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Martindale parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY4317
10Km square:-   NY42
10Km square:-   NY31
10Km square:-   NY41
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Martindale
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 104 (1971)

place:-   Martindale Constablewick

NY414148 Angle Tarn Pikes, Martindale 
NY41701435 Angle Tarn, Martindale 
NY4114 Angletarn Beck 
NY413147 Angletarn Pikes, Martindale 
NY43441908 Annegarth, Martindale 
NY411159 aqueduct, Martindale 
NY4215 Bannerdale Beck 
NY42761569 Bannerdale, Martindale 
NY45262088 barn, Martindale 
NY41751920 barn, Martindale (2) 
NY42911611 barn, Martindale (3) 
NY42332066 Beckside Farm, Martindale 
NY42331971 Beckside, Sandwick 
NY42331645 Beda Fell, Martindale 
NY42791708 Beda Head, Martindale 
NY42021599 Bedafell Knott, Martindale 
NY43491675 Ben Green, Martindale 
NY4018 Birkfell Slack 
NY43801878 Birkie Knott, Martindale 
NY41601760 Black Crag, Martindale 
NY43992003 boat house, Martindale 
NY44692054 boat house, Martindale (2) 
NY44952098 boat house, Martindale (3) 
NY45362001 Bonscale Pike, Martindale 
NY45392014 Bonscale Tower, Martindale 
NY45002058 Bonscale, Martindale 
NY4217 Boredale Beck 
NY407157 Boredale Hause, Martindale 
NY41891701 Boredale Head, Martindale 
NY421178 Boredale, Martindale 
NY40421803 Bottom Heads, Patterdale 
NY45561676 boundary stone, Bampton/Martindale 
NY45022104 boundary stone, Barton/Martindale L
NY42731927 Bridge End, Martindale 
NY44331964 bridge, Howtown L
NY44321972 bridge, Howtown (2) 
NY43551682 bridge, Martindale (2) 
NY43291900 bridge, Martindale (3) 
NY42681903 bridge, Martindale (4) 
NY42371965 bridge, Sandwick 
NY41861556 Broad Crags, Martindale 
NY45131889 Brock Crag, Martindale 
NY42451699 Brock Crag, Martindale (2) 
NY43991968 Broomhill Plantation, Howtown 
NY435195 Brougham memorial, Martindale 
NY44301735 Brownthwaite Crag, Martindale 
NY454180 Brunt Stones, Martindale 
NY42161410 Buck Crag, Martindale 
NY45122058 building, Martindale 
NY42671589 building, Martindale (2) 
NY42071593 building, Martindale (3) 
NY439162 Bungalow, Martindale 
NY42301966 Bushby Cottage, Sandwick L
NY42401883 Cat Crag, Martindale 
NY43561998 cattle trough, Martindale 
NY42351975 Causewayfoot, Sandwick 
NY43341904 Cawgarth, Martindale 
NY43351833 Christy Bridge, Martindale L
NY43841918 Coombs, Martindale 
NY44651886 Cote Farm, Martindale 
NY43471888 Cotehow house, Martindale L
NY43451888 Cotehow, Martindale 
NY43311651 Dale Head, Martindale 
NY43561470 Deer Forest, Martindale 
NY4418 Dodd Gill 
NY42641923 Doe Green, Martindale 
NY43561930 drain, Martindale 
NY43561688 Elm Tree, Martindale suggested
NY40581924 Ewe Crag, Martindale 
NY42841881 fingerpost, Martindale 
NY42591855 footbridge, Boredale 
NY44411958 footbridge, Howtown 
NY41531913 footbridge, Martindale 
NY42701926 footbridge, Martindale (2) 
NY40661407 footbridge, Martindale (3) 
NY42601857 ford, Boredale 
NY44321989 Fusedale Beck 
NY445182 Fusedale, Martindale 
NY42771858 Garth Head, Boredale 
NY426186 Garth Heads, Martindale 
NY42231378 gate, Martindale 
NY43622046 Geordie's Crag, Martindale 
NY44471670 Gowk Hill, Martindale 
NY43832029 Grandybrae Wood, Martindale 
NY4417 Groove Gill, Martindale 
NY43051927 Hallin Bank, Martindale 
NY43301975 Hallin Fell, Martindale 
NY430201 Hallinhagg Wood, Martindale 
NY406172 Hart Crag, Martindale 
NY41141584 Hause Crag, Martindale 
NY43401912 Hause Farm, Martindale L
NY43801937 Hause, Martindale 
NY41241674 Hawk Crag, Martindale 
NY4215 Heck Beck 
NY41981528 Heck Cove, Martindale 
NY42011489 Heck Crag, Martindale 
NY41681521 Heckbeck Head, Martindale 
NY41761605 High Brock Crag, Martindale 
NY41541825 High Dodd, Martindale 
NY44811346 High Raise, Martindale 
NY43031915 Highgate, Martindale 
NY4117 Hollinhow Gill 
NY43371900 house, Martindale 
NY4318 Howe Grain 
NY43581775 Howe Grain, Martindale 
NY44321990 Howegrain Beck 
NY43381898 Howegrain Lodge, Martindale 
NY42781857 Howesteadbrow, Boredale 
NY42991827 Howstead Brow, Martindale 
NY44331990 Howtown Pier, Howtown 
NY44241996 Howtown Wyke, Martindale 
NY44331961 Howtown, Martindale 
NY432203 Kailpot Bay, Martindale 
NY43332042 Kailpot Crag, Martindale 
NY44311968 Kent Oak, Howtown 
NY44741258 Kidsty Pike, Bampton 
NY407188 Kilbert How, Martindale 
NY43251821 Knicklethorns, Martindale 
NY404175 Knight, Martindale 
NY40421764 Knight, Patterdale 
NY43711269 Knott, Patterdale 
NY43601899 Lanty Tarn, Martindale 
NY43191880 Lodge, Martindale 
NY408192 Long Crag, Martindale 
NY43551718 Low Ben Green, Martindale 
NY40871901 Low Birk Fell, Martindale 
NY42791739 Low Brock Crags, Martindale 
NY41411784 Low Moss, Martindale 
NY43441602 Martindale 
NY42951672 Martindale Common, Martindale 
NY4416 Mell Beck (2) 
NY446194 Mellguards, Howtown 
NY4416 Mere Beck 
NY42421956 Mill How, Sandwick 
NY40631836 Mirk Slack, Martindale 
NY43301982 monument, Martindale 
NY40901793 Mortar Crag, Martindale 
NY43421520 Nab, Martindale 
NY43921778 Nettlehow Crag, Martindale 
NY42261815 Nettleslack, Martindale 
NY43111795 Nickles, Martindale 
NY42631900 Old Vicarage, Martindale L
NY44041813 Pikeawassa, Martindale 
NY43431908 post box, Martindale 
NY44111740 quarry, Martindale 
NY437193 Rake, Martindale 
NY44051523 Ramps Gill, Martindale 
NY4315 Rampsgill Beck 
NY442128 Rampsgill Head, Martindale 
NY45011447 Raven Howe, Bampton 
NY45021517 Red Crag, Martindale 
NY41531572 Red Scar, Martindale 
NY45051499 Redcrag Tarn, Martindale 
NY43201368 Rest Dodd, Martindale 
NY40761657 Round How, Martindale 
NY45711782 Sandford Stake, Martindale 
NY42601999 Sandwick Bay, Ullswater 
NY4219 Sandwick Beck 
NY42351964 Sandwick, Martindale 
NY42381373 Satura Crag, Martindale 
NY41591961 Scalehow Beck 
NY41431902 Scalehow Force, Martindale 
NY41431938 Scalehow Wood, Martindale 
NY43361903 school, Martindale 
NY42331540 settlement, Martindale 
NY41331785 sheepfold, Boredale 
NY43971433 sheepfold, Martindale 
NY43951600 sheepfold, Martindale (2) 
NY42481560 sheepfold, Martindale (3) 
NY41831862 Sleet Fell, Martindale 
NY44371986 slipway, Howtown 
NY40571844 Smeathwaite, Patterdale 
NY43591913 St Peter, Martindale L
NY44291925 Steel End, Martindale 
NY44041835 Steel Knotts, Martindale 
NY44151767 stonewall, Martindale 
NY41071507 Stony Rigg, Patterdale 
NY439122 Straights of Riggindale, Patterdale 
NY4520 Swarth Beck (2) 
NY45091961 Swarth Fell, Martindale 
NY44572000 Swarthbank, Martindale 
NY44992104 Swarthbeck Cottage, Martindale 
NY45962008 Swarthbeck Gill 
NY45462064 Swarthbeck Gill, Barton 
NY44942109 Swarthbeck Point, Martindale 
NY45232094 Swarthbeck, Martindale 
NY44722053 Swarthfield, Martindale 
NY42791912 Swinsty, Martindale 
NY43002022 Tablerock Bay, Ullswater 
NY4517 tarn, Fusedale 
NY434174 Thrang Crag, Martindale 
NY43531690 Thrang Head, Martindale suggested
NY43431757 Thrangcrag, Martindale L
NY42321968 Towerhill, Sandwick gone?
NY42331961 Townhead, Sandwick L
NY4056016952 trig point, NY4056016952 
NY43032018 viewpoint, Hallinhagg 
NY40561696 viewpoint, Place Fell 
NY43991989 Waternook, Martindale 
NY44721256 well, Kidsty Pike 
NY45651654 Wether Hill, Martindale 
NY45101957 White Knotts, Martindale 
NY43051835 Winter Crag, Martindale 
NY43291833 Wintercrag, Martindale 
NY4314 Yewgrove Gill 
NY43421771 Henhow, Martindale 
NY44552000 Bank House, Howtown 
NY4419 Mount, Howtown 
NY44271957 Howtown Hotel, Howtown 
NY40561696 Place Fell, Patterdale 
NY455206 Swarthbeck Gill Iron Trial, Martindale 
NY43431840 St Martin, Martindale L
NY41 High Street roman road 
NY42202020 Ullswater 
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