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Cartmel Fell parish
Cartmel Fell
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD4089
10Km square:-   SD39
10Km square:-   SD49
10Km square:-   SD38
10Km square:-   SD48
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 361 (1971)

BXY17.jpg  Butterbur, Petasites albus? or P japonicus?
(taken 8.3.2013)  
BXY18.jpg  Butterbur, Petasites albus? or P japonicus?
(taken 8.3.2013)  
Later in the year the bank herer is covered with large leaves on a ribbed stem

The parish has a charity known as the Charirity of the Beggar's Breeches.
In 1799 a beggar was rescued from the fells after a frost; he was lying in the snow, and found by Mr Robinson, partner in the cotton mill at Backbarrow. The man was taken to a lodging house and attended by Mr Brockbank, a surgeon. He was revived with tea laced with gin, and complained of poverty, saying he was on his way to see his son at Condergreen. A few days later he died from the exposure. In his breeches there were 185 guineas from his begging, together with a false medical certificate and a gall stone. Advertisments in local journals failed to identify him. There being no next of kin the money was put to the use of the local poor.

SD40738997 Addyfield, Cartmel Fell 
SD40909244 Arles Beck, Cartmel Fell 
SD41059285 barn, Cartmel Fell L
SD40799061 bee boles, Great Hartbarrow 
SD389920 Beech Hill, Cartmel Fell 
SD41219301 Birket Houses, Cartmel Fell L
SD41089171 Birks Barn, Cartmel Fell 
SD41319187 Birks Bridge, Cartmel Fell L
SD410919 Birks Brow, Cartmel Fell 
SD39219344 Black Beck (10) 
SD39409333 Black Beck Bridge, Windermere 
SD38298947 Blake Holme Nab, Cartmel Fell 
SD39028959 Blake Holme Plantation, Cartmel Fell 
SD38468985 Blake Holme, Cartmel Fell 
SD38248982 Blake Holme, Windermere lake 
SD38298954 boat house, Cartmell Fell 
SD38328968 boat house, Cartmell Fell (2) 
SD38309015 boat house, Cartmell Fell (3) 
SD38289044 boat house, Cartmell Fell (4) 
SD38389095 boat house, Cartmell Fell (5) 
SD38709190 boat house, Cartmell Fell (6) 
SD38739198 boat house, Cartmell Fell (7) 
SD38889225 boat house, Cartmell Fell (8) 
SD38899227 boat house, Cartmell Fell (9) 
SD38979246 boat house, Cartmell Fell (10) 
SD38979250 boat house, Cartmell Fell (11) 
SD38979254 boat house, Cartmell Fell (12) 
SD39009258 boat house, Cartmell Fell (13) 
SD39049264 boat house, Cartmell Fell (14) 
SD39089274 boat house, Cartmell Fell (15) 
SD39099276 boat house, Cartmell Fell (16) 
SD39099278 boat house, Cartmell Fell (17) 
SD39129286 boat house, Cartmell Fell (18) 
SD39159294 boat house, Cartmell Fell (19) 
SD39159297 boat house, Cartmell Fell (20) 
SD39169302 boat house, Cartmell Fell (21) 
SD39179306 boat house, Cartmell Fell (22) 
SD39189318 boat house, Cartmell Fell (23) 
SD39189318 boat house, Cartmell Fell (24) 
SD39219334 boat house, Cartmell Fell (25) 
SD39229340 boat house, Cartmell Fell (26) 
SD39409332 boundary stone, Cartmel Fell/Windermere 
SD42148845 Bridge House, Cartmel Fell 
SD41039083 bridge, Cartmel Fell 
SD39349313 Broadleys Cottage, Cartmel Fell L
SD406902 Bryan Beck, Cartmel Fell 
SD41848780 Bull House, Cartmel Fell gone?
SD41458907 Burblethwaite Hall, Cartmel Fell L
SD41868921 Burblethwaite Mill, Cartmel Fell 
SD38389098 Burrow Beck 
SD38689102 Burrow Bridge, Cartmel Fell 
SD38669103 Burrow House, Cartmel Fell 
SD41548808 Cartmel Fell 
SD41678799 Cartmel Fell Parish Hall, Cartmel Fell 
SD41698820 Chapel House Farm, Cartmel Fell L
SD41468929 Collinfield, Cartmel Fell 
SD41449318 Corky Bridge, Winster 
SD38529159 Dog Nab, Cartmel Fell 
SD40358838 Duck Tarn, Cartmel Fell 
SD413919 ford, Cartmel 
SD40659145 Fox Crag Plantation, Cartmel Fell 
SD404870 Foxfield, Cartmel Fell 
SD39359279 Ghyll Head Cottage, Cartmel Fell L
SD39709270 Ghyll Head Fish Pond, Cartmell Fell 
SD39789226 Ghyll Head Reservoir, Cartmel Fell 
SD393927 Ghyll Head, Cartmel Fell 
SD3992 Gill Head Beck 
SD4189 Ginners Beck 
SD40448905 Ginners Beck Bridge, Cartmel Fell 
SD41398957 Goswick Hall, Cartmel Fell 
SD40799061 Great Hartbarrow, Cartmel Fell L
SD391915 Great Tower Plantation, Cartmel Fell 
SD41428880 Green Thorn, Cartmel Fell 
SD41029153 Grubbins Wood, Cartmel Fell 
SD39109283 Gurnell Landing, Windermere lake 
SD38279007 Harlies Crag, Cartmel Fell 
SD384905 Haws Wood, Cartmel Fell 
SD40098845 Heights Tarn, Cartmel Fell 
SD403884 Heights, Cartmel Fell 
SD41139362 High House Farm, Cartmel Fell 
SD40419117 High Ludderburn, Cartmel Fell L out of sight
SD38579013 Hill of Oaks, Cartmel Fell 
SD41858816 Hodge Hill, Cartmel Fell L
SD41268988 Hollins, Cartmel Fell 
SD38368992 house, Cartmell Fell 
SD40708917 Lightwood, Cartmel Fell 
SD41159228 limekiln, Cartmel Fell 
SD40769074 Little Hartbarrow, Cartmel Fell 
SD40409167 Little Ludderburn Moss, Cartmell Fell 
SD40419162 Little Ludderburn Tarn, Cartmell Fell 
SD42288856 Lobby Bridge, Cartmel Fell 
SD40878904 Low House, Cartmel Fell L
SD40549120 Low Ludderburn, Cartmel Fell L out of sight
SD41019238 Lowhouse Beck, Cartmel Fell 
SD40539120 Ludderburn, Cartmel Fell 
SD41328950 Masons Arms, Cartmel Fell 
SD41469353 Middle of Winster Bridge, Winster 
SD40388811 Middle Tarn, Cartmel Fell 
SD36138617 milestone, Cartmel Fell L
SD40858915 milestone, Cartmel Fell (2) L
SD41908922 Mill Bridge, Cartmel Fell 
SD39179248 Moor Crag, Ghyll Head L
SD39659107 Moor How, Cartmel Fell 
SD38269052 Peartree Point, Cartmel Fell 
SD40659173 Peer How Hill, Cartmel Fell 
SD404924 Podnet Moss, Cartmel Fell 
SD41498818 Pool Garth Nook, Cartmel Fell L out of sight
SD41588833 Pool Garth, Cartmel Fell 
SD38669103 post box, Cartmel Fell 
SD413895 post box, Cartmel Fell (2) 
SD413875 Rankthorns Plantation, Cartmel Fell 
SD41288791 Raven's Barrow Old Man, Cartmel Fell 
SD41018714 Raven's Barrow, Cartmel Fell 
SD41788792 Ravensbarrow Lodge, Cartmel Fell 
SD38198833 Ringing Crag, Cartmel Fell 
SD40009342 Rosthwaite Farm, Cartmel Fell 
SD395923 Rowan Tree Hill, Cartmel Fell 
SD39918617 Simpson Ground, Cartmel Fell 
SD41219207 Smithy Hill Barn, Cartmel Fell 
SD40168774 Sow How Moss, Cartmel Fell 
SD40088793 Sow How Tarn, Cartmel Fell 
SD397876 Sow How, Cartmel Fell 
SD4186 Spannel Beck 
SD41168716 Spannel Beck Bridge, Cartmel Fell 
SD38989255 Stewardson's Nab, Cartmel Fell 
SD412894 Strawberry Bank, Cartmel Fell 
SD41928779 Swallow Mire, Cartmel Fell 
SD41349269 tarn, Winster 
SD41458622 Thorphinsty Hall, Cartmel Fell L
SD38619106 Tower Wood Cottage, Cartmel Fell L
SD387904 Twelve Ashes, Cartmel Fell 
SD41658802 war memorial, Cartmel Fell 
SD4185 Way Beck 
SD41439274 Winster Bridge, Crook L
SD41059285 Winster House, Cartmel Fell L
SD40969145 Wood Farm, Cartmel Fell 
SD41548742 Meggs Cross, Cartmel Fell 
SD41658806 St Anthony, Cartmel Fell L
SD4285 Winster, River 
SD386910 Tower Wood, Cartmel Fell 
SD39628830 milestone, Cartmel Fell (3) 
SD41718955 Bowland Bridge, Bowland Bridge 
SD47 Meathop and Bowness railway 
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