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placename:- Torver parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Lancashire
coordinates:- SD2894
10Km square:- SD29, SD39
parish code:- TRVR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square SD2894

source:- Census 1971

population:- 182 -- 1971

Abraham's Route A, Dow Crag
Abraham's Route B, Dow Crag
Abraxas, Dow Crag
accommodation crossing, Torver
accommodation crossing, Torver (2)
Alasdair, Dow Crag
Arete, Chimney and Crack, Dow Crag
Ash Gill Beck
B Buttress Variations, Dow Crag
Balrog, Dow Crag
Bank End, Torver
barn, Torver
Black Buttress, Dow Crag
Black Chimney, Dow Crag
Black Wall, Dow Crag
Blasphemy Crack, Dow Crag
Bleaberry Haws stone circle, Torver
Bleaberry Haws, Torver
Blind Tarn Crag, Torver
Blind Tarn, Torver
Blizzard Chimney, Dow Crag
Bracken Barrow Farm, Torver
Branch Chimney, Dow Crag
Brigg House Bridge, Torver
Broadrick's Crack, Dow Crag
Broadrick's Route, Dow Crag
Brocklebank Ground, Torver
Brown Pike, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Buck Pike, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Bull Haw Moss, Torver
Cage, Dow Crag
Catacomb, Dow Crag
Cave Pitch, Dow Crag
Central Chimney, Dow Crag
Church House Inn, Torver
Cinderella, Blind Tarn Crag
Coniston Railway
Coniston Water
Cove, Coniston
Crock's Crawl, Dow Crag
Crossings, Torver
Dow Crag, Torver
Easy Gully, Dow Crag
Eliminate A, Dow Crag
Eliminate B, Dow Crag
Eliminate C, Dow Crag
Ellis Howe, Torver
Fleming Tranearth, Torver
Frank Tranearth, Torver
Giant's Corner, Dow Crag
Giant's Crawl, Dow Crag
Girdle Traverse, Dow Crag
Goatfoot Crag Slate Quarry, Torver
Goat's Water, Torver
Gold Scope Quarries, Torver
Goldscope, Blind Tarn Crag
Gordon and Craig's Route, Dow Crag
Great Central Route, Dow Crag
Great Gully, Dow Crag
Greaves Ground, Torver
Green Rigg, Torver
Hare Crags, Torver
Hawk Route, Dow Crag
Hazel Hall, Torver
Hesperus, Dow Crag
Hoathwaite Farm, Torver
Hoathwaite Landing, Torver
Hollage Bridge, Torver
Holocaust, Dow Crag
Hopkinson's Crack, Dow Crag
house, Torver
Hummer Bridge, Torver
Hyacinth Route, Dow Crag
Intermediate Gully, Dow Crag
Isengard, Dow Crag
Jones's Route, Dow Crag
Kelly Hall Tarn, Torver
Lazarus, Dow Crag
Leopard's Crawl, Dow Crag
Levitation, Dow Crag
limekiln, Hummers
limekiln, Tranearth
Matthew Tranearth, Torver
Mere Beck (2)
Mill Bridge, Torver
Moor Farm, Torver
Murray's Crack, Dow Crag
Murray's Direct, Dow Crag
Murray's Route, Dow Crag
Murray's Super Direct, Dow Crag
Necklace Route, Dow Crag
Nimrod, Dow Crag
North Gully Broadrick's Route, Dow Crag
North Gully Ordinary Route, Dow Crag
North Wall N, Dow Crag
North Wall, Dow Crag
Northeast Climb, Dow Crag
Old Rectory, Torver
Ordinary Route C, Dow Crag
Ordinary Route D, Dow Crag
Overhang Pitch, Dow Crag
packhorse bridge, Torver
Park Ground, Torver
Pete's Party, Dow Crag
Pink Panther, Dow Crag
post box, Torver
post box, Torver (2)
Quest, Dow Crag
railway bridge, Torver
railway bridge, Torver (2)
Raven Route, Dow Crag
road, Broughton to Coniston
road, Coniston Water
road, Greenodd to Torver
Rough, Dow Crag
Sattery Bridge, Torver
Scarr Head, Torver
Scoop, Dow Crag
SD29: earthquake 19930708 0618
sheepfold, Torver
Side Walk, Dow Crag
Silence, Dow Crag
Sirius, Dow Crag
Slingsbsy's Pinnacle NW, Dow Crag
Slingsbsy's Pinnacle SE, Dow Crag
Snatch, Blind Tarn Crag
Snibbo, Dow Crag
Snitch, Blind Tarn Crag
Souterstead, Torver
South Chimney, Dow Crag
Southern Circuit, Dow Crag
Southern Slabs, Dow Crag
St Luke, Torver
Sunny Bank, Torver
Tarkus, Dow Crag
Three Pit Stone, Torver
Torver Back Common, Torver
Torver Beck
Torver Bridge, Torver
Torver Common Wood, Torver
Torver High Common, Torver
Torver Low Common, Torver
Torver Mill, Torver
Torver Station, Torver
Torver Village Hall, Torver
Tranearth, Torver
Trident Route, Dow Crag
Tumble, Dow Crag
Under Crag, Torver
Walna Scar Road
Walna Scar, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
weather station, Torver (2)
Wilson Arms, Torver
Woodhouse's Crack, Dow Crag
Woodhouse's Route, Dow Crag

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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