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Rockcliffe parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY3163
10Km square:-   NY26
10Km square:-   NY36
10Km square:-   NY25
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 639 (1971)

NY36376139 Becklands, Rockcliffe L out of sight
NY36366374 Bents, Rockcliffe 
NY36456231 Blackrigg, Rockcliffe 
 Border Union Railway 
NY31946177 Burghmarsh Point, Rockcliffe 
NY34806209 Castletown House, Rockcliffe L
NY35296195 Castletown, Rockcliffe 
NY35946157 Churchtown, Rockcliffe 
NY34426278 Croftends, Rockcliffe Cross 
NY36766120 Crookdyke, Rockcliffe 
NY35906161 cross, Rockcliffe 
NY35946150 Crown and Thistle, Rockcliffe L
NY33876178 Demesne Marsh, Rockcliffe 
NY34426203 Demesne, Rockcliffe 
NY3264 Doctor's Creek 
NY38426118 electricity station, Rockcliffe 
NY34036370 Esk Boathouse, Rockcliffe 
NY3163 Far Gulf 
NY34306285 Fauld, Rockcliffe Cross 
NY35616159 ferry, Rockcliffe 
NY35226310 fingerpost, Rockcliffe 
NY36156133 fingerpost, Rockcliffe (2) 
NY36006175 fingerpost, Rockcliffe (3) 
NY35066218 fingerpost, Rockcliffe (4) 
NY38506097 fingerpost, Rockcliffe (5) 
NY37406119 fingerpost, Rockcliffe (6) 
NY35916159 fingerpost, Rockcliffe (7) 
NY34536276 fingerpost, Rockcliffe (8) 
NY3263 Fleam Creek 
NY36006418 Floriston Bridge, Rockcliffe 
NY35596405 Floriston Level Crossing, Rockcliffe 
NY35906421 Floriston Rigg, Rockcliffe L
NY35596406 Floriston Station, Rockcliffe gone
NY39436084 Garden Cottage, Rockcliffe L
NY35156439 Garriestown, Rockcliffe L
NY39316083 Gibbet Wood, Rockcliffe 
NY38266078 Gillbeck, Rockcliffe 
NY35646174 Global Warming, Rockcliffe 
NY34276329 Gun Cottage, Rockcliffe Cross 
NY34636341 Halltown, Rockcliffe Cross 
NY38246098 Harker Bridge, Rockcliffe 
NY39446086 Harker Farm, Rockcliffe L
NY39506078 Harker Lodge, Harker L
NY38636097 Harker Station, Rockcliffe 
NY39586090 Harker, Rockcliffe 
NY37596139 Heathlands, Rockcliffe 
NY36296321 Hespin Wood, Rockcliffe 
NY39506140 Hill Farm, Rockcliffe 
NY39526143 Hill, Rockcliffe 
NY34636334 Leaend, Rockcliffe Cross gone?
NY35056214 Lodge, Rockcliffe L
NY3164 Long Hole 
NY37676216 Lough Head, Rockcliffe 
NY38776085 Low Harker, Rockcliffe 
NY35526477 Metal Bridge House, Metalbridge 
NY355648 Metal Bridge inn, Metalbridge 
NY35556483 Metalbridge, Rockcliffe 
NY36466357 milestone, Rockcliffe 
NY37426223 milestone, Rockcliffe (2) 
NY38236088 milestone, Rockcliffe (3) 
NY39606104 milestone, Rockcliffe (4) L
NY35596485 milestone, Rockcliffe (5) 
NY35216300 Moor Cottage, Rockcliffe 
NY35026313 Mooredge, Rockcliffe 
NY38556157 Moss House, Rockcliffe 
NY3561 Mouth of Edward Isle, Rockcliffe suggested
NY3163 Near Gulf 
NY38066115 Newfield, Rockcliffe 
NY37376171 Oatlands, Rockcliffe gone
NY35446194 Old Hall, Rockcliffe L
NY34736185 Peat Wath, Beaumont 
NY3464 Peter Sike 
NY35476357 Petersike Plantation, Rockcliffe 
NY35256326 Petersike, Rockcliffe gone
NY35556358 Petersike, Rockcliffe (2) 
NY356648 pillbox, Metalbridge 
NY35556471 police house, Metalbridge 
NY35086218 post box, Rockcliffe 
NY36986121 railway bridge, Rockcliffe 
NY38606094 railway bridge, Rockcliffe (2) 
NY36856122 railway bridge, Rockcliffe (3) 
NY36456242 railway bridge, Rockcliffe (4) 
NY35206462 railway footbridge, Rockcliffe 
NY36446244 railway milepost, Rockcliffe 
NY35176467 railway viaduct, Rockcliffe 
NY35636180 Redhill, Rockcliffe 
NY3363 Rob's Creek 
NY35576172 Rockcliff Wath, Rocklcliffe 
NY35936159 Rockcliffe 
NY3661 Rockcliffe Beck 
NY35966168 Rockcliffe Bridge, Rockcliffe 
NY35356194 Rockcliffe Castle, Rockcliffe gone
NY36076141 Rockcliffe Centre, Rockcliffe 
NY36906216 Rockcliffe Common, Rockcliffe 
NY34466280 Rockcliffe Cross, Rockcliffe 
NY34306300 Rockcliffe Cross, Rockcliffe Cross 
NY32086348 Rockcliffe Marsh, Rockcliffe 
NY37256260 Rockcliffe Moss, Rockcliffe 
NY35936185 Rockcliffe School, Rockcliffe 
NY37016116 Rockcliffe Station, Rockcliffe 
NY3062 Sandy Creek 
NY32336585 Sarkfoot Point, Rockcliffe 
NY35316201 school, Castletown 
NY36176131 Sharpwath, Rockcliffe 
NY35756174 Ship Inn, Rockcliffe 
NY34916196 spring, Rockcliffe 
NY35886165 St Mary, Rockcliffe L
NY368598 St Owens, Rockcliffe 
NY35876170 Stanmar, Rockcliffe 
NY3263 Stony Creek 
NY33156178 Stony Wath, Burgh by Sands 
NY37226165 Tarn, Rockcliffe gone
NY37106266 Todhills Bridge, Rockcliffe 
NY36816311 Todhills, Rockcliffe 
NY35996420 toll gate, Rockcliffe gone
NY36036151 Townhead, Rockcliffe L
NY3163 Walls of Troy, Rockcliffe gone
NY35916159 war memorial, Rockcliffe 
NY35826443 weather station, Rockcliffe 
NY34756320 Wether Hill, Rockcliffe 
 Caledonian Railway 
NY35486491 Metal Bridge, Metalbridge 
NY37566204 Rockcliffe Moss Bridge, Rockcliffe 
NY3165 Esk Estuary 
NY3666 Esk, River 
NY3658 Eden, River 
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