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Bootle parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD0989
10Km square:-   SD09
10Km square:-   SD19
10Km square:-   SD08
10Km square:-   SD18
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 884 (1971)

SD0887 Annas, River 
SD08768919 Ashes, Hycemoor 
SD08059089 Beach House, Bootle 
SD09628958 Beeby Gate, Hycemoor once
SD11578873 Blamire Well, Bootle 
SD10798820 Bootle 
SD10788817 Bootle Evangelical Church, Bootle L
SD13398887 Bootle Fell, Bootle 
SD10698848 Bootle Fire Station, Bootle 
SD0989 Bootle Station Hotel, Bootle 
SD09368928 Bootle Station, Hycemoor 
SD08139130 Bootle Tileworks, Bootle 
SD11018760 bridge, Bootle 
SD080891 Broadwater, Bootle 
SD1187 Broomhill Beck 
SD11038763 Broomhill, Bootle 
SD14929263 Burn Moor Stake, Bootle 
SD10768822 Captain Shaw's Primary School, Bootle L
SD07799085 coast, Eskmeals 
SD08958892 Craigbank Tarn, Hycemoor 
SD10678888 Cross House, Bootle 
SD10718836 cross, Bootle L
SD10728896 Crosshouse Bridge, Bootle 
SD08528947 Dungeon Spring, Bootle 
SD08099330 Eskmeals Dunes, Bootle 
SD09089353 Eskmeals House, Bootle L
SD0992 Eskmeals Pool 
SD08339267 Eskmeals Range siding, Bootle gone
SD08339267 Eskmeals Range, Bootle 
SD08749416 Eskmeals Station, Bootle 
SD09129300 Eskmeals, Bootle 
SD11598852 Fellgreen, Bootle 
SD11288819 Fellside Bridge, Bootle 
SD11568815 Fellside, Bootle 
SD09449007 Flatts, Bootle 
SD10178974 Ford House, Bootle 
SD12148846 Gibson's Spout, Bootle 
SD142878 Great Grassoms, Bootle 
SD09978866 Hedge Close, Bootle 
SD09028705 High Kiskin, Bootle 
SD08708817 Highmoor Tarn, Bootle 
SD07698931 Hill Farm, Bootle 
SD08109042 Hill, Bootle 
SD11238886 Hinning House, Bootle 
SD10928902 Hinninghouse Bridge, Bootle 
SD10798822 house, Bootle L
SD10758829 house, Bootle (2) 
SD09448931 house, Hycemoor 
SD09088976 Hycemoor House, Hycemoor 
SD09278927 Hycemoor School, Hycemoor 
SD08628882 Hycemoor Side Farm, Bootle 
SD08628883 Hycemoor Side, Hycemoor 
SD09428933 Hycemoor, Bootle 
SD09418758 Hyton Farm, Bootle 
SD09088750 Hyton, Bootle 
SD10218747 Hyton, Bootle (2) 
SD09288895 Inmans, Bootle 
SD10738834 Kings Head, Bootle 
SD1390 Kinmont Beck 
SD09058688 Kiskin, Bootle 
SD09548907 Lane End, Hycemoor 
SD10858772 Little Bridge, Bootle 
SD142884 Little Grassoms, Bootle 
SD0890 Little Moor, Bootle 
SD08119055 Marshside, Bootle 
SD10888823 mill, Bootle 
SD08469025 Miller Hill, Bootle 
SD10808786 Millholme Bridge, Bootle 
SD10788794 Millholme, Bootle 
SD090926 Monks Moors, Bootle 
SD10028750 Mount Rivers, Bootle 
SD09169069 Nook, Bootle L
SD09968720 Old Hyton, Bootle 
SD08528842 Pannermoor Tarn, Bootle 
SD07669461 Perch, Bootle once
SD10418831 police station, Bootle 
SD09019407 Pool Bridge, Waberthwaite 
SD10808821 post box, Bootle 
SD08959248 railway bridge, Bootle 
SD09249038 railway bridge, Bootle (2) 
SD09179084 railway bridge, Bootle (3) 
SD08889245 railway crossing, Bootle 
SD08799239 railway crossing, Bootle (2) 
SD08159602 Ravenglass Harbour, Ravenglass 
SD12508878 Resting Stone, Bootle 
SD10748992 Seaton Hall, Waberthwaite L
SD07538892 Selker Bay, Bootle 
SD076886 Selker Point, Bootle 
SD062892 Selker Rocks, Irish Sea 
SD07738859 Selker, Bootle 
SD14238986 sheepfold, Bootle Fell 
SD08699065 Soura Well, Bootle 
SD09269346 Stockbridge, Bootle 
SD14588926 Stoneside Hill, Millom Without 
SD08179066 Stubb Place, Bootle 
SD10299101 Swallowhurst, Bootle L
SD09598788 Syke Beck Farm, Bootle 
SD07748996 Tarn Bay, Bootle 
SD07648985 Tarn Point, Bootle 
SD07808979 Tarn, Bootle 
SD10658837 war memorial, Bootle 
SD08139374 Warren House, Bootle once
SD08469046 Well Farm, Bootle 
 Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway 
SD09018920 Willy Gap, Hycemoor 
SD10048838 workhouse, Bootle 
SD09348890 Wylie Gap, Bootle 
SD10728839 St Michael, Bootle L
SD09418931 house, Hycemoor (2) 
SD08759422 Eskmeals Viaduct, Waberthwaite 
SD08169573 Esk Estuary (2) 
NY2101 Esk, River (2) 
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