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Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD2496
10Km square:-   NY20
10Km square:-   SD19
10Km square:-   SD29
10Km square:-   SD18
10Km square:-   SD28
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 186 (1971)

NY24710154 air meter, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD22699196 Ball Hall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD22339083 barn, Broughton Mills L
SD23309692 barn, Seathwaite 
SD22479600 barn, Seathwaite (2) 
NY26000199 bield, Wrynose Bottom 
SD23429934 Birks Bridge, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite L
SD200932 Birks Wood, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD19999295 Birks, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD2194 Black Sike 
SD22249071 boundary stone, Broughton West/Dunnerdale etc L
SD19659304 boundary stone, Dunnerdale etc/Ulpha 
SD21309534 boundary stone, Dunnerdale etc/Ulpha (2) 
SD22029428 Brock Barrow, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY262000 Brow Side Fell, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD23679867 Brow Side, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY250010 Brow, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD222937 Brown Haw, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD26069660 Brown Pike, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD26239724 Buck Pike, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD228923 Carter Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD248949 Caw Moss, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD23049445 Caw, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY24690163 Cockley Beck Farm, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY257017 Cockley Beck Fell, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY25460148 Cockley Beck Great Intake, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY249013 Cockley Beck Mines, Ulpha 
NY24580006 Copper Stones Quarry, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD26259778 Dow Crag, Torver 
SD22049176 Dry Hall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD19698888 Duddon Valley, Ulpha 
SD2191 Dunnerdale Beck 
SD22409092 Dunnerdale Bridge, Broughton Mills 
SD21199290 Dunnerdale Fells, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21469554 Dunnerdale Hall Farm, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite L
SD228924 Dunnerdale Mine, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD20709419 Dunnerdale, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21249398 Far Kiln Bank, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD22829597 fence, Newfield 
SD22869603 fence, Seathwaite 
SD22829761 Fickle Steps, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD24119406 footbridge, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD22589605 footbridge, Seathwaite (2) 
SD23429881 footbridge, Troutal 
SD228924 gate, Carter Ground 
SD211916 Great Stickle, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD219908 Green Bank, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY260003 Grey Friar, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21309533 Hall Bridge, Dunnerdale 
SD214954 Hall Dunnerdale, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD2192 Hare Hall Beck 
SD21629217 Hare Hall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD22329081 Hesketh Hall, Broughton Mills L
SD21239430 High Kiln Bank, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD232976 High Tongue, Ulpha 
SD20159032 High Whineray Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD236993 Hinning House Close, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY260009 Hinning House Fell, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD24029991 Hinning House, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD228968 Hollin House Tongue, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD234969 Hollin House, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21679273 Hoses, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD23529592 house, Stephenson Ground L
SD21139122 Hovel Knott, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD20389021 Hutton, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY25720197 Iron Gate Sheepfold, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY25700199 Iron Gate, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD231929 Jackson Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21149411 Kiln Bank, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD20079110 Kiln Ellers Wood, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD224916 Knott End hill, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD22299157 Knott End, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD224919 Knott, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD27079943 Levers Hawse, Coniston 
SD2190 Lickle, River 
SD22989125 Lind End Bridge, Broughton West 
SD24689775 Lingy Stone, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD255980 Little Cove, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD2496 Long House Gill 
SD237969 Long House, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21369511 Low Hall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21189423 Low Kiln Bank, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD20109040 Low Whineray Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite L
SD22429636 Memorial Bridge, Seathwaite 
SD23399676 monument, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD2399 Moss House, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite once
SD24329455 Natty Bridge, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD22989716 Nettle Slack, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD22779599 Newfield Inn, Seathwaite 
SD224957 Newfield Wood, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD227959 Newfield, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21919376 Park Head Road, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD209904 Pickthall Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21309533 post box, Hall Dunnerdale 
SD23599244 potash kiln, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite L
SD20389345 quaker burial ground, Ulpha L
SD19598968 Rawfold Bridge, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite L
SD20048942 Rawfold, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD211921 Red Moss, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD219912 Scrithwaite Farm, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD23199683 Seathwaite Bridge, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite L
SD26509940 Seathwaite Copper Mines, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD22909607 Seathwaite Parish Room, Seathwaite 
SD261993 Seathwaite Tarn Mine, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD25309880 Seathwaite Tarn, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD22899608 Seathwaite, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD19629257 Sella, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD22889601 sheep feeder, Newfield 
SD22229442 sheepfold, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD22239071 Shop Bridge, Broughton West L
SD22129338 Stainton Ground Quarries, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21979234 Stainton Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD235931 Stephenson Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY23910007 stepping stones, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY23960062 stepping stones, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (2) 
SD21449558 stepping stones, Hall Dunnerdale 
SD20929420 stepping stones, Kiln Bank 
SD20749395 stepping stones, Kiln Bank (2) 
SD22389631 stepping stones, Seathwaite 
SD22529604 stepping stones, Seathwaite (2) 
SD20159367 stepping stones, Ulpha 
SD21379111 Stickle House Barn, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite L
SD21199275 Stickle Pike, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21479270 Stickle Quarries, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21389285 Stickle Tarn, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21379380 stone wall, Dunnerdale 
NY24660146 stone wall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21109457 stone wall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (2) 
SD21999390 stone wall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (3) 
SD23879442 stone wall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (4) 
SD24039454 stone wall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (5) 
SD23249280 stone wall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (6) 
NY25760095 stone wall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (7) 
SD20129120 Stonestar, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD205916 Stony Walls, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD23529313 structure, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY27270054 Swirl How, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD2397 Tarn Beck (2) 
SD20889198 Tarn Hill, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD20919222 tarn, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD21029209 tarn, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (2) 
SD21089192 tarn, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (3) 
SD21019195 tarn, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (4) 
SD20879186 tarn, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (5) 
SD20819184 tarn, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (6) 
SD20829194 tarn, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (7) 
SD20879210 tarn, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (8) 
NY27720274 Three Shire Stones, Wrynose 
SD242977 Tongue House High Close, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD23649746 Tongue House, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD2117791598 trig point, SD2117791598 
SD2304294451 trig point, SD2304294451 
SD249994 Troutal Fell, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD23519878 Troutal, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD23329645 Turner Hall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite L
SD19659304 Ulpha Bridge, Ulpha L
SD19769296 Ulpha School, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD23309666 Under Crag, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite L
SD23529947 Under Crag, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (2) once
SD22889610 Walker House, Seathwaite 
SD24829588 Walna Scar Quarries, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD24539668 Walna Scar Road 
SD256962 Walna Scar, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD23869303 Water Yeat Bridge, Broughton West L
SD240985 waterfall, Tarn Beck 
SD20318949 weathervane, Rawfold Bank 
SD19558957 weir, Millom Without 
SD22919620 weir, Seathwaite 
SD19579270 Whistling Green, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD22149395 White Head Well, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD24899557 White Pike, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY27700270 Wrynose Pass, Ulpha 
SD204919 Yew Barrow, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD203925 Yew Pike, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD2494 Yewry Sike 
NY24680166 Cockley Beck, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD23619880 Trout Hall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite once
NY24660167 Cockley Beck Bridge, Dunnerdale 
SD23439930 Faery Chasm, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY26150223 Wrynose Bottom, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
SD25319781 Seathwaite Fells, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY2602 Duddon, River 
SD23869441 sheepfold, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite (2) 
SD22919614 Holy Trinity, Seathwaite L
SD20279341 gate, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite 
NY24150074 Dale Head, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite L
SD22639598 School House, Seathwaite 
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