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Grayrigg parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD5998
10Km square:-   NY50
10Km square:-   NY60
10Km square:-   SD59
10Km square:-   SD69
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Grayrigge
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Grayrigg
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 164 (1971)

place:-   Grayrigg Constablewick (most of)
place:-   Dillicar Constablewick

SD58929609 Beanthwaite End, Grayrigg 
SD61539654 Beck Foot, Grayrigg 
SD58129640 Beck Houses, Grayrigg 
SD61479652 Beckfoot Bridge, Beck Foot 
NY60180067 Birk Knott, Grayrigg 
SD5998 Blackholme, Grayrigg once?
NY60880144 Borrowbridge Viaduct, Low Borrowbridge 
SD61199859 boundary stone, Grayrigg/Dillicar 
SD57669722 Bowland's Hill, Grayrigg 
SD58089636 bridge, Beck Houses 
SD57949767 bridge, Grayrigg 
SD58849658 Broad Head, Grayrigg 
SD5998 Brockbank, Grayrigg once?
SD59339705 Brow Head, Grayrigg 
NY6000 Burnes Gill 
SD57169728 Bye Mill, Grayrigg 
SD58259681 Castley Bank, Grayrigg 
SD58019720 Chapel Houses, Grayrigg 
SD61519655 chapel, Beck Foot 
SD58119880 Churn Head, Grayrigg 
SD60159640 Coat o' West, Grayrigg 
SD57839714 Coronation Hall, Grayrigg 
SD62049631 Crook of Lune Bridge, Sedbergh L
SD57969720 date stone, Grayrigg 
SD61919633 Davybank Mill, Grayrigg 
SD61859877 Dillicar Common, Grayrigg 
SD61869870 Dillicar Knott, Grayrigg 
SD62209711 Dillicar School House, Lowgill 
SD61759820 Dillicar, Grayrigg 
SD59879638 Dob's Hole, Grayrigg 
SD56559630 Docker Bridge, Docker 
SD56689639 Docker Cottage, Docker 
SD61959713 Dryfold, Lowgill gone
SD59919797 Fell Gate, Grayrigg gone?
SD59969799 Fellgarth, Grayrigg gone
SD62389679 Fleet Holme, Grayrigg 
SD5695 Flodder Beck 
SD58609906 Forest Foot, Grayrigg 
SD58919658 gate, Grayrigg 
SD57149709 Ghyll Bank, Grayrigg 
SD59489737 Golden Howe, Grayrigg 
SD61219721 Graining Field, Grayrigg 
SD57879716 Grayrigg 
SD57769715 Grayrigg Almshouses, Grayrigg 
SD57469768 Grayrigg Cave, Grayrigg 
SD57829716 Grayrigg CofE Primary School, Grayrigg 
SD60639906 Grayrigg Common, Grayrigg 
SD56959662 Grayrigg Foot, Grayrigg L
SD59569990 Grayrigg Forest, Grayrigg 
SD5797 Grayrigg Hall Beck 
SD57959753 Grayrigg Hall, Grayrigg L
SD5797 Grayrigg Hause, Grayrigg 
SD59699675 Grayrigg Head, Grayrigg L
SD57799711 Grayrigg House, Grayrigg 
SD60699951 Grayrigg Pike, Grayrigg 
SD59599809 Grayrigg Tarn, Grayrigg 
SD5797 Grayrigg: Lakeland Pipes 
SD60719978 Great Coum, Grayrigg 
NY60790059 Hause Bridge, Grayrigg 
NY608006 Hawse House, Grayrigg 
SD58019817 High Barn, Grayrigg 
SD59489872 High Fellgarth, Grayrigg 
SD58929766 High Mill, Grayrigg 
SD62009784 High Park, Grayrigg gone
SD61489724 Highgill, Grayrigg 
SD58719848 Honey Moor, Grayrigg 
SD58889695 Hyning, Grayrigg 
SD57669678 Ivy Bank, Grayrigg 
SD56189664 Ivy Bridge, Whinfell L
SD62099845 Knott Hall, Grayrigg 
SD60019692 Lambert Ash, Grayrigg 
SD5696 Lambrigg Beck 
SD59509766 Laneside, Grayrigg gone
SD60289995 Little Coum, Grayrigg 
SD62659828 Long Dub, Grayrigg 
SD57379714 Longtail Brow, Grayrigg 
NY60930144 Low Borrow Bridge, Tebay 
SD59479859 Low Fellgarth, Grayrigg 
 Low Gill and Ingleton branch railway 
SD62409828 Low Park, Grayrigg 
SD61639673 Lowgill Farm, Lowgill 
SD62269763 Lowgill Junction, Lowgill 
SD62249734 Lowgill Station, Lowgill 
SD61669681 Lowgill Station, Lowgill (2) 
SD61679653 Lowgill Viaduct, Beck Foot L
SD61599666 Lowgill, Grayrigg 
SD6196 Lummer Gill 
SD60859765 Lummer Head, Grayrigg gone?
SD61659981 Lune Gorge, Tebay 
SD61359887 milestone, Grayrigg L
SD61669746 milestone, Grayrigg (2) L
SD58709657 Mires Head, Grayrigg 
SD61569687 motorway bridge, Lowgill 
SD61379752 Mountain View, Grayrigg 
SD61959672 Nether House, Lowgill 
SD58899715 New House, Grayrigg 
SD57869714 Old Police House, Grayrigg 
SD57899717 Old Vicarage, Grayrigg 
SD58619788 park, Grayrigg 
SD60019740 Pasture House, Grayrigg gone?
SD61949636 Pool House, Grayrigg L
SD57969719 Punchbowl House, Grayrigg 
SD60509618 railway bridge, Firbank (3) 
SD61569679 railway bridge, Lowgill 
SD61729665 railway bridge, Lowgill (2) 
SD61799675 railway bridge, Lowgill (3) 
SD62189708 Railway Terrace, Lowgill 
NY60480036 rain gauge, Grayrigg gone?
NY60310000 rain gauge, Grayrigg (2) gone?
SD57889719 Rose Bower, Grayrigg 
SD57609764 Roundhead Wood, Grayrigg 
SD59989778 Sand Beds, Grayrigg 
SD62199705 school, Lowgill gone
SD62139716 Scufton House, Lowgill 
SD58929659 sheep feeder, Grayrigg 
NY60610020 sheepfold, Grayrigg 
SD59439659 Simgill, Grayrigg 
SD57869718 St John, Grayrigg L
SD58269709 Sunny Bank, Grayrigg 
SD57319802 Sweet Bridge, Grayrigg 
SD59439789 Tarn Rigg, Grayrigg 
SD60349978 tarn, Grayrigg 
SD61649645 Tarnclose Bridge, Beck Foot L
SD56269675 Thursgill Beck 
SD57849718 war memorial, Grayrigg 
SD5798 Whinhowe Gill 
SD57599856 Whinhowe, Grayrigg 
 North Western Railway 
SD56959659 mill, Grayrigg Foot gone?
SD62419664 mill, Fleet Holme suggested
 Lancaster and Carlisle Railway 
NY6205 Lune, River 
SD58079633 meeting house, Grayrigg 
SD60569812 Grayrigg Common Fold, Grayrigg 
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