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Torver parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD2894
10Km square:-   SD29
10Km square:-   SD39
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 182 (1971)

SD26119237 accommodation crossing, Torver 
SD27559354 accommodation crossing, Torver (2) 
SD2695 Ash Gill Beck 
SD26889547 Ash Gill Quarry, Torver 
SD26529282 Bank End, Torver L
SD26499241 barn, Torver L
SD264946 Bleaberry Haws stone circle, Torver 
SD264945 Bleaberry Haws, Torver 
SD262966 Blind Tarn Crag, Torver 
SD26239671 Blind Tarn, Torver 
SD27729233 bloomery, Torver 
SD290944 Bracken Barrow Farm, Torver 
SD28559452 Brigg House Bridge, Torver 
SD276938 Brocklebank Ground, Torver 
SD26069660 Brown Pike, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD26239724 Buck Pike, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD271947 Bull Haw Moss, Torver 
SD25239488 Caw Moss Tarn, Torver 
SD28459425 Church House Inn, Torver L
 Coniston Railway 
SD268968 Cove, Coniston 
SD27819376 Crossings, Torver 
SD26259778 Dow Crag, Torver 
SD27719589 Eddy Scale Quarry, Torver 
SD28609402 Ellis Howe, Torver 
SD278956 Fleming Tranearth, Torver 
SD275954 Frank Tranearth, Torver 
SD26609646 Goatfoot Crag Slate Quarry, Torver 
SD26619766 Goat's Water, Torver 
SD26239650 Gold Scope Quarries, Torver 
SD264923 Greaves Ground, Torver 
SD267931 Green Rigg Bank, Torver 
SD267931 Green Rigg, Torver 
SD279950 Hare Crags, Torver 
SD27149299 Hazel Hall, Torver 
SD29599492 Hoathwaite Farm, Torver L
SD30159511 Hoathwaite Landing, Torver 
SD28529407 Hollage Bridge, Torver 
SD26519284 house, Torver L
SD26299337 Hummer Bridge, Torver 
SD28869327 Kelly Hall Tarn, Torver 
SD29149362 Long Moss, Torver 
SD274951 Matthew Tranearth, Torver 
SD2792 Mere Beck (2) 
SD28539320 Mill Bridge, Torver 
SD281937 Moor Farm, Torver 
SD288946 Old Rectory, Torver 
SD282933 Park Ground, Torver 
SD283941 post box, Torver 
SD288946 post box, Torver (2) 
SD27969620 quarry, Torver 
SD28879465 railway bridge, Torver 
SD26639276 railway bridge, Torver (2) 
SD28379391 Sattery Bridge, Torver 
SD283946 Scarr Head, Torver 
SD26549338 sheepfold, Torver 
SD273935 Souterstead, Torver 
SD289924 Sunny Bank, Torver 
SD26969237 tarn, Torver 
SD27129251 tarn, Torver (2) 
SD27199259 tarn, Torver (3) 
SD27529275 tarn, Torver (4) 
SD27559261 tarn, Torver (5) 
SD26619143 Three Pit Stone, Torver 
SD27769232 Throng Moss, Torver 
SD28359413 Torver 
SD291934 Torver Back Common, Torver 
SD292922 Torver Beck 
SD27099648 Torver Bridge, Torver 
SD297946 Torver Common Wood, Torver 
SD264952 Torver High Common, Torver 
SD27339241 Torver Low Common, Torver 
SD28519320 Torver Mill, Torver 
SD28439417 Torver Station, Torver 
SD28489431 Torver Village Hall, Torver 
SD28089563 Tranearth, Torver 
SD24539668 Walna Scar Road 
SD256962 Walna Scar, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD27759373 weather station, Torver (2) 
SD28339417 Wilson Arms, Torver 
SD25229516 Yewry Sike Quarry, Torver 
SD28479428 St Luke, Torver L
SD302943 Coniston Water 
SD27859417 Under Crag, Torver 
SD27239575 limekiln, Tranearth 
SD26359342 limekiln, Hummers 
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