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placename:- Martindale parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Westmorland
coordinates:- NY4317
10Km square:- NY42
10Km square:- NY31, NY41
parish code:- MRTD
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY4317

source:- Census 1971

population:- 104 -- 1971

hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675

Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

placename:- Martindale
date:- 1675
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

Angle Tarn Pikes, Martindale
Angle Tarn, Martindale
Angletarn Beck
Angletarn Pikes, Martindale
aqueduct, Martindale
Bank House, Howtown
Bannerdale Beck
Bannerdale, Martindale
barn, Martindale
Beckside Farm, Martindale
Beda Fell, Martindale
Beda Head, Martindale
Bedafell Knott, Martindale
Black Crag, Martindale
boat house, Martindale
boat house, Martindale (2)
Bomber Wall, Thrang Crag
Bonscale Pike, Martindale
Bonscale Tower, Martindale
Bonscale, Martindale
Boredale Beck
Boredale Hause, Martindale
Boredale Head, Martindale
Boredale, Martindale
boundary stone, Bampton/Martindale
boundary stone, Barton/Martindale
bridge, Martindale
bridge, Martindale (2)
bridge, Martindale (3)
Brock Crag, Martindale
Brougham memorial, Martindale
Brunt Stones, Martindale
Buck Crag, Martindale
building, Martindale
Bungalow, Martindale
Bushby Cottage, Martindale
Christy Bridge, Martindale
Cote, Martindale
Cotehow house, Martindale
Cotehow, Martindale
Cragg, Martindale
Dale Head, Martindale
Deer Forest, Martindale
Doe Green, Martindale
Dubhow Beck
Elm Tree, Martindale
footbridge, Boredale
footbridge, Howtown
ford, Boredale
Fusedale Beck
Fusedale, Martindale
Garth Head, Boredale
Garth Heads, Martindale
gate, Martindale
Geordie's Crag, Martindale
Gowk Hill, Martindale
Hallin Bank, Martindale
Hallin Fell, Martindale
Hallinhagg Wood, Martindale
Hart Crag, Martindale
Hause Farm, Martindale
Hawk Crag, Martindale
Heck Crag, Martindale
Henhow, Martindale
High Ben Green, Martindale
High Dodd, Martindale
High Raise, Martindale
High Street roman road
Highgate, Martindale
house, Martindale
Howe Grain
Howe Grain, Martindale
Howegrain Beck
Howegrain Lodge, Martindale
Howesteadbrow, Boredale
Howtown Hotel, Howtown
Howtown Pier, Howtown
Howtown Wyke, Martindale
Howtown, Martindale
Jude the Obscure, Thrang Crag
Kailpot Bay, Martindale
Kailpot Crag, Martindale
Kent Oak, Howtown
Kidsty Pike, Martindale
Kilbert How, Martindale
Knight, Martindale
Knott, Patterdale
lake, Fusedale
Lanty Tarn, Martindale
Locusts, Thrang Crag
Lodge, Martindale
Long Crag, Martindale
Low Ben Green, Martindale
Low Moss, Martindale
Lurcher, Thrang Crag
Martindale Common, Martindale
Mellguards, Martindale
Mere Beck
Microcosm, Thrang Crag
monument, Martindale
Mortar Crag, Martindale
Mount, Howtown
Nab, Martindale
Nettleslack, Martindale
NY41: earthquake 19910810 1733
NY43: earthquake 19900521 0634
Old Vicarage, Martindale
Pikeawassa, Martindale
Place Fell, Patterdale
post box, Martindale
Rake, Martindale
Ramps Gill, Martindale
Rampsgill Beck
Rampsgill Head, Martindale
Raven Howe, Bampton
Red Crag, Martindale
Redcrag Tarn, Martindale
Responsibility, Thrang Crag
Rest Dodd, Patterdale
road, Pooley Bridge to Martindale
road, through Howtown
Round How, Patterdale
Sandford Stake, Martindale
Sandwick Bay, Ullswater
Sandwick Beck
Sandwick, Martindale
Satura Crag, Martindale
Scalehow Beck
Scalehow Force, Martindale
school, Martindale
sheepfold, Boredale
Sleet Fell, Martindale
slipway, Howtown
St Martin, Martindale
St Peter, Martindale
station, Hallinhagg
station, Place Fell
Steel End, Martindale
Steel Knotts, Martindale
Straights of Riggindale, Patterdale
Swarth Beck (2)
Swarth Fell, Martindale
Swarthbank, Martindale
Swarthbeck Gill
Swarthbeck Point, Martindale
Swarthbeck, Martindale
Swarthfield, Martindale
Tablerock Bay, Ullswater
Thrang Crag, Martindale
Thrang Head, Martindale
Thrang Slab, Thrang Crag
Thrangcrag, Martindale
Townhead, Martindale
trig point, NY4056016952
Waternook, Martindale
well, Kidsty Pike
Wether Hill, Martindale
Winter Crag, Martindale
Wintercrag, Howegrain

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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