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Barbon parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD6482
10Km square:-   SD68
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.
"The Barony in Westmorland in the parish of Kirkby Lonsdale [Barbon]"

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Barbon
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 221 (1971)

place:-   Barbon Constablewick

SD62538217 Ashgarth, Barbon 
SD62718218 Ashmeadow Cottage, Barbon 
SD6681 Aygill 
SD63118237 Banneriggs Brow, Barbon 
SD62868249 Barbon 
SD6482 Barbon Beck 
SD67248311 Barbon High Fell, Barbon 
SD62918245 Barbon Inn, Barbon 
SD66828454 Barbon Limekiln, Barbon 
SD64708190 Barbon Low Fell, Barbon 
SD63938282 Barbon Manor, Barbon L
SD64388306 Barbon Park, Barbon 
SD64158198 Barbon Pike, Barbon 
SD66688383 Barbon Pot, Barbondale 
SD62978240 Barbon Station, Barbon 
SD62798233 Barbon Village Hall, Barbon 
SD62788252 Barbon Wesleyan Chapel, Barbon 
SD66228347 Barbondale, Barbon 
SD6684 Barkin Beck 
SD66658403 Barkin Cave, Barbondale 
SD66758520 Barkin, Dent 
SD61818247 barn, Barbon 
SD61358194 Beckfoot Farm, Barbon 
SD62778268 Beckgate Bridge, Barbon L
SD62808254 Beckgate Head, Barbon L
SD62798261 Beckgate, Barbon 
SD62678272 Beckside House, Barbon L
SD64718259 bench mark, SD64718259 
SD61398243 Birka Bank, Barbon 
SD61988262 Blease Hill, Barbon 
SD6582 Blind Beck 
SD65548263 Blindbeck Bridge, Barbondale L
SD66868479 boundary stone, Barbon/Dent L
SD62788230 bowling green, Barbon once
SD62538261 Boxtree Cottage, Barbon L
SD62098264 Boxtree Farm Buildings, Barbon 
SD62528258 Boxtree Farm, Barbon 
SD61388127 bridge, Low Beckfoot L
SD62758215 Brookside, Barbon 
SD62898252 Burnside Cottage, Barbon 
SD65668415 Castle Knott, Barbon 
SD692833 Crag Hill, Casterton 
SD69218331 Crag Hill, Dent 
SD68178432 Crook of Short Gill, Barbon 
SD66598412 Crystal Cave, Barbondale 
SD63018243 Dale End, Barbon 
SD66678405 Dog Hole, Barbondale 
SD6282 Dun Cow Ale House, Barbon 
SD6282 Eller Beck (12) 
SD62978319 Ellerigg Lane, Barbon 
SD63148297 Ellers, Barbon 
SD66078280 Fell House, Barbondale 
SD63808253 fingerpost, Barbon 
SD62518201 fingerpost, Barbon (2) 
SD62278253 fingerpost, Barbon (3) 
SD61188232 ford, Barbon 
SD62678266 ford, Barbon (2) 
SD62898256 ford, Barbon (3) 
SD62808253 Gatesgarth, Barbon 
SD6782 Great Aygill 
SD6381 Grove Gill (2) 
SD66378505 Hanging Stones, Barbon 
SD6682 Hazel Sike 
SD63478221 High Bank House, Barbon L
SD61398181 High Beckfoot Bridge, Barbon L
SD61598260 High Beckfoot Lane, Barbon 
SD61408188 High Beckfoot, Barbon 
SD63508246 High Force, Barbon 
SD62768254 Hill House, Barbon 
SD62268255 Hodge Bridge, Barbon L
SD61368147 Holly Tree Cottage, Low Beckfoot 
SD66648400 Holly Tree Sink, Barbondale 
SD61528214 Holmes Hill, Barbon 
SD61268197 Holmes Lane, Barbon 
SD61908207 Holmes, Barbon 
SD62588258 house, Barbon 
SD6582 Howe Gill (4) 
SD62398152 Howerigg, Barbon 
SD62838252 hydrant plate, Barbon 
SD64768259 Jack's Fold, Barbondale 
SD65218142 Jagger Moss, Barbon 
SD64718175 Johnny Barns Moss, Barbon 
SD61788230 Kendal Ford Lane, Barbon 
SD62088233 Kendal Ford, Barbon 
SD62798224 Kiln House, Barbon 
SD66288194 limekiln, Barbon 
SD66558409 limekiln, Barbondale 
SD6782 Little Aygill 
SD68038233 Little Aygill Head, Casterton 
SD64518185 Long Hill, Barbon 
SD63068178 Low Bank House, Barbon L
SD61378111 Low Beckfoot Mill, Low Beckfoot gone
SD61348143 Low Beckfoot, Barbon 
SD61368145 Low Beckfoot, Low Beckfoot 
SD63498248 Low Force, Barbon 
 Low Gill and Ingleton branch railway 
SD61768114 Lowfields Lane, Barbon 
SD61548086 Lowfields Wood, Barbon 
SD6681 Mere Gill (4) 
SD65168134 Mickleslack Well, Barbon 
SD62158166 milestone, Barbon L
SD61408120 Mill Cottage, Low Beckfoot 
SD61958104 mill, Barbon 
SD61788158 Millmire, Barbon gone
SD62788177 Mire Hole, Barbon 
SD62668266 Mistress Lumb, Barbon 
SD62608229 Moorthwaite Lane, Barbon 
SD62608235 Moorthwaite, Barbon 
SD65088143 Nanslope Moss, Barbon 
SD61238108 New Lane, Barbon gone
SD62848273 Oaktree Farm, Barbon 
SD62868251 Old Post Office, Barbon 
SD62538219 Old School House, Barbon 
SD64838319 Park Nook, Barbon 
SD64298260 Pennypot Well, Barbondale 
SD62508199 pinfold, Barbon 
SD65538263 pinfold, Barbondale 
SD62708250 police station, Barbon 
SD64708265 Postern Hill, Barbondale 
SD62738163 railway bridge, Barbon 
SD65338151 Raven Crag, Barbon 
SD65398147 Raventree Knott, Barbon 
SD62858241 Reading Room, Barbon 
SD68328250 Richard Man, Barbon 
SD6181 Roanrigg Beck 
SD61758167 Scaleber Lane, Barbon 
SD60858099 Scar Ford, Barbon 
SD63038298 Scar Hurst, Barbon 
SD62548220 school, Barbon 
SD62488192 settlement, Barbon 
SD63678243 sheepfold, Barbon 
SD63678244 sheepfold, Barbon (2) 
SD65468277 sheepfold, Barbon (3) 
SD6684 Short Gill 
SD67058474 Short Gill Crag, Barbondale 
SD67048471 Short Gill Pot, Barbondale 
SD67318462 Short Gill Waterfall, Barbondale 
SD66878479 Shortgill Bridge, Barbondale 
SD61218156 Snailholme Lane, Barbon 
SD63938265 Springs Wood, Barbondale 
SD62848245 Stocks Garth, Barbon L
SD62368187 Stonedross Lane, Barbon 
SD64078172 Sunny End, Barbon 
SD64718315 Thornpot Well, Barbon 
SD67148379 Threegills Pit, Barbondale 
SD62848216 Town End, Barbon 
SD62808212 Town End, Barbon (2) 
SD64998348 Turneybank Well, Middleton 
SD61368130 Underbank, Low Beckfoot gone
SD61358141 Underbank, Low Beckfoot (2) 
SD63118208 Underfell, Barbon 
SD60928070 Underley Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale L
SD61918099 Underley Grange, Barbon L
SD62878248 war memorial, Barbon 
SD66858452 waterfall, Barbon 
SD62968220 Watery Lane, Barbon 
SD63358129 Whelprigg, Barbon L
SD6482 Whiskey Gill 
SD62798242 Yew Tree Farm, Barbon 
 North Western Railway 
SD63058246 St Bartholomew, Barbon L
NY6205 Lune, River 
SD66538406 Three Gills, Barbondale 
SD62278254 guide stone, Barbon 
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