdale 
SD71249122 Hind Keld East, Garsdale L
SD71169124 Hind Keld West, Garsdale L
SD74778964 Hive, Garsdale 
SD706911 Hole House, Garsdale 
SD751948 Holmes Moss Hill, Garsdale 
SD77439072 Ingheads Bridge, Garsdale 
SD77499069 Ingheads, Garsdale L
SD74508963 Kirk Bridge, Garsdale L
SD73299192 Knoutberry Haw, Garsdale 
SD77969116 Knudman Bridge, Garsdale 
SD77749115 Knudmaning, Garsdale 
SD78769006 limekiln, Garsdale 
SD69909128 limekiln, Garsdale (2) 
SD78209334 limekiln, Garsdale (3) 
SD73819064 limekiln, Garsdale (5) 
SD74499065 limekiln, Garsdale (6) 
SD74789045 limekiln, Garsdale (7) 
SD78979063 limekiln, Garsdale (8) 
SD72668979 limekiln, Garsdale (9) 
SD78178976 limekiln, Garsdale (10) 
SD78068961 limekiln, Garsdale (11) 
SD76169442 limekiln, Grisedale 
SD77419415 limekiln, Grisedale (2) 
SD71539095 Lindsey Fold Farm, Garsdale L
SD772908 Little Town, Garsdale 
SD7692 Long Gill (2) 
SD71639073 Long Holme, Garsdale 
SD73498975 Low Cowper Gill, Garsdale 
SD73718959 Low House Bridge, Garsdale L
SD73748965 Low House, Garsdale L
SD71949116 Low Scale Bridge, Garsdale 
SD77999128 Low Scale, Garsdale L
SD77169056 Low Scar, Garsdale L
SD777902 Meas, Garsdale 
SD75818989 milestone, Garsdale L
SD74448963 milestone, Garsdale (2) L
SD77229058 milestone, Garsdale (3) L
SD78339168 milestone, Garsdale (4) L
SD71759063 milestone, Garsdale (5) L
SD70239092 milestone, Garsdale (6) L
SD73019018 milestone, Garsdale (8) not found
SD76729028 Mill Bridge, Garsdale L
SD79029073 monument, Garsdale 
SD77669333 Moor Rigg, Grisedale 
SD77389262 Mouse Syke, Grisedale 
SD788920 Mud Becks, Garsdale 
SD7397 Needlehouse Gill 
SD760947 Nettle Brow, Garsdale 
SD71349066 New Bridge, Garsdale 
SD76269010 Old Joinery, Garsdale 
SD74938967 Old Police House, Garsdale 
SD74898965 Pinfold Farm, Garsdale 
SD74918964 pinfold, Garsdale 
SD70149099 Potgill Holme, Garsdale L
SD754897 quaker burial ground, Garsdale 
SD76759391 quaker burial ground, Grisedale 
SD79399254 railway bridge, Garsdale L
SD78759173 railway bridge, Garsdale (2) 
SD78469140 railway bridge, Garsdale (3) 
SD77469039 railway bridge, Garsdale (4) 
SD77729061 railway bridge, Garsdale (5) 
SD78649162 railway culvert, Garsdale 
SD78569153 railway culvert, Garsdale (2) 
SD78779180 Railway Terrace, Garsdale 
SD7493 Rawthey Gill 
SD746945 Rawthey Gill Foot, Garsdale 
SD77289355 Reachey, Grisedale L
SD7192 Ringing Keld Gutter 
SD73448839 Rise Hill, Garsdale 
SD7694 Round Ing Gill 
SD77709302 Rowantree, Grisedale 
SD76739395 Scale, Grisedale 
SD77199057 Scar Foot Bridge, Garsdale L
SD69819127 Sedgwick Trail 1, Garsdale 
SD69649129 Sedgwick Trail 2, Garsdale 
SD69629131 Sedgwick Trail 3, Garsdale 
SD69619132 Sedgwick Trail 4, Garsdale 
SD69539141 Sedgwick Trail 5, Garsdale 
SD69519143 Sedgwick Trail 6, Garsdale 
SD69479146 Sedgwick Trail 7, Garsdale 
SD69419146 Sedgwick Trail 8, Garsdale 
SD69419150 Sedgwick Trail 9, Garsdale 
SD69369149 Sedgwick Trail 10, Garsdale 
SD69339149 Sedgwick Trail 11, Garsdale 
SD69319150 Sedgwick Trail 12, Garsdale 
SD69799127 Sedgwick Trail, Garsdale 
SD75699436 sheepfold, Garsdale 
SD76089439 sheepfold, Grisedale (3) 
SD76009432 sheepfold, Grisedale (4) 
SD78889185 signal box, Garsdale 
SD73438989 Slack Cottage, Garsdale 
SD73628984 Slack House, Garsdale L
SD751885 Snaizwood Fell, Garsdale 
SD74758964 Squirrel Cottage, Garsdale 
SD74628954 St John, Garsdale L
SD70799114 Stephen's Farm, Garsdale 
SD78499186 stone wall, Garsdale 
SD75788929 stone wall, Garsdale (2) 
SD76549438 stone wall, Grisedale 
SD7692 Stony Gill 
SD74808960 Street Chapel, Garsdale L
SD761956 Swarth Fell Pike, Garsdale 
SD72689019 Swarthgill Cottage, Garsdale 
SD72669019 Swarthgill House, Garsdale L
SD72639017 Swarthgill Sevice Station, Garsdale 
SD748921 Tarn Hill, Garsdale 
SD742914 Tarn Rigg Hill, Garsdale 
SD75779113 Thorney Fold Limekiln, Garsdale 
SD75819115 Thorney Fold, Garsdale 
SD74608980 Thursgill, Garsdale L
SD72189087 Thwaites Head, Garsdale 
SD71989068 Toll Bar Cottage, Garsdale 
SD69459146 Tom Croft Cave, Garsdale 
SD782938 Turner Hill, Garsdale 
NY07800386 Walk Mill, Gosforth 
SD77039383 water gate, Grisedale 
SD71279122 water trough, Garsdale 
SD69479146 waterfall, Garsdale 
SD78729204 weather station, Garsdale 
SD75378984 West Coat Weggs, Garsdale L
SD75688985 West Little Town, Garsdale L
SD71199066 West Mostard, Garsdale 
SD76699398 West Scale, Grisedale L
SD76789047 West Scar House, Garsdale 
SD70479084 Whit Beck, Garsdale 
SD78349296 White Boar Quarry, Garsdale 
SD78319290 White Boar Well, Garsdale 
SD76168891 Will's Hill, Garsdale 
SD76019181 Willy's Fold, Garsdale 
SD72768951 Winterscales Quarry, Garsdale 
SD77769320 Grisedale, Garsdale 
SD76609005 Raygill, Garsdale L
 Settle and Carlisle Railway 
SD76659020 meeting house, Garsdale 
SD77469343 meeting house, Grisedale gone
SD75178973 Bens Bridge, Garsdale L
SD70499125 Bents Lathe, Garsdale 
SD770942 Flust, Grisedale 
SD78369136 High Scale, Garsdale L
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