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placename:- Matterdale parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY3922
10Km square:- NY32, NY42
10Km square:- NY31, NY41
parish code:- MTTR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY3922

source:- Census 1971

population:- 650 -- 1971

Aira Beck
Aira Bridge, Matterdale
Aira Farm, Matterdale
Aira Force, Matterdale
Aira Point, Matterdale
Aira, Matterdale
All Saints, Watermillock
Backside, Matterdale
Baldhow, Matterdale
Bank House, Matterdale
Bank, Matterdale
Barbary Fold, Matterdale
Beauthorn, Matterdale
Bell Grove, Matterdale
Bennethead Banks, Matterdale
Bennethead, Matterdale
Bennett Head, Matterdale
Bernard Pike, Matterdale
Birk Crag, Matterdale
Birkett Fell, Matterdale
boat house, Matterdale
boat house, Matterdale (2)
boat house, Matterdale (3)
boat house, Matterdale (4)
boat house, Matterdale (5)
boat house, Matterdale (6)
boat house, Matterdale (7)
boat house, Matterdale (8)
boat house, Matterdale (9)
boat house, Matterdale (11)
boat house, Matterdale (12)
boat house, Matterdale (13)
boat house, Matterdale (14)
boat house, Matterdale (15)
Bog, Matterdale
boundary stone, Hutton/Matterdale
boundary stone, Matterdale/Mungrisdale
Brackenrigg Hotel, Matterdale
bridge, Dockray
bridge, Hutton
bridge, Matterdale
Brown Hills, Matterdale
Browndale Beck
Brownrigg, Matterdale
Bruts Moss, Matterdale
Calfhow Pike, St John's Castlerigg etc
Castlehow Beck
Castlehows Point, Matterdale
Chimney, Yew Crag
church, Gowbarrow
Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway
Cockley Moor, Matterdale
Collier Hagg, Matterdale
Collierhagg Beck
Common Fell, Matterdale
Costclay memorial, Mungrisdale
Cove, Matterdale
Croft, Matterdale
Crofthead, Matterdale
Crookwath, Matterdale
Crows Nest, Matterdale
Deepdale Crag, Matterdale
Deepdale, Matterdale
Dobbin Wood, Matterdale
Dockray, Matterdale
Dowthwaitehead, Matterdale
Fairfield Marina, Matterdale
fence, Matterdale
fence, Matterdale (2)
fingerpost, Matterdale
Flaska, Matterdale
Folly Cottage, Matterdale
footbridge, Matterdale
ford, Crookwath
ford, Matterdale
ford, Wallthwaite
Fox House, Matterdale
Gatesgarth, Matterdale
Gillsrow, Matterdale
Girdle Traverse, Yew Crag
Glencoyne Beck
Glencoyne Bridge, Matterdale
Glencoyne Brow, Matterdale
Glencoyne Head, Matterdale
Glencoyne Park, Matterdale
Glencoyne, Patterdale
Goosegreen, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Bay, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Buttress, Yew Crag
Gowbarrow Corner, Yew Crag
Gowbarrow Fell, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Hall, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Lodge, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Park, Matterdale
Great Dodd, St John's Castlerigg etc
Greaves, Matterdale
Green Hill, Matterdale
Greenbank, Matterdale
Greenrow, Matterdale
Groove Beck
Groovebeck Fold, Matterdale
Grovefoot, Matterdale
Hagg Wood, Matterdale
Hallsteads, Matterdale
Hart Crag, Matterdale
Hart Side, Matterdale
Hazelhurst, Watermillock
hedge, Matterdale
High Birchclose, Matterdale
High Brow, Matterdale
High Force, Matterdale
High Gate Close, Matterdale
High Longthwaite, Matterdale
High Row, Matterdale
Highgate Station, Matterdale
Hill, Matterdale
Hind Crag, Matterdale
Hollins Farm, Matterdale
Hollows, Matterdale
Horrockwood, Matterdale
house, Wallthwaite
Hutton Moor, Hutton
Joyful Tree, Matterdale
Knotts Farm, Matterdale
Lamb Bridge, Matterdale
Land Ends, Matterdale
Leaming House, Matterdale
Leeming House Hotel, Matterdale
Little Mell Fell, Matterdale
Lobbs, Matterdale
Lobwath, Matterdale
Longthwaite Beck
Longthwaite Bridge, Watermillock
Longthwaite, Matterdale
Low Birchclose, Matterdale
Lowthwaite, Matterdale
Lyulph's Tower, Matterdale
Maiden Castle earthwork, Matterdale
Maiden Castle, Matterdale
Mariel Bridge, Matterdale
Matterdale Church, Matterdale
Matterdale End, Matterdale
Mellfell House, Matterdale
Middle Swan Beck
milestone, Hutton Moor
Moorend, Matterdale
Mosedale Beck
Mosedale Viaduct, Matterdale
Mosedale, Matterdale
Mosedalebeck Fold, Matterdale
Mothersike Brow, Matterdale
Nabend, Matterdale
Old Chapel, Ulcat Row
Old Coach Road, Threlkeld
Old Park, Matterdale
Oldchurch Bay, Matterdale
Oldchurch, Matterdale
Parkgate Farm, Matterdale
Parkhouse Gill
Peely Staplehold, Matterdale
Pencil Mill, Matterdale
Pencilmill Beck
Pencilmill Bridge, Matterdale
pinfold, Matterdale
Priest's Crag, Matterdale
railway bridge, Matterdale
railway bridge, Matterdale (2)
railway bridge, Matterdale (3)
rain gauge, Matterdale
Ramps Beck
Rampsbeck, Matterdale
Randerside Fold, Matterdale
Randerside, Matterdale
Ravenoaks, Matterdale
Rectory, Watermillock
Red Mire, Matterdale
Redsike, Matterdale
road, Patterdale to Penrith
road, Penrith to Keswick
road, through Matterdale
Rookin House, Matterdale
Rowantree Fold, Matterdale
Royal Hotel, Dockray
Rumney Mead, Matterdale
Rushmire, Matterdale
Sandbeds Moss, Matterdale
school, Matterdale
school, Thornythwaite
sheep feeder, Matterdale (2)
sheep feeder, Matterdale (3)
sheepfold, Matterdale
sheepfold, Matterdale (2)
sheepfold, Matterdale (3)
sheepfold, Matterdale (4)
shooting box, Matterdale
Sike, Matterdale
Skelly Neb, Matterdale
Sparket Mill, Matterdale
Sparket, Matterdale
station, Lyulph's Tower
station, Park Brow
station, Watermillock
stone wall, Matterdale
Stybarrow Dodd, St John's Castlerigg etc
sundial, Watermillock
Susan, Yew Crag
Swinburn's Park, Matterdale
Swineside Knott, Matterdale
Taylor Fold, Matterdale
Thackthwaite Beck
Thackthwaite, Matterdale
Thornsgill Beck
Thornythwaite, Matterdale
Todgill, Matterdale
Tongue House, Matterdale
Tongue, Matterdale
Townend Bridge, Watermillock
trig point, NY4076021820
trig point, NY4232224017
Trout Beck (3)
Troutbeck, Matterdale
Ulcat Row, Matterdale
Undercragg, Ulcat Row
Undercragg, Watermillock
Underwood, Matterdale
Wallthwaite, Matterdale
war memorial, Watermillock
Watermillock Common, Matterdale
Watermillock House, Matterdale
Watermillock Village Hall, Watermillock
Watermillock, Matterdale
Waterside House, Matterdale
Watson's Dodd, St John's Castlerigg etc
Whistler, Yew Crag
Wold Crags Level, Matterdale
Wolf Crags, Matterdale
Wolfcrag Fold, Matterdale
Wolt Bridge, Matterdale
Wreay, Matterdale
Yew Crag, Matterdale

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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