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some Space in a narrow Compass between the River Lone on the East, and Winander mere on the West, and has some Rocks as well as Mountains, but is pretty fruitful in the Vallies, especially in the Meadows, near the Rivers; and its Mountains have good Pasture for Sheep, with Copper Ore in some Parts.
Its Air is sweet, healthful, and pleasant, but somewhat sharp in the mountainous Parts.

The most noble River in this County is the Eden, or Ituna of Ptolomy, which we mentioned in Cumberland. It rises at a Place called Hugh Seat Morville, or Hugh Morvill's Hill, out of which, two other Rivers, the Eure and Swale, run into Yorkshire. In its long Course it receives twelve Rivers and Brooks, some of which are considerable Streams; so that before it joins the Eimot, 'tis a very large River. Tradition says that Uter Pendragon made great Efforts to bring this River from its old Channel, but to no Purpose, which gave Occasion for the Rhyme,
Let Uter Pendragon do what he can,
The River Eden will run as it ran.

The River Can, Ken, or Kent, rises at Kentmere, and being joined by two large Rivers before it comes to Kendale, they render it a large Stream, with which is passeth thro' a Stony Channel abounding with Fish, into Solway Frith. The greatest River in the South Parts, is the Lone or Lune, which rising near Mallerstrand Forest, not far from Rissendale, gives Name to the Track called Lonsdale, i.e. a vale upon the Lone. After receiving some Rivulets, and the two Rivers Birkbeck and Burrow, near Orton. it grows a large Stream, and waters the middle Part of the County, and near half the Borders towards Yorkshire, and then passes into Lancashire. The Loder, or Lowther River is a very clear Stream without Mud, which rises in the Broad water Lake near Thornthwaite Forest; and after a long Course falls into the Eimot near Hornby. The Lowther's Family take their Name from it, and have a Seat on the Banks of it.
Among the Mountains in the South Part of the County, on the Borders of Cumberland, lies Winander mere, said to be the greatest Lake in England, and to be so called by
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