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Orton S parish
Orton S
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY6307
10Km square:-   NY61
10Km square:-   NY50
10Km square:-   NY60
10Km square:-   SD69
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Orton
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: (1971)

place:-   Orton Constablewick
place:-   Langdale Constablewick
place:-   Raisbeck Constablewick
place:-   Birkbeck Fells Constablewick
place:-   Bretherdale Constablewick (most of)
place:-   Crosby Ravensworth Constablewick (part of)
place:-   Tebay Constablewick (tiny part of)

NY65350826 Acres, Orton S 
NY57370460 Adam's Gill, Bretherdale 
NY63260093 Archer Fold, Orton S 
NY63310104 Archer Hill, Orton S 
NY65930445 Archer Hill, Orton S (2) 
NY66410524 Bank Wells, Kelleth 
NY59690588 barn, Greenholme 
NY61910589 barn, Orton S 
NY63750661 Barugh Bridge, Orton S 
NY63800597 Barugh House, Orton S 
NY64570629 Barugh, Orton S 
NY63460996 Beacon Hill, Orton S 
NY59520673 Beckside, Orton S 
NY66530515 Beggars Lane, Kelleth 
NY66170145 bield, Orton S 
NY67200940 bield, Orton S (2) 
NY6503 Birk Gill (3) 
NY57270716 Birkbeck Fells Common, Orton S 
NY60500535 Birkbeck Viaduct, Tebay 
NY6005 Birkbeck, Orton S 
NY6602 Birkgill Moss, Orton S 
NY5703 Bits Gill 
NY66460384 Blackbank, Orton S 
SD64769990 Blakethwaite Bottom, Orton S 
SD64789987 Blakethwaite Stone, Orton S 
NY63480815 Bland House, Orton S 
NY6106 Blind Beck (6) 
NY59020596 Bog Hall, Orton S 
NY57190250 Borrowdale, Whinfell 
NY62850991 boundary stone, Orton S 
NY60400956 Bousfield Howe, Orton S 
NY60850892 Bousfield, Orton S 
NY62190891 Bowbrow, Orton S 
NY6701 Bowderdale Beck 
NY67810464 Bowderdale Bridge, Bowderdale 
SD68179796 Bowderdale Head, Orton S 
NY67330258 Bowderdale valley, Ravenstonedale 
NY59260645 Brackenhill, Orton S 
NY56910459 Breast High, Bretherdale 
NY5604 Breasthigh Beck 
NY56340426 Breasthigh Road, Orton S 
NY56330545 Bretherdale Bank, Orton S 
NY5804 Bretherdale Beck 
NY57720380 Bretherdale Common, Orton S 
NY59550436 Bretherdale Foot, Orton S 
NY59250444 Bretherdale Hall, Bretherdale 
NY592045 Bretherdale Hall, Orton S 
NY57570502 Bretherdale Head, Bretherdale 
NY57920564 Bretherdale, Orton S 
NY57500505 Bridge End, Bretherdale 
NY59870574 Bridge End, Greenholme 
NY59670577 Bridge House, Greenholme 
NY58440466 bridge, Bretherdale 
NY59710580 bridge, Greenholme 
NY62400798 bridge, Orton 
NY62750938 Broadfell, Orton S 
NY62050917 Bullflatt, Orton S 
SD65899808 Bush Howe, Sedbergh 
NY59090710 Busket Howe, Orton S 
NY58990721 Buskethowe, Orton S 
NY61750566 Bybeck, Orton S 
SD667970 Calf, Sedbergh 
NY60050530 Castle Howe, Orton S 
NY65560594 cattle trough, Orton S 
NY62180943 Cattlehowe Quarry, Orton S 
NY6206 Chapel Beck (2) 
NY62610711 Chapel House, Orton S 
NY6401 Churngill Beck 
NY56350686 Cloven Stone, Orton S 
NY56520689 Clovenstone Hill, Orton S 
NY62340644 Coatflatt Bridge, Orton S 
NY62150593 Coatflatt Hall, Orton S 
NY62350631 Coatflatt Mill, Orton S 
NY62180592 Coatflatt, Orton S 
SD66309879 Cobles, Orton S 
NY63606581 cock pit, Raisgill Hall 
NY55900779 Collyrag Quarry, Orton S 
NY5803 Corkham Beck 
NY6504 Cotegill Beck 
NY65940474 Cotegill, Orton S 
NY64400515 Cottage, Longdale 
NY67570736 Cow Dub, Orton S 
NY64840321 Cowbound Brow Plantation, Orton S 
NY65100394 Cowbound Lane, Orton S 
NY64820379 Cowbound, Orton S 
NY66050358 Crag, Orton S 
NY55700539 Crookdale Crag, Orton S 
NY66560521 Crosslands Lane, Kelleth 
NY5803 Crowsdale Beck 
NY62490767 Curlew Corner, Orton 
NY65410415 Dalts, Orton S 
NY61010565 Danielhill, Orton S 
NY59900549 Daw Bank, Orton S 
NY61790903 Dawns, Orton S 
NY55720680 Demings Moss, Orton S 
NY55470707 Demings, Orton S 
NY55720680 Demmings Moss, Orton S 
NY65610369 Dickey's House, Orton S 
NY58570882 Docker Force, Orton S 
SD65259990 Docker Knott, Orton S 
NY57790486 Dog Lumb, Bretherdale 
NY59930533 Dorothy Bridge, Orton S 
NY55680768 Dryside, Orton S 
NY65960400 East Gills, Orton S 
SD6698 East Grain 
NY64240296 Elliot Howe, Orton S 
NY5805 Eskew Beck 
NY58990577 Eskew Beck Farm, Orton S L
NY59010579 Eskew Beck House, Orton S 
NY57920618 Eskew Head, Orton S 
NY64040360 Ewe Locks, Orton S 
NY58950628 Ewelock Bank, Orton S 
NY62960593 Far Garth, Orton S 
NY63660643 Fawcett Mill, Orton S L out of sight
NY61270837 Field Head, Orton S 
NY64470749 fingerpost, Raisbeck 
NY6604 Flakebridge Beck 
NY66550475 Flakebridge, Orton S 
NY56050698 Flow Moss, Orton S 
NY57100550 footbridge, Bretherdale 
NY57500510 footbridge, Bretherdale (2) 
NY59680582 footbridge, Greenholme 
NY58980574 ford, Orton S 
NY55500373 ford, Whinfell 
NY63680910 Friar Biggins, Orton S 
NY64000817 Gamelands, Orton S 
NY62250812 gate, Orton 
NY63900996 gate, Orton S 
NY72760981 gate, Orton S (2) 
NY55520544 geological site, Orton S 
NY62220816 George Hotel, Orton 
NY58670735 Gill Farm, Orton S 
SD667981 Grains, Orton S 
NY65511028 Great Asby Scar, Asby 
NY67310911 Great Kinmond, Orton S 
NY6501 Great Nevy Gill, Orton S 
NY57430513 Greenhead, Bretherdale 
NY59850573 Greenholme Bridge, Greenholme 
NY59730576 Greenholme, Orton S 
NY55480416 Greenside Crag, Orton S 
NY62160827 Greystone Cottage, Orton 
NY65940754 Grimes Moor, Orton S 
NY66000732 Grimesmoor House, Orton S 
NY62370793 Hall Farm, Orton 
NY647008 Hand Lake, Orton S 
SD677978 Hare Shaw, Sedbergh 
NY55120659 Hause Hill, Orton S 
NY59010895 Haybank, Orton S gone
SD672996 Hazelgill Knott, Orton S 
NY64140597 High Barugh, Orton S 
NY58080589 High Crag, Orton S 
NY66540447 High Flakebridge, Orton S 
NY59690583 High Greenholme, Orton S 
NY59750687 High Scales, Orton S 
NY64710290 High Shaw, Orton S 
NY59000523 High Whinhowe, Orton S 
NY62500827 Hill Top, Orton 
NY62450815 Holes, Orton 
NY5807 Hollin Gill 
NY64700194 Holme Fold, Orton S 
NY65770684 Holme House, Orton S 
NY62140908 Horseing Stone, Orton S 
NY643052 house, Longdale gone
NY62460853 house, Orton (2) 
NY6207 Howe Gill (2) 
NY602093 Howe Nook, Orton S 
NY63820785 Howes Plantation, Orton S 
NY63830766 Howes Quarry, Orton S 
NY63520717 Howes, Orton S 
NY65850526 Howgate Lane, Kelleth 
SD6699 Howgill Fells, Howgill 
NY64621063 Hurrock of Stones, Crosby Ravensworth 
NY65550784 Ingmoor Moss, Orton S 
NY62440852 Ingmoor, Orton 
NY58390485 Ings House, Bretherdale 
NY65300377 Jack's Bower, Orton S 
NY6607 Kell Sike 
NY66120524 Kelleth Farm, Kelleth L
NY66560593 Kelleth Rigg, Orton S 
NY66080522 Kelleth, Orton S 
NY66740535 Kellethrigg House, Kelleth gone
NY66610815 Kellsike Well, Orton S 
NY62150831 Kirkland House, Orton 
NY55640403 Knott Crag, Orton S 
NY63960822 Knott Lane, Orton S 
NY64460909 Knott, Orton S 
NY57880407 Lad Crag, Bretherdale 
NY64590830 Ladle Barn, Orton S 
NY626071 Lady Well, Orton S 
NY59280683 Lamby Gill 
NY56970420 Lancey Halls, Orton S 
NY6402 Langdale Beck 
NY64290543 Langdale Bridge, Orton S 
NY663003 Langdale Fell, Orton S 
NY660020 Langdale Knott, Orton S 
NY64520361 Langdale, Orton S 
NY66640533 limekiln, Kelleth 
NY66730535 limekiln, Kelleth (2) 
NY66810538 limekiln, Kelleth (3) 
NY63540595 limekiln, Orton S 
NY64870698 limekiln, Orton S (2) 
NY62810978 limekiln, Orton S (6) 
NY58980594 limekiln, Orton S (7) 
NY58830952 limekiln, Orton S (8) 
NY61360951 limekiln, Orton S (9) 
NY61790989 limekiln, Orton S (10) 
NY62300945 limekiln, Orton S (11) 
NY59860895 limekiln, Orton S (12) 
NY60150891 limekiln, Orton S (13) 
NY64060845 limekiln, Orton S (14) 
NY63150703 limekiln, Orton S (15) 
NY63570702 limekiln, Orton S (16) 
NY61570688 limekiln, Orton S (17) 
NY64270610 limekiln, Orton S (18) 
NY66860603 limekiln, Orton S (19) 
NY63540594 limekiln, Orton S (20) 
NY66350550 limekiln, Orton S (21) 
NY66560551 limekiln, Orton S (22) 
NY66530935 Little Kinmond, Orton S 
NY65730373 Lodgegill, Orton S 
NY67180476 Long Gill, Orton S 
NY64170410 Long Gills, Orton S 
NY64490509 Longdale, Orton S 
NY63830606 Low Barugh, Orton S 
NY62680681 Low Chapel, Orton S 
NY58590584 Low Crag, Orton S 
NY60810650 Low Moor, Orton S 
NY60060553 Low Scales, Orton S 
NY64400334 Low Shaw, Orton S 
NY59350542 Low Whinhowe, Bretherdale L
NY58530461 Lowstead, Bretherdale 
NY64450541 Lune Cottage, Orton S 
NY6605 Lunebridge Fen, Orton S 
NY62220824 Market Hall, Orton 
NY63900568 Marl Crag, Orton S 
NY62030771 Martinagap Lane, Orton 
NY61840735 Martinagap, Orton S 
NY61810826 Mazongill, Orton S 
NY59830486 Mere Gill (3) 
NY5906 Mickle Gill 
SD6698 Middle Grain 
NY6307 Middleholme Beck 
NY63130761 Middleholme Bridge, Orton S 
NY653012 Middleton, Orton S 
NY65360501 Midfield, Orton S 
NY58440463 Midwath Stead, Bretherdale 
NY55330684 milestone, Orton S L
NY60800871 milestone, Orton S (2) 
NY63610810 milestone, Orton S (3) 
NY65600568 milestone, Orton S (4) not found
NY56220806 milestone, Orton S (5) perhaps once
NY55390583 milestone, Orton S (6) not found
NY62420855 mill, Orton 
NY67440869 Mitchells Stone, Orton S 
NY60750779 Moor House, Orton S 
NY58840999 motorway bridge, Crosby Ravensworth 
NY59930751 motorway bridge, Orton S 
NY59640808 motorway bridge, Orton S (2) 
NY59300877 motorway bridge, Orton S (3) 
NY580065 Nan Hill, Orton S 
NY61120838 New House, Orton S (2) 
NY64130766 New House, Raisbeck 
NY59590476 Nichol Hill, Bretherdale 
NY58460547 North Side, Orton S 
NY62290800 Oak, Orton 
NY62270806 Old School House, Orton 
NY62200823 Orton 
NY61200700 Orton Common, Orton S 
NY60170659 Orton Cottages, Orton S 
NY62530780 Orton Hall, Orton L
NY62240813 Orton Liberal Club, Orton 
NY62410834 Orton Methodist Church, Orton 
NY633099 Orton Scar, Orton S 
NY62220822 Orton: Kennedys Fine Chocolates 
NY62150831 Orton: New Village Tea Rooms 
NY62150828 Orton: Stores and Post Office 
NY63730652 packhorse bridge, Orton S L
NY55650755 Packhorse Hill, Orton S 
NY65140505 Park House, Orton S 
NY61140869 Park Lane, Orton S 
NY61250898 Park, Orton S 
NY57150545 Parrocks, Bretherdale 
NY64050358 Peatmire Hill, Orton S 
NY64720710 Pinfold Bridge, Raisbeck 
NY62430832 pinfold, Orton gone
NY56520530 Pipers Hill, Orton S 
NY59730573 post box, Greenholme 
NY67180539 Potlands, Orton S 
NY64970692 quarry, Orton S 
NY59660771 railway bridge, Orton S 
NY59340816 railway bridge, Orton S (2) 
NY62300851 rain gauge, Orton 
NY6407 Rais Beck 
NY61240555 Raisbank, Orton S 
NY64730714 Raisbeck Pinfold, Raisbeck 
NY65270893 Raisbeck Wood Head, Orton S 
NY65170859 Raisbeck Wood, Orton S 
NY64520746 Raisbeck, Orton S 
NY63500578 Raisgill Hall Bridge, Orton S 
NY63560581 Raisgill Hall, Orton S 
NY6306 Raisgill Hill, Orton S 
NY58720775 Rampshowe, Orton S 
NY64490547 Rayne Bridge, Orton S 
NY64410562 Rayne Wood, Orton S 
NY65070547 Rayne, Orton S 
NY55590587 Red Crag, Orton S 
NY62460853 Redmayne House, Orton 
NY57120560 Riggs, Bretherdale 
NY58600939 Salterwath Cottages, Orton S gone?
NY58390928 Salterwath, Orton S 
NY61550780 Saltpie Lane, Orton S 
NY56500595 Scale Howe, Bretherdale 
NY58910593 Scalegill, Orton S 
NY59730674 Scales Lane, Orton S 
NY63200915 Scar Side, Orton S 
NY63780861 Scarside, Orton S 
NY64460506 school, Longdale 
NY62420809 school, Orton 
NY62210807 school, Orton (2) 
NY64530743 school, Raisbeck L
NY59740571 Schoolmaster's House, Greenholme 
NY60190605 Scotchman's Bridge, Orton S 
NY59340764 Scout Green Fold, Scout Green 
NY59310758 Scout Green Mill, Scout Green suggested
NY593076 Scout Green, Orton S 
NY67600842 Seavy Dub, Asby 
NY60920730 Selsmire, Orton S 
NY65940478 sheep feeder, Cotegill 
NY65120575 sheep feeder, Orton 
NY64920579 sheep feeder, Orton (2) 
NY57090547 sheepfold, Bretherdale 
NY67510185 sheepfold, Howgill Fells 
NY64580440 sheepfold, Orton S 
NY65100336 sheepfold, Orton S (2) 
NY64530222 sheepfold, Orton S (3) 
NY64570231 sheepfold, Orton S (4) 
NY64490014 sheepfold, Orton S (5) 
SD68119803 sheepfold, Orton S (6) 
NY66890961 sheepfold, Orton S (7) 
SD65989996 Simon's Seat, Orton S 
NY64870696 Slapestone Bridge, Orton S 
 South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway 
NY60170758 Sproat Ghyll Farm, Orton S 
NY60300754 Sproatgill Well, Orton S 
NY5807 Stakeley Beck 
NY56890767 Stakeley Folds, Orton S 
NY57070802 Stakeley, Orton S 
NY59720664 Steps, Orton S L
NY62190831 stocks, Orton gone
NY65460576 stone wall, Orton 
NY61960617 stone wall, Orton (3) 
NY64490749 stone wall, Raisbeck 
NY66220861 Stony Head, Orton S 
NY5708 Stonygill Beck 
NY58220872 Stonygill, Orton S 
NY62910810 Street Farm, Orton S 
NY62990856 Street Lane, Orton S 
NY63070805 Street, Orton S 
NY58980374 Summer Howe, Orton S 
NY67650767 Sunbiggin Tarn, Orton S 
NY65930863 Sunbiggin, Orton S 
NY62190823 Swan Villa, Orton 
NY67100767 Tarn Moor, Orton S 
NY6607 Tarn Sike 
NY63360095 tarn, Archer Hill 
NY61930561 Tebay Bridge, Tebay 
NY60770653 Tebay East Services, M6 
NY60550621 Tebay West Services, M6 
NY62430828 Temperance Hall, Orton 
NY64010405 Tewitt Hill, Orton S 
NY57540585 Thorny Bank, Orton S 
NY64101024 Thunder Stone, Crosby Ravensworth 
NY60030921 Thunder Stone, Orton S 
NY62180918 Thunder Stone, Orton S (2) 
NY56890624 Thunder Stone, Orton S (3) 
NY645076 Town Head Farm, Raisbeck 
NY62380845 Town Head House, Orton L
NY62970878 Townhead Lane, Orton S 
NY6469609226 trig point, NY6469609226 
NY63460593 tumulus, Orton S 
NY6401 Uldale Beck 
NY64050000 Uldale Head, Tebay 
NY642012 Uldale, Orton S 
NY62340847 Vicarage, Orton 
NY64920823 Wadebarrow Barn, Orton S 
NY65600577 Wain Gap, Orton S 
NY65640556 Waingap Lane, Orton S 
NY65680528 Wally's Folly, Orton S 
NY5608 Wasdale Beck 
NY56060813 Wasdale Bridge, Shap Rural 
NY65630334 Water House, Orton S gone?
NY59330465 Waters, Bretherdale 
NY62170831 Waverley Temperance Hotel, Orton 
NY55360630 weather station, Orton S 
SD655996 Weathercalf Moss, Orton S 
NY670016 West Fell, Orton S 
SD6699 West Grain 
NY65300762 Westhouse Barn, Raisbeck 
NY5803 Wet Sike 
NY5707 Whey Sike 
NY570037 Whinash, Tebay 
NY59000665 Whitebrow, Orton S 
SD656988 Wind Scarth, Sedbergh 
SD657983 Windscarth Wyke, Sedbergh 
NY57900570 Winsler House, Orton S 
NY59690582 Yew Tree Farm, Greenholme 
NY59800569 fingerpost, Greenholme 
NY6208 Duke of Cumberland, Orton 
NY56470835 Wasdale Old Bridge, Shap Rural 
 Lancaster and Carlisle Railway 
NY5808 Birk Beck 
NY6205 Lune, River 
NY64830584 sheep dip, Orton 
NY65680554 stone wall, Orton (2) 
NY62240812 Petty Hall, Orton L
NY59790562 Brown Bank, Greenholme 
NY62220839 All Saints, Orton L
NY59720573 Old School, Greenholme L
NY59660489 Megan's Fold, Bretherdale 
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