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Urswick parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Lancashire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD2875
10Km square:-   SD27
10Km square:-   SD37
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 1364 (1971)

SD2472 Adgarley Ironworks, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD29557450 Bardsea Green, Bardsea 
SD30077480 Bardsea Hall, Bardsea gone
SD29737513 Bardsea Monument, Bardsea L
SD30057458 Bardsea, Urswick 
SD28347421 beacon, Birkrigg 
SD26407373 Beeches Farm House, Little Urswick 
SD25577543 Berkune Pit No.1, Urswick 
SD25797534 Berkune Pit No.2, Urswick 
SD28507447 Birkrigg Common, Aldingham 
SD277745 Birkrigg, Urswick 
SD25027322 Bolton Head Shaft, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD25537325 Bolton Heads, Urswick 
SD25967293 Bolton Manor, Urswick 
SD26217422 Bower Well, Urswick 
SD30027449 Braddyll's, Bardsea 
SD24797318 Bridge Pot, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD30087461 building, Bardsea 
SD26887444 Church Road House, Great Urswick 
SD2674 Clerk's Beck 
SD26867433 Clerk's Beck Bridge, Urswick 
SD2472 cock pit, Stainton with Agarley 
SD31117528 Cowp Scar, Morecambe Bay 
SD24407265 Crown Cave, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD24807260 Cuckoo Pit, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD24017386 Dalton Iron Mines, Dalton Town with Newton 
SD26897469 Derby Arms, Great Urswick 
SD25077276 Devonshire Pot, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD292739 Druids' Circle, Urswick 
SD26047404 earthwork, Little Urswick 
SD282757 Edge Hill, Urswick 
SD270753 Flat Woods, Urswick 
SD26877445 General Burgoyne, Great Urswick 
SD2672 Gleaston Beck 
SD26897455 Great Urswick, Urswick 
SD250715 Harbarrow, Urswick 
SD259731 Hawkfield, Urswick 
SD24487342 Highfield Cottages, Urswick 
SD24387345 Highfield Farm, Urswick 
SD27107387 Holme Bank Cottages, Urswick L
SD271738 Holme Bank, Urswick 
SD30107454 Holy Trinity, Bardsea L
SD26677419 Kirk Flat Tarn, Urswick 
SD29707532 limekiln, Bardsea 
SD25587402 limekiln, Urswick 
SD26537396 Little Urswick Tarn, Little Urswick 
SD263736 Little Urswick, Urswick 
SD26417398 Long Rigg Quarry, Little Urswick 
SD2674 Low Furness CofE Primary School, Great Urswick 
SD29927453 Malt Kiln, Bardsea 
SD2674 maze, Great Urswick 
SD26927470 Mid Town House, Great Urswick L
SD30077373 Mill Scar, Morecambe Bay 
SD24547245 post box, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD26767415 Priapus Stone, Great Urswick 
SD26247349 Redmayne Hall, Little Urswick L
SD26847423 school, Great Urswick 
SD26277361 school, Little Urswick not found
SD245740 Sheepshanks, Urswick 
SD30057462 Ship Inn, Bardsea 
SD266733 Skeldon Moor, Urswick 
SD24547354 Skells Lodge, Urswick 
SD24547262 Slop Lane, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD24597328 Slop Lane, Urswick 
SD26397372 Springville, Little Urswick 
SD28357422 St Michael's Stirrup, Urswick 
SD24837248 Stagger Inn, Stainton with Adgarley 
 Stainton branch railway 
SD24537270 Stainton Cave, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD24597242 Stainton Hall Farm, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD24657241 Stainton Hall, Stainton with Adgarley L
SD24977266 Stainton Iron Mines, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD24717281 Stainton Quarries, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD24977252 Stainton Recreational Hall, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD2472 Stainton Station, Stainton with Adgarley 
SD24777243 Stainton with Adgarley, Urswick 
SD242743 Standing Tarn, Dalton Town with Newton 
SD30737411 Ulverston Sands, Morecambe Bay 
SD27127464 Urswick Hall, Great Urswick 
SD26657390 Urswick Recreation Hall, Urswick 
SD27017465 Urswick United Reformed Church, Great Urswick 
SD31057437 Wadhead Scar, Urswick 
SD26837422 war memorial, Great Urswick 
SD26287351 Well Head House, Little Urswick L
SD29807414 Well House, Urswick L
SD30367525 Red Lane, Urswick 
SD2974 stone, Urswick 
SD27037444 Urswick Tarn, Urswick 
 Furness Railway 
SD26847419 St Mary and St Michael, Great Urswick L
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