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Ravenstonedale parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY7102
10Km square:-   NY60
10Km square:-   NY70
10Km square:-   SD69
10Km square:-   SD79
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Ravenstonedale
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Ravenstone Daill
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.
"Ravenstone Daill"

evidence:-   old map:- Jefferys 1770 (Wmd) 
placename:-  Ravenstonedale
source data:-   Map, 4 sheets, The County of Westmoreland, scale 1 inch to 1 mile, surveyed 1768, and engraved and published by Thomas Jefferys, London, 1770.
hill hachuring; valley 
item:-  National Library of Scotland : EME.s.47
Image © National Library of Scotland

evidence:-   old map:- Cary 1789 (edn 1805) 
placename:-  Ravenstone Dale
source data:-   Map, uncoloured engraving, Westmoreland, scale about 2.5 miles to 1 inch, by John Cary, London, 1789; edition 1805.
"Ravenstone Dale"
item:-  JandMN : 129
Image © see bottom of page

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 531 (1971)

place:-   Ravenstonedale Constablewick

NY70990056 Adamthwaite Bank, Ravenstonedale 
SD7099 Adamthwaite Sike 
SD71019989 Adamthwaite, Ravenstonedale 
NY7202 Artlegarth Beck 
NY72650227 Artlegarth, Ravenstonedale 
NY74150444 Ash Fell Edge, Ravenstonedale 
NY73620410 Ash Fell, Ravenstonedale 
SD72459879 Ash Pot, Ravenstonedale 
NY6902 Ashes Gill 
NY73340443 Ashfield, Ravenstonedale L
SD6998 Backside Beck 
NY71020564 Badger Hill, Ravenstonedale 
NY72230186 Banks, Ravenstonedale 
NY74120315 barn, Bowber Head L
NY74110324 barn, Bowber Head (2) 
NY70390570 barn, Brownber 
NY71600430 barn, Greenside 
NY70590518 barn, Newbiggin-on-Lune 
NY74280262 barn, Ravenstonedale (2) 
NY72410465 barn, Ravenstonedale (3) 
SD70929896 barn, Ravenstonedale (6) 
NY70610459 Beckstones, Ravenstonedale 
SD69529731 Ben End, Ravenstonedale 
NY74790351 Bent Hill, Ravenstonedale 
NY70850644 Bents, Ravenstonedale 
NY7005 Bessy Beck 
NY704052 Betsy Croft, Newbiggin-on-Lune 
NY72070127 bield, Ravenstonedale 
NY72090571 bield, Ravenstonedale (2) 
SD75249996 bield, Ravenstonedale (3) 
NY68840623 Black Dub, Ravenstonedale 
NY75740295 Black Hill, Wharton 
SD72459810 Black Moss, Ravenstonedale 
NY73320399 Bleaflatt Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY73640377 Bleaflatt, Ravenstonedale 
NY72650129 Blirt Hill, Ravenstonedale 
NY71440527 boat house, Ravenstonedale 
NY69380550 boundary stone, Ravenstonedale 
NY75660377 boundary stone, Ravenstonedale/Kirkby Stephen 
NY74080317 Bowber Head, Ravenstonedale L
NY74090320 Bowberhead Farm, Ravenstonedale L
NY6701 Bowderdale Beck 
NY67810464 Bowderdale Bridge, Bowderdale 
NY67840466 Bowderdale Bridge, Bowderdale (2) 
NY67740465 Bowderdale Foot, Bowderdale 
NY67780447 Bowderdale Head, Bowderdale 
SD68179796 Bowderdale Head, Orton S 
NY67330258 Bowderdale valley, Ravenstonedale 
NY67820463 Bowderdale, Ravenstonedale 
NY69620625 Brackenber, Ravenstonedale 
NY71940530 Breakyneck Scar, Ravenstonedale 
SD71829806 Bridge Cottages, Ravenstonedale L
NY72120361 bridge, Ravenstonedale 
NY71660108 bridge, Ravenstonedale (2) 
NY72410402 bridge, Ravenstonedale (3) 
NY72150356 bridge, Ravenstonedale (4) 
NY68330493 Brow Foot, Ravenstonedale 
NY70620565 Brownber Farm, Brownber 
NY70490596 Brownber Hall, Brownber L
NY70510570 Brownber Lane, Brownber 
NY70480569 Brownber, Ravenstonedale 
NY74280247 Brunt Hill, Ravenstonedale 
SD70969945 building, Ravenstonedale 
NY68570321 Bull Intake, Ravenstonedale 
NY75250346 Bullhouse Hill, Ravenstonedale 
SD72619893 Butterpot, Ravenstonedale 
NY70330535 Causey End, Newbiggin-on-Lune 
NY70320533 Causey, Newbiggin-on-Lune 
NY70870533 Chapel Butt Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY71170548 Chapel Rigg, Ravenstonedale 
SD72369937 chapel, Fell End 
NY70490520 chapel, Newbiggin-on-Lune 
NY70300425 Church Gate, Ravenstonedale 
NY70210578 Cinder Hill, Ravenstonedale 
NY73110377 Claylands Farm, Ravenstonedale 
SD7499 Clouds Gill 
NY74330128 Clouds Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY74300074 Clouds Plantation, Ravenstonedale 
NY74050035 Clouds, Ravenstonedale 
SD72969962 Cold Keld, Ravenstonedale 
NY72090435 Coldbeck Bridge, Ravenstonedale 
NY72020433 Coldbeck Farm, Ravenstonedale L
NY72000437 Coldbeck House, Ravenstonedale 
NY72050435 Coldbeck, Ravenstonedale 
NY75270284 Cook Mire, Ravenstonedale 
NY73830147 Cote Moor, Ravenstonedale 
NY7105 Coupland Sike 
NY75080102 Cow Bank, Ravenstonedale 
NY68770373 Cow Bank, Weasdale 
NY72330393 Croft House, Ravenstonedale 
NY74200275 Crooks Beck South Bridge, Ravenstonedale 
NY74240291 Crooks Beck, Ravenstonedale L
NY74060262 Crooks, Ravenstonedale 
NY71410466 Cross Gates, Ravenstonedale 
NY71550084 Cross, Ravenstonedale 
NY73900243 Crossbank House, Ravenstonedale 
NY739024 Crossbank, Ravenstonedale 
NY7102 Dale Gill 
NY74250015 Dale Slack, Ravenstonedale 
NY70310227 Dale Tongue, Ravenstonedale 
NY70840519 Dark Lane, Newbiggin-on-Lune gone
SD74379969 Deep Moss, Ravenstonedale 
NY70150439 Dena Mire, Ravenstonedale 
NY70080455 Denamire Hill, Ravenstonedale 
NY7004 Denamire Sike 
NY71610448 Dogbar, Ravenstonedale gone?
SD7399 Doven Gill 
NY72190370 drain, Ravenstonedale 
NY7005 Dry Beck (5) 
NY69210537 Dubbs Bridge, Ravenstonedale 
NY69180529 Dubbs, Ravenstonedale 
NY74070258 Egdale Lane, Ravenstonedale 
SD7297 Eller Gill (3) 
SD72439745 Eller Hill, Ravenstonedale 
NY7301 Ellergill Sike 
NY73390160 Ellergill, Ravenstonedale 
NY72180410 Elm Lodge, Ravenstonedale 
SD72609890 Elm Pot, Ravenstonedale 
NY69870667 Ewefell Mire, Crosby Garrett 
NY69030661 Far Closes, Ravenstonedale 
NY73920238 Fat Lamb, Ravenstonedale 
SD74799988 Feather Bed, Ravenstonedale 
NY68850275 Fell Close, Ravenstonedale 
SD73919990 Fell End Clouds, Ravenstonedale 
SD724986 Fell End, Ravenstonedale 
NY72900453 Fell Road, Ravenstonedale 
NY72080437 fence, Ravenstonedale 
SD7299 Five Gills 
NY67710400 Flass, Bowderdale 
NY74730223 Flass, Ravenstonedale 
NY74900259 Flass, Ravenstonedale (2) 
SD73939797 Flint Howe, Ravenstonedale 
SD72149840 Foggy Gill, Ravenstonedale 
NY74220143 folly, Stennerskeugh 
NY72170356 footbridge, Ravenstonedale 
NY72110360 footbridge, Ravenstonedale (2) 
SD72939686 footbridge, Ravenstonedale (3) 
SD7598 Forcepot Sike 
NY74840016 ford, Ravenstonedale 
SD73989726 Fox Hole, Ravenstonedale 
NY71020549 Friar Bottom Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY71130568 Friar's Bottom Farm, Ravenstonedale 
NY7101 Gais Gill 
NY72480550 Gallows Hill, Ravenstonedale 
NY68490464 Gars Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY68600478 Gars, Ravenstonedale 
NY72320435 Garshill Farm, Ravenstonedale L
NY72450429 Garshill, Ravenstonedale 
NY74460122 gate, Stennerskeugh 
NY74680123 gate, Stennerskeugh (2) 
NY74340153 gate, Stennerskeugh (3) 
SD72859930 Gillbeck Bridge, Ravenstonedale 
NY68940605 Gracetemoor, Ravenstonedale 
SD7397 Grain Gill 
SD6899 Great Randy Gill 
NY6901 Great Swindale 
NY69370166 Great Swindale, Ravenstonedale 
NY69860108 Green Bell, Ravenstonedale 
NY73670430 Green Hill, Ravenstonedale 
SD72069858 Green Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY70880508 Green Lane, Ravenstonedale (2) 
SD73549852 Green Rigg, Ravenstonedale 
SD72289832 Green Slack, Ravenstonedale 
NY72700251 Green, Ravenstonedale 
SD75339927 Greenrigg Moss, Ravenstonedale 
SD73469851 Greenrigg Well, Ravenstonedale 
NY7003 Greenside Beck 
NY71300393 Greenside Farm, Greenside 
NY71200384 Greenside Head, Greenside 
NY71470407 Greenside Lane, Greenside 
NY71400355 Greenside Tarn, Greenside 
NY71350393 Greenside, Ravenstonedale 
NY70330055 Grere Fell, Ravenstonedale 
SD75099941 Grey Rigg, Ravenstonedale 
NY70710565 Grimy Keld, Brownber 
SD72459959 Hag House, Ravenstonedale 
NY71360531 Hag Mire, Ravenstonedale 
SD72099724 Hall Intack Bridge, Sedbergh 
SD70569764 Handley's Bridge, Sedbergh 
NY67990561 Hanskey, Ravenstonedale 
NY72110023 Harter Fell, Ravenstonedale 
NY72570042 Harterfell Brow, Ravenstonedale 
NY7500 Hashy Gill 
NY75330039 Hashygill Moss, Ravenstonedale 
NY72150365 Haven, Ravenstonedale L
NY71890538 Hawking Scar, Ravenstonedale 
SD6799 Hazel Gill (2) 
NY73530092 Hazel Pot, Ravenstonedale 
NY754024 Heckgill Mire, Kirkby Stephen 
NY74960243 Heckgill Mire, Ravenstonedale 
NY75170125 High Beck House, Stennerskeugh 
NY72160368 High Chapel House, Ravenstonedale L
NY72260393 High Chapel, Ravenstonedale L
NY71020277 High Cocklake, Ravenstonedale 
NY76550002 High Dolphinsty, Kirkby Stephen 
SD72619923 High Dovengill, Ravenstonedale 
NY69240543 High Dubbs, Ravenstonedale 
SD6898 High Green Gill 
SD75099973 High Greenrigg, Ravenstonedale 
NY70840392 High Greenside, Greenside 
NY67590378 High Ground, Bowderdale 
NY69150274 High Knott, Ravenstonedale 
NY69970573 High Lane, Ravenstonedale L
SD72049918 High Sprintgill, Ravenstonedale 
NY74710127 High Stennerskeugh, Stennerskeugh L
NY72550112 High Stoups, Ravenstonedale 
NY74820050 High Whiterigg, Ravenstonedale 
NY72770492 High Wood, Ravenstonedale 
NY72630497 Highwood Mire, Ravenstonedale 
NY72290387 Hill House, Ravenstonedale L
NY69650546 Hill Top, Ravenstonedale 
NY72600231 Hill View, Ravenstonedale 
NY72450420 Hobers Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY70590430 Hole House, Ravenstonedale 
NY71760432 Hole, Ravenstonedale suggested
NY70950219 Hollybush Quarry, Ravenstonedale 
NY68020202 Hooksey, Ravenstonedale 
NY70530516 Horse Shoe, Newbiggin-on-Lune gone?
NY74960409 Hound Toft, Ravenstonedale 
SD6699 Howgill Fells, Howgill 
NY69630174 Hunthoof Pike, Ravenstonedale 
NY74300141 Hwith House, Stennerskeugh 
NY75490291 Ingfoot Barn, Ravenstonedale 
NY72210271 Intake, Ravenstonedale 
NY70090619 Intake, Ravenstonedale (2) 
NY7201 Jackson Gill 
NY72750566 Jervis Cross, Waitby 
NY73790215 Keld Head, Ravenstonedale 
NY7204 Keld Sike (3) 
SD68839929 Kensgriff, Ravenstonedale 
NY7103 Killmire Beck 
NY71910335 Kilnmire, Ravenstonedale 
NY72100433 King's Head, Ravenstonedale L
NY71390132 Knott, Ravenstonedale 
NY70410128 Knoutberry, Ravenstonedale 
NY75460347 Lady Lowther's Well, Ravenstonedale 
NY69430417 Lane Cottage, Ravenstonedale L
NY694042 Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY723042 Lanes Cottage, Ravenstonedale 
NY6800 Leath Gill 
NY68710037 Leathgill Bridge, Ravenstonedale 
SD72889905 limekiln, Fell End (2) 
SD73089939 limekiln, Fell End (3) 
NY71410395 limekiln, Greenside 
NY71670443 limekiln, Ravenstonedale 
SD73179992 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (2) 
SD73209986 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (3) 
NY70520441 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (4) L
SD70579767 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (5) 
NY69640579 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (6) 
NY73440488 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (7) 
NY73840449 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (8) 
NY74100452 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (9) 
NY72510334 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (10) 
NY75400372 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (11) 
NY75410380 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (12) 
NY73840144 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (13) 
NY73660124 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (14) 
SD73879762 limekiln, Ravenstonedale (15) 
NY74710108 limekiln, Stennerskeugh 
NY75130193 limekiln, Stennerskeugh (2) 
NY69040597 Lingberry Hall, Ravenstonedale 
NY68340456 Little Beck (2) 
NY71870062 Little Harter Fell, Ravenstonedale 
SD6899 Little Randy Gill 
NY6902 Little Swindale 
NY7302 Lockholme Beck 
NY73370264 Lockholme Hall, Ravenstonedale 
NY73520230 Lockholme Head, Ravenstonedale 
NY73260279 Lockholme, Ravenstonedale 
NY6701 Lodge Gill 
NY7000 Long Gill (7) 
NY72580483 Long Rigg, Ravenstonedale 
NY71900488 Lords Table, Ravenstonedale 
NY71020329 Low Cocklake, Ravenstonedale 
SD72669937 Low Dovengill, Ravenstonedale 
NY74500230 Low Flass, Ravenstonedale 
SD6898 Low Green Gill 
SD74929977 Low Greenrigg, Ravenstonedale 
NY71530414 Low Greenside Farm, Greenside 
NY70270570 Low House, Brownber gone?
NY69480324 Low Knott, Ravenstonedale 
NY69880538 Low Lane Cottage, Ravenstonedale 
NY69780540 Low Lane House, Ravenstonedale 
NY73300369 Low Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY69840540 Low Lane, Ravenstonedale (2) 
SD72159929 Low Sprintgill, Ravenstonedale 
NY74320177 Low Stennerskeugh, Stennerskeugh L
NY73060205 Low Stoups, Ravenstonedale 
NY69660459 Low Tranmoor, Ravenstonedale 
NY74760063 Low Whiterigg, Ravenstonedale 
NY70160124 Lune Head, Ravenstonedale suggested
NY74460348 Lytheside Farm, Ravenstonedale L
NY74090320 Lytheside West Farm, Ravenstonedale L
NY70 Mallerstang Forest, Mallerstang 
NY72270399 Manor House, Ravenstonedale L
NY73390073 milestone, Ravenstonedale L
NY74940341 milestone, Ravenstonedale (2) L
SD70329724 milestone, Ravenstonedale (3) 
SD71609811 milestone, Ravenstonedale (4) L
NY72790442 milestone, Ravenstonedale (6) 
NY73940223 milestone, Ravenstonedale (7) L not found
SD72429944 milestone, Ravenstonedale (8) L not found
NY72010458 Mill Street, Ravenstonedale 
NY72120445 mill, Ravenstonedale 
SD73529943 mine, Ravenstonedale 
NY69140490 Moss, Ravenstonedale 
NY719045 motte, Ravenstonedale supposed
SD69849866 Mountain View, Ravenstonedale 
SD70959816 Murthwaite Park, Ravenstonedale 
SD71609897 Murthwaite Rigg, Ravenstonedale 
SD71469854 Murthwaite, Ravenstonedale 
SD761992 Nab, Mallerstang 
SD70159741 Narthwaite, Ravenstonedale 
SD72889690 Needle House, Ravenstonedale 
SD7397 Needlehouse Gill 
NY7102 Nethergarth, Ravenstonedale once?
NY72550578 Nettle Gill, Ravenstonedale 
NY65730162 Nevygill Fold, Langdale 
SD72509734 New House, Ravenstonedale L
NY70160522 New Ings Beck 
NY70040535 Newbiggin Station, Ravenstonedale 
NY70540517 Newbiggin-on-Lune, Ravenstonedale 
SD7199 Odd Gill 
NY7201 Par Gill 
NY72880269 Paradise, Ravenstonedale 
NY72450459 Park Dyke, Ravenstonedale 
NY72280462 Park Hill, Ravenstonedale 
NY71900459 Park House, Ravenstonedale L
NY68890544 Parrock Moor, Ravenstonedale 
SD68779896 pass, Ravenstonedale 
NY71510316 Philip Close, Ravenstonedale 
NY71840516 pillow mound, Ravenstonedale 
NY71630529 pillow mound, Ravenstonedale (2) 
NY71660500 pillow mound, Ravenstonedale (3) 
NY72240435 pinfold, Ravenstonedale not found
NY69870361 Pinskey Bottom, Ravenstonedale 
NY6903 Pinskey Gill 
NY69630302 Pinskey Head, Ravenstonedale 
NY70150373 Pinskey, Ravenstonedale 
NY72640326 Piper Hole, Ravenstonedale 
NY72470250 Poorman's Gill 
NY70340323 Poskey Bottom, Ravenstonedale 
NY7003 Poskey Sike 
NY72070438 post box, Ravenstonedale 
NY68030429 Potts, Ravenstonedale 
SD72749912 quaker burial ground, Fell End 
NY73470060 quarry, Ravenstonedale 
NY72110587 quarry, Ravenstonedale (2) 
NY75670374 quarry, Ravenstonedale (3) 
NY70130536 railway bridge, Ravenstonedale 
NY70260527 Ramingber Bridge, Newbiggin-on-Lune 
SD6798 Rams Gill 
NY68710004 Randygill Top, Ravenstonedale 
NY72300392 Ravenstonedale 
NY69910133 Ravenstonedale Common, Ravenstonedale 
NY72250416 Ravenstonedale Endowed School, Ravenstonedale 
NY68540646 Ravenstonedale Moor, Ravenstonedale 
NY72230533 Ravenstonedale Park, Ravenstonedale 
NY72220428 Ravenstonedale Priory, Ravenstonedale 
SD7197 Rawthey Bridge stone circle, Ravenstonedale 
SD71349786 Rawthey Bridge, Sedbergh L
NY6807 Rayseat Sike 
NY75070184 Redscar Holme, Stennerskeugh 
NY68760562 Rigg End, Ravenstonedale 
NY68530594 Riggs, Ravenstonedale 
NY69640401 Round Hill, Ravenstonedale 
NY72900296 Row Foot, Ravenstonedale 
SD7198 Sally Beck 
SD71599869 Sally Brow, Ravenstonedale 
SD75509890 Sand Tarn, Ravenstonedale 
SD72669975 Sandbed, Ravenstonedale 
SD75749901 Sandtarn Riggs, Ravenstonedale 
NY6905 Sandwath Beck (3) 
NY70130493 Sandwath, Ravenstonedale 
NY71530596 Sandy Bank, Ravenstonedale 
NY72250431 saw mill, Ravenstonedale 
NY7207 Scandal Beck 
NY75210209 Scandal Bell, Stennerskeugh 
SD75789984 Scandal Head, Ravenstonedale 
NY73250357 Scandal Ings, Ravenstonedale 
NY68380413 Scar Sikes, Ravenstonedale 
NY72320402 Scar View Cottage, Ravenstonedale L
NY72310404 Scaur, Ravenstonedale L
NY70280540 school, Newbiggin-on-Lune 
NY69700102 Scot Rake, Ravenstonedale 
SD68779805 Screes Tarn, Ravenstonedale 
SD72869928 seat, Fell End 
NY71160659 Severals Gill 
NY6803 Shawgill Sike 
NY72050270 Shawmire, Ravenstonedale 
NY67640412 sheepfold, Bowderdale 
NY67980010 sheepfold, Ravenstonedale 
NY67780020 sheepfold, Ravenstonedale (2) 
NY70100118 sheepfold, Ravenstonedale (3) 
SD75669989 sheepfold, Ravenstonedale (4) 
NY75710007 sheepfold, Ravenstonedale (5) 
NY74830013 sheepfold, Ravenstonedale (6) 
NY6803 Simonsgill Sike 
NY72060595 Smardale Bridge, Ravenstonedale L
NY70900181 Snowfell End, Ravenstonedale 
NY72730551 Sour Hill, Ravenstonedale 
 South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway 
SD6999 Spen Gill 
NY69610063 Spengill Head, Ravenstonedale 
NY69700080 Spengill Well, Ravenstonedale 
NY70580517 St Aidan, Newbiggin-on-Lune 
NY70780527 St Helen, Newbiggin-on-Lune 
NY70790527 St Helen's Well, Newbiggin-on-Lune 
SD74889759 Standard Brow, Ravenstonedale 
NY74830193 Stennerskeugh Bank, Stennerskeugh 
NY74550176 Stennerskeugh Bridge, Stennerskeugh L
NY74280052 Stennerskeugh Clouds, Ravenstonedale 
NY744015 Stennerskeugh, Ravenstonedale 
NY71340444 Stepping Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY72210435 Stepsbeck Bridge, Ravenstonedale 
SD6999 Stockless Gill 
NY69390053 Stockless, Ravenstonedale 
SD71969733 Stone Bridge, Ravenstonedale 
NY7103 Stone Gill 
NY73570466 Stone House, Ravenstonedale L
NY69380679 stone wall, Crosby Garrett (2) 
NY74510143 stone wall, Ravenstonedale 
NY72120598 stone wall, Ravenstonedale (2) 
NY74540174 stone wall, Stennerskeugh 
NY7100 Stoneley Gill 
NY73360314 Stoup Hill, Ravenstonedale 
NY73470294 Stouphill Gate, Ravenstonedale 
NY73780120 Street Farm, Ravenstonedale 
NY74040135 Street, Ravenstonedale 
NY73960129 Street, Ravenstonedale (2) 
SD72359862 Streetside, Ravenstonedale 
SD68199809 structure, Ravenstonedale 
NY72910006 Studfold, Ravenstonedale 
NY7002 Stwarth Gill 
NY69840249 Stwarth, Ravenstonedale 
SD75549987 swallow hole, Ravenstonedale 
NY70150407 Tailor Mire, Ravenstonedale 
NY75020325 Tarn Hills, Ravenstonedale 
NY74980338 Tarn House, Ravenstonedale L
NY71350347 Tarn Mire, Greenside 
NY75440354 Tarn Moor, Ravenstonedale 
NY71920349 Tarn Riggs, Ravenstonedale 
NY6607 Tarn Sike 
NY7403 Tarn Sike (4) 
NY75310317 tarn, Ravenstonedale 
SD71949757 Tarn, Ravenstonedale 
NY75610334 Tarnmire Hill, Ravenstonedale 
NY73060341 Thackhowe Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY7202 Thackthwaite Gill 
NY71550203 Thornthwaite, Ravenstonedale 
NY70100585 Thorny Lane, Ravenstonedale 
SD7299 Three Gills, Ravenstonedale 
NY75690376 Three Stakes, Ravenstonedale gone
NY71770561 Todwray, Ravenstonedale 
NY70550400 Tom House, Ravenstonedale 
NY70570571 Tower House, Brownber L
NY72370398 Town End Cottage, Ravenstonedale L
NY72390399 Town End Farm, Ravenstonedale 
NY72170366 Town Head Cottage, Ravenstonedale L
NY72090379 Town Head Farm, Ravenstonedale 
NY72140374 Town Head, Ravenstonedale 
NY73180315 Townhead Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY6904 Tranmoor Beck 
NY69830432 Tranmoor, Ravenstonedale 
NY70240546 Tranna Hill, Ravenstonedale 
NY70220544 Tranna, Ravenstonedale 
NY6986701084 trig point, NY6986701084 
SD6673297054 trig point, SD6673297054 
SD7579598827 trig point, SD7579598827 
SD76369918 tumulus, Ravenstonedale 
NY69090205 Turn End, Ravenstonedale 
NY7200 Two Gills 
SD7497 Uldale Gill 
NY72280406 Vicarage, Ravenstonedale 
NY70570513 village hall, Newbiggin-on-Lune 
NY72330401 Village Shop, Ravenstonedale 
SD7198 Wandale Beck 
SD70559900 Wandale Hill, Ravenstonedale 
SD70759866 Wandale, Ravenstonedale 
SD70569833 Wandale, Ravenstonedale (2) 
NY72220422 war memorial, Ravenstonedale 
SD71499761 Ward's Intake Bridge, Ravenstonedale 
SD72879929 waterfall, Fell End 
SD734958 waterfall, Uldale 
NY68510512 Wath Green, Ravenstonedale 
NY68540526 Wath Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY68380512 Wath, Ravenstonedale L
SD6998 Watley Gill 
NY6802 Weasdale Beck 
NY68940568 Weasdale Place, Ravenstonedale 
NY686023 Weasdale valley, Ravenstonedale 
NY69020380 Weasdale, Ravenstonedale 
NY72360396 Wesleyan Centenary Chapel, Ravenstonedale L
NY69330115 West Grain, Ravenstonedale 
SD69509810 Westerdale, Ravenstonedale 
SD72919861 Wet Shaw, Ravenstonedale 
NY69520490 Whasper, Ravenstonedale 
NY7304 Whin's Beck 
NY70660590 Whitber Lane, Ravenstonedale 
NY70430598 Whitber, Ravenstonedale 
SD72619769 White Green, Ravenstonedale 
SD73219753 White Mea, Ravenstonedale 
NY68520367 White Oaks, Ravenstonedale 
SD76379950 White Walls, Mallerstang 
SD75799882 Wild Boar Fell, Mallerstang 
NY6903 Will Gill 
NY70460438 Will Hill, Ravenstonedale 
NY71650598 Witherington Howe, Ravenstonedale 
NY6700 Woofler Gill 
NY6800 Wotey Gill 
SD71909775 Wraygreen Farm, Ravenstonedale L
NY71610295 Wye Garth, Ravenstonedale 
NY7102 Wyegarth Gill 
NY75100166 Wytha Wood, Ravenstonedale 
NY70220362 Wythe Mire, Ravenstonedale 
SD68579854 Yarlside, Ravenstonedale 
NY74330014 Clouds Mine, Ravenstonedale 
NY74800125 High Stennerskeugh Mine, Ravenstonedale 
NY6704 footbridge, Bowderdale 
NY6205 Lune, River 
NY73530100 Ravenstonedale Turnpike gone
SD702974 meeting house, Narthwaite 
NY73460088 meeting house, Ravenstonedale 
NY70650435 barn, Ravenstonedale (4) 
SD71569826 barn, Ravenstonedale (5) 
NY74330150 barn, Stennerskeugh 
NY68400508 Wath Bridge, Ravenstonedale 
NY72230426 St Oswald, Ravenstonedale L
NY72360401 Black Swan, Ravenstonedale 
NY72640339 barn, Ravenstonedale 
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