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Broughton West parish
Broughton West
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD2289
10Km square:-   SD29
10Km square:-   SD18
10Km square:-   SD28
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 843 (1971)

SD24559083 accommodation crossing, Broughton West 
SD21208760 Aitken House, Broughton in Furness L
SD21328435 Angerton Farm, Broughton West L
SD22288333 Angerton, Broughton West 
SD2493 Appletree Worth Beck 
SD21178753 Barclays Bank, Broughton in Furness 
SD26099239 barn, Broughton West 
SD24079051 Baskell Wood, Broughton West 
SD23799047 Baskell, Broughton West 
SD21048750 bench mark, SD21048750 
SD21188753 Black Cock Inn, Broughton in Furness L
SD228882 Black Moss, Broughton West 
SD22209053 Blacksmiths Arms, Broughton Mills L
SD21598698 Boothwaite Nook, Broughton West 
SD221872 Bordriggs, Broughton West 
SD21008752 boundary stone, Broughton in Furness 
SD22249071 boundary stone, Broughton West/Dunnerdale etc L
SD23999118 Bracelet Hall, Broughton West 
SD24419033 Bridge End Bridge, Broughton West 
SD24339038 Bridge Yeat Wood, Broughton West 
SD21288741 Broughton Fire Station, Broughton in Furness 
SD21148728 Broughton Goods Junction, Broughton West 
SD21158752 Broughton House, Broughton in Furness L
SD21238741 Broughton in Furness Station, Broughton in Furness 
SD21228747 Broughton in Furness Station, Broughton in Furness (2) 
SD21178752 Broughton in Furness: Broughton Village Bakery 
SD21178756 Broughton in Furness: Griffin Street, 1 
SD21218761 Broughton in Furness: NFU 
SD21258757 Broughton in Furness: Square L
SD21208761 Broughton in Furness: Square Cafe 
SD2187 Broughton in Furness: Steam Bus Co 
SD21198751 Broughton in Furness: Tyson's 
SD21248745 Broughton Mart, Broughton in Furness 
SD22239066 Broughton Mill, Broughton Mills 
SD22249056 Broughton Mills, Broughton West 
SD252939 Broughton Moor, Broughton West 
SD21398791 Broughton Tower, Broughton in Furness L
SD23968366 Burlington Quarry tramroad 
SD23578960 Buttstead Wood, Broughton West 
SD21528628 Coal Gate, Broughton West 
SD21178753 Cobblers Cottage, Broughton in Furness L
 Coniston Railway 
SD22169048 Crag Cottage, Broughton Mills L
SD24719111 Croft End, Broughton West 
SD212898 Croglinhurst, Broughton West 
SD20738955 Cuckoo Stones, Broughton West 
SD21048680 Donkey Rock, Broughton West 
SD214879 dovecote, Broughton Tower 
SD19928818 Duddon Bridge, Broughton West L
SD200856 Duddon Viaduct, Broughton West 
SD21238683 Eccle Riggs, Broughton West 
SD21198734 engine shed, Broughton in Furness gone
SD20818563 engine shed, Foxfield gone
SD22309088 fence, Broughton Mills 
SD20168782 fish trap, Broughton West 
SD208854 Foxfield Brewery, Broughton West 
SD20838554 Foxfield Junction, Broughton West 
SD20888547 Foxfield Station, Broughton West 
SD218855 Foxfield, Broughton West 
SD2388 Galloper Pool 
SD24489101 gate, Broughton West 
SD21228757 George III Monument, Broughton in Furness L
SD21838919 Gill, Hawthwaite 
SD25599381 Grain Moor Quarry, Broughton West 
SD206871 Greenslack, Broughton West 
SD20418687 Greety Gate, Broughton West 
SD21198759 Grovelands, Broughton in Furness L
SD21528910 Hagg, Hawthwaite 
SD21458977 Hartley Ground, Broughton West 
SD21369067 Hawes, Broughton West L
SD23919195 Hawk Bridge, Broughton West L
SD240923 Hawk, Broughton West 
SD22288936 Hawthwaite Haw, Hawthwaite 
SD21618923 Hawthwaite How, Hawthwaite 
SD21888927 Hawthwaite, Broughton West 
SD23149064 Height House, Broughton West 
SD23869015 Hen Croft Wood, Broughton West 
SD22578947 High Aulthurst Side, Broughton West 
SD20758769 High Cross, Broughton West 
SD23749008 High Hen Croft, Broughton West 
SD21438981 High Lickle Bridge, Broughton West 
SD24159009 High Rosthwaite, Broughton West 
SD23139021 High Slops Wood, Broughton West 
SD23568982 Hill, Broughton West 
SD22739081 Hobkin Ground, Broughton West 
SD25209167 Hole Beck, Broughton West 
SD22638977 Hollow Wood, Broughton West 
SD22339089 Holy Innocents, Broughton Mills 
SD20928755 house, Broughton in Furness L
SD20948755 house, Broughton in Furness (2) 
SD22169046 house, Broughton Mills 
SD22079042 house, Broughton Mills (2) 
SD26299337 Hummer Bridge, Torver 
SD24118998 ivy, Broughton West 
SD2386 Kirkby Pool 
SD243931 Knott, Broughton West 
SD246943 Lag Bank, Broughton West 
SD24039030 Lambgarth Wood, Broughton West 
SD21939000 Lane End Cottage, Broughton West L
SD21959002 Lane End, Broughton West L
SD21208756 Langholme House, Broughton in Furness L
SD21068502 level crossing, Foxfield 
SD2190 Lickle, River 
SD22129046 limekiln, Broughton Mills L out of sight
SD22989125 Lind End Bridge, Broughton West 
SD23089119 Lind End, Broughton West 
SD23359010 Long Wood, Broughton West 
SD263928 Lord's Wood, Broughton West 
SD22958966 Low Aulthurst Side, Broughton West 
SD23769002 Low Hen Croft, Broughton West 
SD20428806 Low Lickle Bridge, Broughton West 
SD20588875 Low Moss, Broughton West 
SD23989009 Low Rosthwaite Wood, Broughton West 
SD24019002 Low Rosthwaite, Broughton West L
SD218861 Low Wood Stile, Broughton West 
SD20948890 Lower Bleansley Bridge, Broughton West 
SD20708911 Lower Bleansley, Broughton West L
SD21908918 Lower Hawthwaite, Hawthwaite 
SD21889034 Lumholme, Broughton West L
SD21238757 Manor Arms, Broughton in Furness 
SD211884 Manor Farm, Broughton West 
SD21048916 Middle Bleansley Bridge, Broughton West 
SD21928666 milestone, Broughton West 
SD23118621 milestone, Broughton West (2) 
SD22279063 Mill Cottage, Broughton Mills 
SD224886 Mireside, Broughton West 
SD22908934 Moss Side Farm, Broughton West 
SD21248753 Mountain Centre, Broughton in Furness 
SD24339021 New Close Wood, Broughton West 
SD24038970 Oak Head Wood, Broughton West 
SD20528788 Old Bridge, Broughton West 
SD21048751 Old School, Broughton in Furness 
SD20928757 Old Syke House, Broughton in Furness L
SD21998634 Orchard Head, Broughton West 
SD23649184 packhorse bridge, Broughton West (2) 
SD22648926 Park Head Wood, Broughton West 
SD22698925 Park Head, Broughton West 
SD21328749 Parsonage Room, Broughton in Furness 
SD21008751 Peel House, Broughton in Furness 
SD21208763 police station, Broughton in Furness 
SD21248750 post box, Broughton in Furness 
SD22219052 post box, Broughton Mills 
SD21248750 post office, Broughton in Furness 
SD23809302 potash kiln, Water Yeat Bridge L
SD21348752 railway bridge, Broughton in Furness gone
SD23058940 railway bridge, Broughton West 
SD23598974 railway bridge, Broughton West (2) 
SD23758993 railway bridge, Broughton West (3) 
SD24069039 Riddings Wood, Broughton West 
SD24039003 Rose Cottage, Broughton West 
SD20928597 Sand Gap Farm, Broughton West L
SD22748951 school, Broughton West 
SD21228758 seat, Broughton in Furness L
SD22239071 Shop Bridge, Broughton West L
SD22139045 Shuttle Street, Broughton Mills 
SD2390 Slops Beck 
SD23909044 Spring Wood, Broughton West 
SD2591 Steers Pool 
SD21468780 stile, Broughton in Furness 
SD23629180 Stock Beck, Broughton West 
SD21228757 stocks, Boughton in Furness 
SD21028751 stop cock, Broughton in Furness 
SD21188757 stop cock, Broughton in Furness (2) 
SD21378810 Tower Tarn, Broughton West 
SD26009235 Town End Farm, Broughton West L
SD21238753 town hall, Broughton in Furness L
SD25619190 Troughton Hall, Broughton West 
SD22068943 Upper Hawthwaite, Hawthwaite 
SD21188745 Victory Hall, Broughton in Furness 
SD22239058 village hall, Broughton Mills 
SD22359049 Walk Mill, Broughton Mills 
SD220878 Wall End, Broughton West 
SD22778996 Wallenrigg, Broughton West 
SD20968739 war memorial, Broughton in Furness 
SD22229051 water trough, Broughton Mills 
SD23869303 Water Yeat Bridge, Broughton West L
SD21538592 Well House, Broughton West 
SD23228998 Whetstone Croft, Broughton West 
SD229868 White Moss, Broughton West 
 Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway 
SD21908681 Windmill Hill, Broughton West 
SD21198685 windmill, Eccle Riggs 
SD23649027 Wintergarth Wood, Broughton West 
SD24799086 Woodland Grove, Broughton West 
SD24109035 Woodland Station, Broughton West 
SD23188619 Wreaks Causeway End Bridge, Kirkby Ireleth L
SD22788644 Wreaks Causeway, Broughton West 
SD22078663 Wreaks End, Broughton West 
SD2494 Yewry Sike 
SD20948738 St Mary, Broughton in Furness L
SD24419251 Appletree Worth, Broughton West 
SD25449456 Broughton Moor Quarry, Broughton West 
SD2187 King's Head Inn, Broughton in Furness 
SD21138748 Old King's Head, Broughton in Furness L
SD21218756 Broughton in Furness 
SD24209250 limekiln, Appletree Worth 
SD22589085 Limekiln Wood, Broughton West 
 Furness Railway 
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