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placename:- Ireby parish
other name:- Ireby and Uldale
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY2536
10Km square:- NY24
10Km square:- NY23
parish code:- IRBY
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY2536

source:- Census 1971

population:- 441 -- 1971

Applethwaite Gill Trial, Ireby
Aughertree Fell, Ireby
Aughertree, Ireby
Baggra Yeat, Ireby
barn, Ireby
bield, Uldale
Binsey, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
Boltongate Bridge, Boltons
Brockle Crag, Ireby
Brocklecrag, Ireby
Burn Tod, Ireby
Burntod Gill
Cass Beck Bridge, Bassenthwaite
Castle How, Ireby
Chapel House Farm, Ireby
Charleton Gill
church, Ireby
Cockshot Beck
Croft House Farm, Ireby
Dale View, Ireby
Dash Beck
Dash Farm, Ireby
Dash, Ireby
drain, Ireby
drain, Ireby (2)
Ellen, River
Ellenside House, Ireby
fingerpost, Ireby
fingerpost, Ireby (2)
fingerpost, Ireby (3)
fingerpost, Ireby (4)
fingerpost, Ireby (5)
fingerpost, Uldale
Frozen Fell, Ireby
Gate Farm, Uldale
Gillhead Quarry, Ireby
Globe Hall, Ireby
Great Calva, Underskiddaw
Great Cockup, Ireby
Great Sca Fell, Ireby
Green Croft, Ireby
Green How, Ireby
High Ireby, Ireby
Horsemoor Hills, Ireby
house, Ireby
house, Ireby (2)
house, Ireby (3)
house, Ireby (4)
house, Uldale (2)
hydrant plate, Ireby
Ireby CofE Primary School, Ireby
Ireby Hall, Ireby
Ireby High Bridge, Ireby
Ireby Low Bridge, Ireby
Ireby Old Chancel, Ireby
John Peel Cottage, Ruthwaite
Kiln Brow, Ireby
limekiln, Aughertree Fell
limekiln, Ireby
limekiln, Ireby (2)
limekiln, Ireby (3)
limekiln, Ireby (4)
Lion, Ireby
Little Cockup, Ireby
Little Sca Fell, Ireby
Little Tarn, Ireby
Longlands Copper Mine, Ireby
Longlands Cottage, Ireby
Longlands Fell, Ireby
Longlands, Ireby
Low Longlands, Ireby
Lower Ruthwaite Farm, Ruthwaite
Lowthwaite Fell, Ireby
Lowthwaite, Ireby
Mains Hall, Ireby
market cross, Ireby
Marshalls Cottage, Ireby
Meal Fell, Ireby
Mell Beck
Mickle Rigg, Ireby
Mirkholme, Ireby
moat, Ireby
Mole End, Uldale
Moot Hall, Ireby
New Park, Ireby
Newbiggin Grange, Ireby
Old Barn Studios, Ruthwaite
Old School House, Uldale
Orthwaite Farm, Orthwaite
Orthwaite Hall, Ireby
Orthwaite, Ireby
Over Water, Ireby
Overwater Hall, Ireby
park, Ireby
pinfold, High Ireby
Prior Hall, Ireby
quarry, High Ireby
quarry, Ireby
Road Farm, Ruthwaite
road, Bassenthwaite to Red Dial
Rose Cottage, Ruthwaite
Rothery House, Ireby
Ruthwaite Baryte Mine, Ireby
Ruthwaite Cottage, Ruthwaite
Ruthwaite, Ireby
Scawthwaite Close, Bassenthwaite
school, Uldale
school, Uldale (2)
shelter, Litte Sca Fell
shelter, Uldale
Smithy Cottage, Uldale
Snooty Fox, Uldale
St James, Ireby
St James, Uldale
St John, Uldale
Standingstone Cottage, Ireby
Stanthwaite, Ireby
Stockdale, Ireby
stone wall, Ireby
stone wall, Ireby (2)
stone wall, Ireby (3)
Sun, Ireby
Sworley, Ireby
Town Head Farm, Ireby
Townhead, Uldale
Trusmadoor, Ireby
Uldale Bridge, Uldale
Uldale Fells, Ireby
Uldale Hall, Uldale
Uldale Mill, Ireby
Uldale, Ireby
water trough, Ireby
water trough, Ireby (2)
water trough, Ireby (3)
water trough, Uldale
Waterbank Quarry, Ireby
Wesleyan Chapel, Ireby
Whent House, Ireby
White Hause, Ireby
Whitefield House, Ireby
Whitewater Dash, Bassenthwaite

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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